Mimosa23's diary: 1 stone and another for good measure...


Hello there to all of you who will actually read my ramblings!

I'm back! Third time lucky, I'd say!

Just a short synopsis of my CD journey so far:
I started CD in July 2005, and after 4 months I successfully lost 4 stone, to get me to a goal size 12 from a size 18-20. I managed to stay that size until about 2-3 months ago, when my weight started creeping up more and more, and I decided to go back on SS. However, I stuck with it for a couple of weeks, and because of my training and my Race For Life, I decided to stop SS, and do GI instead. One glass of wine led to another, and one piece of cheese led to another, and my holiday in France just a couple of weeks ago made me gain another 5 pounds...

Fast forward to today: I am back on SS, to lose the stone I gained over the last year, and hopefully I'll add another few pounds or so to get down below 11 stone 7 pounds, which is what my lowest weight was. I'd ideally like to be 11 st 3 lb, but we'll see how it goes... Right now I'm 12 st 13 lb, so not too great!

I've also got my slendertone flex max abs and my slendertone B&T shorts, so I'll be dusting them off and using them too, to hopefully add to a quicker inch loss...

I'm currently a bit stuck on the exercise front, as I've damaged the ligaments in my left knee, and am restricted in the exercise that I do. I'm seeing my trainer next week, and hopefully come up with a suitable plan that doesn't involve any exercise that impact on my knees...

I stood on the scales today, and on day 4 (I started SS on Sunday the 13th of August) I've lost 2lb so far... Not great, but better than nothing! I'm hoping for a whoosh! I've calculated that I need to lose an average of 3lb+ a week to only have to do this for a maximum of 2 months... We'll see!:)
Hi Mimosa!! I remember you from the DH boards.. at the time you were finishing off, I had only just started!! You can manage to lose all your weight within the time frame you set!! Good luck, will be looking forward to hearing about your first week loss :)
Well, day 5 and all is well. I did my slendertone stuff last night and this morning, and I forgot how nice and weird that feels... Hopefully it will help with my inch loss results! I lost another pound, so that makes three pounds in five days. Not too bad.

My knee is still stiff and a bit painful, but I can put some weight on it, and I feel ok walking without my crutches. Just no long distances or running for now!

I haven't really told anyone apart from my flatmate that I'm doing this again. I started talking about being back on SS with a colleague, but she looked on in horror, and said that I was skinny enough and that I certainly didn't need to lose any weight! I stopped then and there, and just said that I was watching my weight at the moment... Well, my BMI isn't in the healthy weight category, so yeah, I do need to lose some weight! Just because I'm tall you don't notice so much when I put weight on, but I do feel that my clothes are tight and not fitting right. Better to nip it in the bud (well, I did leave it for too long already) than to have to lose all that weight all over again.

I can't wait for this wedding in October that I have; I'm going to be slim and trim! There's quite a few people who are going to be there who haven't seen me for a couple of years, so there's going to be some surprised faces!

And I've also decided that I absolutely HATE being on SS, and that after this one, I simply can't let my weight creep up like this again! I don't want to do it again, as it seems to become harder and harder to do SS, and my results are simply not as mindblowing as the first time. So, after this one, I'm going to have to be mindful and sensible, and as soon as I go up more than 4 pounds, I need to reign it in and be careful. Horrible, and I probably will always need to watch what I'm eating, but at least I'm now determined to NEVER get to the point of doing SS again...
HI Mimosa,

Your one stone gain out of four stone lost was not too bad!

But it does go to show if you take your eye off it, how sneeky the weight goes back up.

You said you were doing GI diet...if you had cut back on your carbs and were not overloading then your weight loss this week would be mostly fat and that is why it is looking much lower to someone who had a last supper of high carbs.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini,

You're right, that's maybe why I haven't lost the 8lb I lost first time round in my first week on SS... Anyway, got another 2 days on SS to go before my first week is up... Who knows? Maybe I can lose another lb....! My CDC is on holiday for 2 weeks, so I won't be weighed officially till the 4th of September, but I do check with my own scales, they seem to be in line with the ones that my CDC has.

Looks like you're doing great too!
Hi Mimosa,

I had my weigh in this morning for my first week back SSing in ages...

I have lost 6lbs. for my week:)

I was already stabilized before I went back SSing and so my carbs were low and I know this 6lbs. off is mostly fat.

Love Mini xxx
Hey Mini, well done on your 6lbs, that is just brilliant. I am so glad for you I know it will give you a big boost. No one deserves it more! Lots of love
Hey Mini, well done on your 6lbs, that is just brilliant. I am so glad for you I know it will give you a big boost. No one deserves it more! Lots of love

Thanks Barb...:)

I tried on a cardi I bought last week and good job I had not taken the tags off it and it is too big on me:eek:

I guess 6lbs. is almost half a stone.:)
Day 6.
Well another pound gone, so that makes 4 pounds in 5 days, pretty good, I think!

Feeling fine, have some tummy troubles every evening just after I have my fourth shake... Not sure what that is about, the only thing I can think of is that it's the fiber89 I add to my soup... I'm going to go without this evening, and see if it still happens.

Told my BF I was back on my diet to lose my gained pounds, and he told me that although I looked stunning at my lowest weight, he thinks I'm prettier looking now. He supports me, but did say that he preferred the way my body and face look now, then when I was thinner. I think I looked good when I was thinner, but I wasn't healthy looking, as I was struggling with anaemia at the time, which made me look a bit grey and gaunt. I don't have anaemia now, so I don't think I'll look like that again. We'll see! I'm just going with how my clothes fit and look on me, so once my tight small jeans fit me properly again and don't look like I've tried to stuff jumbo sausages in the legs, then I'll stop. Don't know how many pounds it is exactly, but I'm using my weight ticker to track this. It may be under 158 pounds, it may be over... Because of all the exercise I've been doing I can't tell how my body is going to look. I've never been this muscley, although they're covered in a nice layer of fat at the mo, you can still see some good definition, especially on my upper abs and my upper arms!
Just to add: I'm having a major energy boost today, even though I'm tired from lack of sleep last night! (I only slept 5 hours as opposed to my usual 7, because I ended up chit chatting on the phone for hours)

I finally feel my ketosis energy boost has appeared! I'm yawning, but my body is rearing to go, love that feeling!

Annoying thing is that I can't really do much because of my knee, but I'm typing as fast as I can to get rid of some of that energy, LOL!
Thanks, Zareena!

I'm feeling really good!

I've also had a think about my goal weight and I want it to be 74 kg, which is 11st 6lb, not the 11st I initially decided on, as I don't want to be doing this forever... Also, I want to be at a weight that's maintaineable, and so another 6 lb will make it a bit more doable, I think... My BMI will then be 23.2, which I feel is a very reasonable number!

The weekend was good, I managed to drink lots of water, and felt pretty good. Got my hair cut, only an inch off or so, but it looks so much better! I was naughty and tried a peanut crunch bar. I have to say, I'm not that enamoured with them... I thought they were great, but now I don't, I think they are just a bit too lumpy and chewy, not nice and crunchy at all... Oh well, I'll try the cranberry next time, maybe that one's better! I have lost a total of 6 pounds this week, so pretty good going!

Tried on a top that I have that was not fitting at all, and it looked good on me! Fit like a glove! Wow, great result in a week already! Now another 13 pounds and I'm where I want to be!
Hmmm.... Yesterday was a strange day... I stopped smoking and keep on getting hunger type pangs. I know it's actually nicotine withdrawal, but it feels like I'm hungry! So instead of caving in to real food which my brain was telling me to go get, I had an extra pack instead.

Not great, but at least I haven't smoked or binged on some fatty foods!

Today's a new day! And I'm finally seeing my trainer to get an exercise programme sorted out that will not impact on my knee, so I can finally start moving again! Can't wait till this evening!
Well, I'm on a roll! I was all excited about going to the gym yesterday evening, and it was really great!

Funny thing, once you start exercising regularly you end up missing it when you can't do it! I spent a month not doing much (2 week holiday and knee injury) and I was really so READY to go back to the gym and start feeling the burn again!

My trainer put together a new programme using the weights machines, but using lighter weights, more reps and less rest time in between sets, so I get a bit of a cardio workout too, without putting stress on my knees. I really enjoyed it, and am going back for more on Thursday.

For now, whilst I'm on the SS part of the diet, I'll do 2 hours of the gym programme, do my knee/leg exercises in the morning and evening and use my Slendertone once or twice a day. Hopefully once my knee is a bit better this will set me up nicely for a better start of my cardio routine...

Also, the non-smoking will help! I don't understand why I ever started that filthy habit again! I know I only smoked for a few months, but still, after 2 years of nothing, going back to that filth is simply not understandable... I still don't really know why I started that up again! Thankfully that's all over now!:rolleyes:

Lost another 2 pounds this morning, so only 11 more to go! Woohoo! Still feeling ok, still have bowel issues in the evenings though, even though through elimination I've found out it's neither the drugs for my knee or the fiber89... I guess my body is just weird!
Just to add: I have a colleague who's really lovely, but she always worries about me being too skinny. She's not particularly big herself, so I don't understand where she's coming from.

As always when I'm on SS, I'm cold. I know this, and usually make sure I have a warm jumper, pashmina or jacket with me. Anyway, this morning I sneakily put on the electrical heater next to my desk, just to warm me up a bit, and she saw me do it. First comment: You aren't doing that unhealthy diet of yours again, are you? Me: yup. She: It is an unhealthy diet if you are cold all of the time, it means you are starving yourself. Me: yup.

I just don't know what to say, and now she'll be giving me reproachful looks all the time. Not to mention that she'll be sharing it with everybody, so no more secret SS-ing!

I'm just fed up with discussing, defending and explaining why I feel the need to do CD, and why it works for me. Even my GP has said it's a good way to lose weight, so why do other people always want to give you their opinions?
None of them are nutritionists or other food specialists, and I know for sure cause I work with them and they are not in that kind of work!

.... Nevermind, I'm just really annoyed! Maybe I should just think to myself: after this one, only three more weeks, and then I can eat some food, and that will shut up all the worriers and critics again....
Well done on deciding to give up the evil weed!!!!!

You are doing so well, and all the excercise will ensure you tone up brilliantly. Ignore you co-worker, you know that you have all the nutrients you need and you are doing it for you!!!

Have a good day!


Well, another cold rainy day... One of the people I share an office with is a grumpy **** and likes to take his bad moods out on me. Obviously, this morning didn't start well for him, as he was stroppy from the second he came in to the office.

First off, because I've been cold, I've had a small electrical heater on under my desk. This doesn't make the whole huge office hot. Anyway, the central heating has been put on, so our office is nice and warm now. My colleague didn't know this and started ffing and blinding about it being a sauna in the office and why I didn't put more clothes on if I was cold... I had to point out to him about the heating being on, and he didn't even apologise.

We then had another little event where he was sarcastic and mean to me just five minutes ago. Does he really think this helps him? I've already complained about him several times to my boss, and I know that he will get an official verbal warning if I complain again... If he is unproffessional and mean again, I will complain, I'm FED UP with this!

I think he finds me annoying at times, because I'm young and still enthusiastic about my job. He on the other hand is desillusioned and bored and older. I think this bothers him... He makes references to this regularly.

I feel that if there are things that bother him, whether it's at home or at work, he shouldn't be taking them out on anyone (I'm not the only one he does this to, and it's always younger women or young guys that he does this to), he should be discussing this in a civil manner. If he doesn't want to talk about his issues, he shouldn't bring them to work with him!

Ok, rant over.

Things are still going well, didn't have time for my scales this morning, so I'll jump on tomorrow. After that, I won't be around till Tuesday, as I'm away for the weekend.