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Attack Mind games

I'm starting Dukan on Wednesday have decided to use the days up until then to try and get my head in the right frame of mind for this.
Does anyone else find that dieting is more a battle of the mind than the mouth?
I would love to hear people's success stories to inspire me. Please let me know how Dukan has working for you and how quickly you have seen results.
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Absolutely it is a mind game, despite only being five days in, today has been a constant battle of wills between me and the chocolate cupboard!! I've not been well (just a bad cold) and had night nurse last which I think may have knocked me out of ketosis. I've been chewing gum furiously this evening but did give in to putting some sugar free, zero carb maple syrup on my gallette (the oat bran pancake) today. I know you shouldn't but it was that or the nutella that is for sure!

So yes in answer to your question it is a case of mind over matter but for me anyway it is a constant 100% battle usually all the way. I just don't glide through a diet - I never have done - for me it is a constant battle of the wills.

Wishing you good luck for your start on Wednesday.

Oh and in 5 days I seem to have lost 9lbs!! Not sure if that is a fluke or whether that is really my loss, it was definately 7lbs last night so not impossible for it to be 9lbs today I guess?


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Hi Missysarahlou, welcome to the forum.

Have you read the book for the diet? I think that's very helpful especially at the beginning - once you understand some of the science behind the diet it's easier to adopt the concept and start thinking about how it's going to fit into your life and what things will have to change. I'm still trying to sort out stuff for lunch at work that works well for me apart from leftovers, so you do have to adapt as you go along as well.

The way I approached this diet was that this was to be the last one ever. It would work - had to work as I didn't want to be on a diet for the rest of my life, and was frankly fed up of being overweight. Plus my brother is getting married next year, which is also a good incentive. I decided that if I was going to do this it was going to be done properly. Get to goal ASAP, consolidate and then on to one PP day a week. It al sounded too good to be true when I was first told about it, but I've been thrilled with the results so far. I'm evangelising a bit here I know, but if you approach it with the right attitude it can't fail!
Thanks both of you!

Have ordered the diet book and recipe book now and hope it arrives before Wednesday.

I'm feeling massively determined now and it's great to hear that it actually works. I'm most worried about the time between 2-5 every day. That seems to be when I crave carbs. I think I need to find something I can quickly eat and will fill me up at that time or just take the dog for a walk!

I just keep thinking that all the years I have our off losing weight I could have lost it 10 times over and be enjoying wearing nice clothes and feeling healthy by now.



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That is so true, I feel the same about wearing nice clothes that is definately one of my main motivators. I'll tell you what else spurs me on - we have just moved to a house where I have to climb steps to get from the path to the front door, it is only half a dozen but when I carry bags of shopping I can really feel the difference with the extra weight I'm carrying, so I think if I can feel that extra weight so much I wonder how much easier it would be walking those steps without MY extra weight. That is such a sobering thought I can tell you!

Wishing you the very best of luck with it.


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It takes a few days of hard work to get past the initial cravings, and cravings for fave food can come up at any time. It's absolutly about getting your head in gear.

My first stint on the diet went really well I lost 3 stone quite quickly, then relaxed on holiday and found it hard to get on track after, especially with Christmas looming.

I'm back on track now and finding it easy if I pay attention.
Look through the diaries here, we've all had successes and less successful times, but we're all pretty determined like emmma that this will be the last diet we do.

The conso and stabilisation phases are there to keep the weight off and are where the reall hard work lies.

This diet is a big commitment, it makes your social life awkward, it's frustrating, it's not always easy to make up for a slip, it requires planning and preparation and groceries can be more expensive.

But it works.

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