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Milly's SW Diary

Right at the moment I have very little fruit in the house and we are running low on veg too, so off to Tescos later I suppose.

B-Wholemeal bread (Heb)
1 egg(fried in Fry Light)
Coffee (milk Hea)

S-Healthy Living Cup of soup Leek and
Pot 2.5 syns

L-Batchelors Savoury Rice (beef)

S-Tescos Cheese Curls x2(3.5 synsx2)

D-Jacket pot,cheese leek and ham pasta n' sauce1syn

2 small vodkas(2 syns)
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I haven't actually decided which day to have yet, had a green yesterday..better make up my mind soon!

B-Wholemeal bread(Heb)
Eggs (fried in Fry Light)

S-Cheese Curls 3.5syns

L-Cup a soup 2.5syns
Savoury Rice

D-Pasta n' sauce, salad and potato 1syn

S-Cheese Curls 3.5syns

Wii Fit - 30 mins
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Day 3 Red today

I know it's only day 3 but I am feeling really pleased with myself as just last week I was starting WW everyday:rolleyes:


B-wholemeal bread (heb)
eggs (fried in fry light)
coffee (hea)

S-cheese curls (3.5syns)

L-wholemeal bread (heb) (toasty)
1oz cheese (hea)
Cup of soup (2.5syns)


D-[STRIKE]Low syn sausages (2syns)[/STRIKE]just checked syns and:mad:4 each!! so...
Beef caserole instead
Loads of veg
Gravy (4syns)
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This plan is so much easier to stic to than the others isn't it? Because you don't have to go hungry :D Your diary's looking great :D xxxx
Thanks hun! Yep it is great being able to fill up without feeling guilty.

At the moment I am at the paranoid stage of thinking I can't possibly lose eating all of that. :rolleyes: I'll be happy with 2lb off which I am sure i can do.

I must eat the fruit I have bought!
OOPs yesterday was a green day.

B-Wholemeal bread

Free food
Savoury rice, salad, Jacket potato x 2, mullerlight yogurt x 2, eggs x2

2 x cheese curls (7)
a few small vodkas (3)
3rd Oct

Another Green day!

B-wholemeal bread

Free food
Savoury rice, 2 eggs, jkt potx2, salad, mullerlight

cheese curls x2(7)
cup a soup (2.5)
pasta n' sauce (1)
You're doing really well hun!!! :D xxxx
Oh dear it all went horribly wrong over the weekend:cry:
We went out for the day on Saturday and even though I worked out exactly what to have...the lure of the picnic food for the rest of the family got me. Sunday was a litte better but...:break_diet:
Why do I do this?

Anyway I weighed yesterday morning and I have lost 2lb, which for not doing it 100% for the whole week I guess I can live with it :p However this morning I stupidly got on the scales again:cry:Its time of the month and guess what:cry:
4lb up:(:sigh: Why on earth I felt the need to weigh I don't know. But, I decided to try and ignore it as it is going to be all water (i hope:eek:). So sticking with 2lb down and we'll see if it has gone again by next weigh in:whoopass::devilangel:
6th Oct

Yep its a green day.

B-wholemeal bread

Free food
2 eggs, chicken savoury rice, salad,
more salad, jkt pot

2 x cheese curls (7)
cup of soup (2.5)
Yep - it will be fluid retention chick! It'll all be gone and more within a week or two :) Don't beat yourself up! And well done on the 2lb loss :D xxxx

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