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  1. yorkylass

    yorkylass Active Member

    I had Spag Bol last night. I bought the mince and OMG the difference in price between regular and extra lean, I'll be honest, I have a husband and 3 kids and opted for the regular. I worked out the points from the pack. Once I'd fried it off I strained ALL the fat off. (about half a cup full)Then I knocked off 5 pts from the pack is that ok?
    Reading through some earlier posts I think I'll opt for turkey mince next time. I'll not tell the kids and see if they notice (very fussy eaters). Wish me luck. lol.:family2:
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  3. blackwidow

    blackwidow Well-Known Member

    i'm not a turkey mince fan tbh.. tastes nothing like the real thing.

    i would have left the points on to be safe but if you lose weight then obviously you probably don't need to :)

    i agree on the price though.. very expensive to buy the extra lean! You could try quorn mince maybe? points are dead low and it tastes much nicer than turkey mince and is often on offer in sainsburys or asda :) x
  4. yorkylass

    yorkylass Active Member

    Hi Blackwidow, thanks so much for your suggestion on the quorn front. I'm deffo going to try some next week. I told hubby that I'd get it, cook it, add my bol/chilli sauce to it and freeze it in portions then I know exactly where I am. Is it ok to refreeze?
    Then he pipes up that he wouldn't mind trying it (he's 5 foot 11" and 11 stone wet through) what is it with men? They can't see anything without wanting it. This has totally mucked up my plans now. Grrr!!
  5. SarahSez

    SarahSez Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Quorn Mince and an Oxo cube? you only need about half pack as there is no fat at all so it doesn't reduce to nothing!!
  6. Paisley88

    Paisley88 Well-Known Member

    You should try quorn mince, it's really low in fat. Actuallly, it's free on SW, but still really low in points n WW. Tastes nice too.
  7. Kissa

    Kissa Member

    Quorn mince sounds worth a try, thanks, any particular brand recommended?
  8. SarahSez

    SarahSez Well-Known Member

    Quorn make their own brand mince (but dont use the whole packet, only half for 3-4 people; its way too much cos there is no fat so it doesn't reduce)!! £1.99 for 300g. Available in all supermarkets. Sainsbury's also do their own brand £2 for 400g. I would assume most supermarkets do their own.

  9. Kissa

    Kissa Member

    Thanks Sarah.
  10. ~*~Louisa~*~

    ~*~Louisa~*~ bye bye baby tummy

    I buy lean mince on offer Asda its 2 for £5 for 500g packs
    yeah its £3ish more then there ownbrand cheapest but not that much then the better quility
  11. caramelcherry

    caramelcherry Well-Known Member

    I always found lean frozen mince cheaper than fresh. I can't remember the brand name as I bought it ages ago. It was from Tesco's though.

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