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Miller2's Favourite Recipes

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Miller2, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    I'm going to post some of my favourite tried and tested recipes in here. I hope you like them as much as I do!

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  3. Laura*7

    Laura*7 Silver Member

    Ooo I'll have a gander :)

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  4. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!


    This one takes a while to cook but trust me it is worth it! I tend to do it at a weekend when I've got more time - it would be too much for after work I think. I takes a while to measure all the bits out (you'll need a good set of measuring spoons) but once it's all in the pan/tagine, you can sit back and enjoy the wonderful smells it gives off!

    It has a very mild heat to it, but it's more spiced than spicy.


    SERVES 4

    2.5 syns per serving (8.5 for whole dish)
    Takes about 1/2hr preparation and 1.5-2hrs cooking time

    2 teaspoons Paprika
    ¼ teaspoon Ground Turmeric
    ½ teaspoon Ground Cumin
    ¼ teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
    1 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
    ¼ teaspoon Ground Cloves
    ½ teaspoon Ground Cardamom
    1 teaspoon Salt
    ½ teaspoon Ground Ginger
    ¾ teaspoon Ground Coriander
    1 tablespoon Olive Oil (6 syns)
    1kg Diced Lamb (all visable fat removed)
    2 Onions, halved then cut into wedges
    5 Carrots, sliced
    2 Cloves Garlic, crushed
    1 tablespoon Grated Root Ginger
    Zest of 1 Lemon
    400ml Chicken Stock
    1 tablespoon Tomato Puree
    1 tablespoon Runny Honey (2.5 syns)

    Beef Stock


    Place diced lamb in a bowl, toss with the 1 tablespoon of olive oil and add the spices and salt.

    Add the lamb, onions and carrots to the tagine or if you don't have one, a large pan. Stir in the fresh garlic, root ginger, lemon zest, chicken stock, tomato puree and honey. Bring to the boil, then reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 1½ - 2 hours. Stir it occasionally, until the meat is tender and the sauce has thickened then remove from the heat.

    Put 200g of couscous in a bowl and add 300ml of beef stock. Cover and leave for 5 minutes. Run a fork through to separate it. Taste to check it's cooked, if still a bit hard, add a teeny bit more hot water and leave for a few more minutes. Some packets say to add butter to the couscous – it is no tastier with butter, so save your syns and leave it out! That's why I use beef stock instead of just water, for a bit of flavour!
  5. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!


    This is by far my favourite soup. Packed full of superfree and as it's what I call a 'lumpy soup' (not blended) it's really filling.


    SERVES 4
    Syn Free (Extra Easy & Green)

    3 Carrots
    1 Large Onion
    2 Celery Sticks
    1 Garlic Clove
    1 Large Potato
    2 tbsp Tomato Purée
    Savoy Cabbage
    2 Litres Stock (made with 8 veggie oxo and 2 beef - sounds a lot but the box says 1 cube per 190ml)
    Small Tin Baked Beans or a Snap Pot
    30g Spaghetti
    Salt & Pepper to taste (if required)


    Dice the onion.

    Chop the celery, carrots and potato into small chunks.

    Crush the garlic.

    Add all of the above to a large pan. Stir the tomato purée into the vegetable stock and add to the pan of vegetables.

    Stir in the small tin of baked beans.

    Slice up some cabbage (as much as you want) and add it to the pan.

    Put on a low heat and allow to simmer for 30 minutes.

    Break up the spaghetti into inch long pieces and add to the soup.

    Once the spaghetti is cooked it is ready. Add salt and pepper to taste.
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  6. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!


    This is lovely. It's nice cold too, but I do prefer it warm. More of a summer dish perhaps but one of my favourites!

    A word of advice, you can get low fat pesto - I tried it in this dish and it is not too nice. Go for the normal one!!!!! It varies in syns from 2-3 per level tbsp depending on the brand you buy so for this recipe I've just gone with 3 syns per tbsp (better to overestimate than underestimate).

    SERVES 4
    2.5 syns per serving

    Pasta (enough for 4 people)
    1 Red Pepper
    1 Yellow or Orange Pepper
    1 Bundle of Asparagus
    Button Mushrooms
    2 Chicken Breasts
    1 Gammon Steak - Unsmoked (Fat removed)
    3 tbsp Green Pesto


    Halve the button mushrooms.

    Chop the very bottom teeny bit off the asparagus (you don't want the very bottom bit). Snap the stems into 1 inch ish long lengths - asparagus has a natural snapping point, just bend it!

    Chop the peppers into inch square ish chunks.

    Dice the chicken (or buy it pre-diced as I do!).

    Chop the gammon steak into small cubes (1cm ish) - the size of bacon lardons.

    Put the pasta on to cook with a small amount of salt in the water. Add the mushrooms to cook with it.

    Whilst the pasta is cooking, brown the chicken. When it's browned, chuck it in the pan with the pasta.

    In the same pan you just used to brown the chicken, add the gammon. If you have a health grill like a George Foreman, put the asparagus and pepper on there now too. Cook the gammon until lightly browned and put in a large bowl.

    If you haven't got a health grill, now use that pan to cook the peppers and asparagus.

    Whichever way you choose to cook the pepper and asparagus, you want them with a bit of bite still! Cook so they've JUST started to brown in parts.

    Drain the pasta/chicken/mushrooms when it's cooked. Add all the cooked bits to the bowl with the gammon. Add 3 tbsp of pesto and stir it through so it's coated everything lightly.

    Now scoff it all quick!!!!
  7. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!


    I like this dish because it's quite quick to do! I like it with some parmesan cheese on top. If you choose to add it then it's 1.5 syns for a level tbsp.

    SERVES 4
    Syn Free

    Pasta (enough for 4 people)
    1 Red Onion
    2 Medium Heat Red Chillies
    1 Unsmoked Gammon Steak (fat removed)
    1 Tin of Chopped Tomatoes with Herbs
    1 Tin of Chopped Tomatoes with Garlic


    Dice the onion finely.

    De-seed and dice the chillies (trust me, you don't want the seeds -get rid of them) - I always wear gloves for this. One time I did it without and I must have got chilli juice under my finger nails and even after washing them they burned for hours!

    Dice the gammon steak into small pieces (1cm ish bits)

    Cook the pasta in a large pan with a bit of salt.

    Whilst the pasta is cooking, add both the onion, chilli and gammon to a pan with a bit of frylight. Once both the pasta and bacon, chilli and onion is cooked, drain the pasta and add all the ingredients to a pan with the chopped tomatoes. Stir through and simmer until the tomatoes are warm.

    Serve with parmesan if you want (synned at the top of this recipe).
  8. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!


    I wanted a way to get superfree into spaghetti bolognese - I experimented a few times and this was gorgeous!

    SERVES 4
    Syn Free


    1 Green Pepper
    Button Mushrooms
    Red Onion
    2 Carrots
    1.5 Sticks of Celery
    Extra Lean Beef Mince
    1 Beef Oxo
    1 or two tins of chopped tomatoes in herbs (depending how wet you like your bolognese)
    Garlic Clove


    FINELY (really finely) chop all the veg. I run a knife over it lots of times in a rocking motion on the chopping board to get it all dead small.

    Cook in a pan with frylight for a few minutes.

    Add the mince and crush the garlic clove into the mix.

    Mix around in the pan until it is all mixed together and the mince is thoroughly cooked.

    Add the tinned tomatoes.

    I then taste it and sometimes add a bit of tomato puree if I fancy.
  9. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!


    Another 'lumpy soup' - one that's not blended.

    SERVES 4
    Syn Free

    2 chicken breasts, chopped into small pieces
    2 large carrots
    1 red onion
    2 small leeks
    2 sticks of celery
    2.5 tbsp of pearl barley
    1.6l of chicken stock (requires 8 chicken oxo cubes)


    Chop the veg into small pieces and put it in a pan.

    Add the chicken (I don't bother browning it as it cooks for ages).

    Add the pearl barley and chicken stock.

    Bring to the boil and then leave to simmer for 45 minutes to an hour. The barley will have puffed up and the flavours will be lovely.
  10. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    That all took longer than I thought to post! Off to bed for me. Will add some more at some point.

    H x
  11. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Great recipes im looking for chillies fancy the arabiata tonight
    Meant to have plain spagh bol but think id prefer some heat!:)
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  12. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Cooking Greek Style Lamb with Orzo Pasta for tea tonight. It's takes a long time to cook / prepare (about 3 hours) but it looked lovely in the book. Will let you know how it goes and whether I think in my own opinion it's worth doing again. The orza is pasta but shaped like rice. Although it takes about 3 hours, it's dead easy to do, I've cooked some of it, and have just taken it out to add some other ingredients. Now it cooks for an hour and a half before I add the orzo pasta for the last 30 minutes. Smells gorgeous! x
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  13. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    I bet its gorgeous, im from cyprus and so cook lamb and orzo often. Ive not really tried it slimming world style but usually cook it in the slow cooker. Let me know how it is. X

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  14. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    If you like lamb, defo try the lamb tagine recipe!
  15. LuhLuhLoser

    LuhLuhLoser 4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.

    Here to subscribe! :) Looking forward to seeing more of your recipe, all the food sounds delicious! Orzo and lamb is one of my favourite combos ever x
  16. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Not tried it yet but it sounded and looked nice in the book! Wish it would cook quicker though!!!! Going to try out one new recipe that I've not done before every week if possible.
  17. sweetierufus

    sweetierufus Gold Member

    Beef ragu sounds lovely:D
  18. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

  19. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Nice over a jacket spud too if you didn't want it with pasta.
  20. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!


    This is lovely. It's my mum's recipe. It started off non slimming worldy but we tweaked it and to be honest it doesn't taste any different - just without the fat! It is much better when reheated, so I recommend making it in advance.

    It doesn't have much superfree in the recipe, but you could easily add some carrots or more onions.

    Just watch which curry powder you use. This recipe uses HEAPED tablespoons, if you use Schwartz curry powder it is syn free, but not all curry powders are so check! If you're using a curry powder that has syns, syn it as 2 tbsp just to make sure you're not underestimating values. Better to overestimate than underestimate! Or just use a syn free one then it doesn't matter.

    SERVES 4
    Syn Free

    650g Diced Beef
    1 Large Onion
    2 Garlic Cloves
    2 HEAPED tbsp Schwartz Medium Curry Powder
    2 Pints of Beef Stock (made up with 2 pints of water and just 3 beef OXO)
    Juice of Half a Lemon
    2 Bay Leaves
    1 tbsp Sweetener
    2 HEAPED tbsp Tomato Puree
    Salt and Pepper


    Coat the bottom of a frying pan/wok with fry-light. Sprinkle 1 heaped tbsp of the curry powder over the fry-light then shake to spread it about. Coat the top of the curry powder with a bit more fry-light, now fry over a low heat, stirring continuously for 1 minute - you don't want it to burn. If too dry add a touch more fry light.

    Finely chop the onion and crush the garlic and put into the pan and fry for 2 minutes.

    Transfer the onions etc to a large saucepan and pour in the stock and lemon juice, and add the bay leaves.

    Bring this to the boil, cover and simmer over a low heat for 45 minutes.

    Meanwhile, season the meat with salt and pepper and dust with the remaining curry powder. Fry the meat for 2-3 minutes over high heat, stirring continuously, until it is brown on all sides.

    After 45 minutes of simmerinng, strain the curry stock through a coarse sieve and add back to the pan along with the meat.

    Stir in the sweetener and tomato puree. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer the meat for about 1½ hours or until tender. By this time the stock will have reduced and become a thick sauce. At this stage, more curry powder may be added, if required - taste it to decide how strong you want it.

    Set the curry aside to cool. Re-heat when ready to eat.
  21. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Thanx for heads up about curry powders i just assumed all dried herbs etc are free. :eek:

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