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Million Pound Question - Motivation??


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Hi, I think the greatest thing in the world any of us could buy to help in our SW journeys is motivation and if someone could jar it up and sell it they would be millionaires!!!

However, as we all know if you do not have the motivation it is a very hard uphill struggle, but where do we find it???

Obviously we all want to be skinnier whether it be for health, to look good or for any of the other one hundred and one reasons, but motivation where do we get it??

I know i dont have the answers if i did i would probably be a size 8 and have no need to post on Minimins (what a sad life i would have.)

Some weeks we find it easy to say NO and other weeks the will power just does not seem to be there. How do you turn those weeks into great weeks?
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It is difficult to just switch motivation on, but I think positivity is the key. People all too often use negative things to try and motivate themselves e.g. the famous 'fat' picture on the fridge (aka mental bullying).

Imagining yourself being slim and realising all of the things that will make your life easier as a result, all the clothes you will be able to wear, the activities you will be able to do, how attractive you will feel, how in control of your eating you will be and feeling so much less restricted by your size- these things make me feel really positive and get me through my whiney weak moments when I think "It's not fair! I can't eat xxxx". Of course I can eat it! This is a choice- (no-one is forcing me!) BUT I have to accept the consequences that each food choice I make takes me nearer to or further away from my goal.



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I agree a positive mental image of your future self is a great motivator, but this time I've found the old 'fat' pictures a real help too, re-focussing my motivation when my mind wanders and I start to stray.

It can help to make a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight, and keep it handy, so you can constantly remind yourself of the benefits.


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What's motivating me is that I seem to be losing weight pretty quickly this time. I know it will slow down (have lost 19lbs in 7 weeks) but while it's coming off like this it's just spurring me on to lose more. My tummy is definitely smaller & I'm actually gaining a waist! All that is motivating me further.


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I find during the week whilst I am in college keeping busy I am fully motivated

When its comes to the weekend its really hard for me to stay on track, cos have a 18 year old girl I either have a messy night out planned with my girl mates or a full weekend at my boyfriends where he wants to go for meals etc. ha
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You dont, you cant decide halfway through a bad week that your gunna turn it around and have a great loss, you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and sort yourself out.. the next week's a great week :eek:)


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My motivation is to get into my wedding dress for september..

Also i kind of argue with myself at times.
ie: do i really want that ...glass of wine or bar of chocolate (when ive gone over my syns) and i argue 'how much do i want it ?...and how badly do i want to be slim ?
I usually make the right decision..(not always though;))


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This has been a question I have been asking myself, and for me my motivation has stayed longer then it has for a very long time, this time I think I will do it. Partly due to the fact that if I don't do something about it now I am going to severely disable myself.

Already my weight is affecting my quality of life in the fact that I can't do many of the things I would like to do. I have spoken about my depression before, I just deleted a whole paragraph about it too - we're talking motivation! - but my therapy sessions have help me to beat it back so far and the weight is the last thing holding me back from being the girl I once was.

As an extra motivation though I have found that the channel 4 on demand website has a huge amount of old series of programs to watch for inspiration, I am currently working my way through the first two seasons of Supersize vs Superskinny, next I will watch You Are What You Eat (while trying to ignore wee Gillian McKeith, haha got told off for calling herself a doctor when she's not) and then there are 50 or so episodes of How to Look Good Naked, if Gok can't inspire me then who can? :d btw if you haven't watched Gok's documentory talking about his own massive weightloss then that is there too. Links below :)

Supersize vs Superskinny - Episode Guide - Channel 4
You Are What You Eat - 4oD - Channel 4
How to Look Good Naked - Episode Guide - Channel 4
Gok Wan: Too Fat Too Young - 4oD - Channel 4


Still rockin' it
S: 18st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 8st1lb(42.64%)
I agree a positive mental image of your future self is a great motivator, but this time I've found the old 'fat' pictures a real help too, re-focussing my motivation when my mind wanders and I start to stray.
I completely agree that 'old' fat pictures are a great motivation- I look at mine now from when I started and that really motivates me. I think the thing that is really damaging is when people use pictures of themselves right at the start as a way of reminding themselves that (in their eyes) they look awful and try to use this to motivate themselves. The "I currently look disgusting and have to stop eating" way is very self-destructive.

But looking at my old pictures now really helps me to see how far I have come, but again I am looking at them in a positive way- to measure my success not to mentally bully myself about how I look now:D



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When i want that naughty big bar of chocolate or that cheeky takeaway- I ask myself- what will i get out of it? A few moments of pleasure. I have to decide between a few moments of pleasure or a few days worth of guilt after I've eaten it! x


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My motivation comes when I stick to the plan and see the scales go down. I never get tired of that feeling and it spurs me to stick with it! The weeks where I've been good and the scales don't move are hard but I know from 2.5 years of being on SW that they WILL move the next week.

If I'm struggling I just take it one day at a time - sometimes one meal at a time and try and make good choices. I find that once I make one good choice then it's easier to make another good choice and so on.


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imagine how rich you could be if u could put motivation into jars and sell it! its something everyone wants at some point in their lives.

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