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Mind Games

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Don't you think that a lot of staying on SS or following a low cal plan is all about mind games? I have come to the conclusion that this really is the case. It's all about being "aware" of our actions and making positive choices because it's what we want to do not because our emotions or the situation we are in forces us to take that path.

I know when I am busy and make conscious choices I can stick ss 100%. However, lately I have not been "living in the moment" and not making conscious choices therefore I have been binging/comfort eating/emotional eating.

I still have another 5 and half stone to lose. Now I can follow two paths. One path is carry on the way I have been and mess around with eating, not make myself answerable for my actions thereby gain and lose weight for the next few years and probably be this way the rest of my life. This will in turn put my life at risk by giving me all kinds of health issues and possibly an early death. The second path is to live in the here and now, stick to CD for 5 months, lose the majority of that weight, learn a new way to eat and live and be healthy, happy and live longer. Simple choice right? No not really. On paper it's simple but in reality it is such a tough journey to make. It all comes down to habits and learned responses. These are the foundation for every action and reaction that I make therefore i need to unlearn these habits and take new actions. That is what I choose to do.

I have come up with some actions to eliminate emotional eating (see other post) and I have printed off a calendar for my fridge and every day I succeed I am going to give myself a smiley face. I really want to do this but I really need to focus.

I know I have rambled on and I am not going to apologise because I needed to get my thoughts down on paper and I hope it helps someone else.
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Lisa Marie

Silver Member
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Hi Sharon

I totally agree with what your saying. I t definately is mind over matter. Fortunately for me my head is in it at the moment, but I know on previous diets I've messed about sticking to it for a couple of days then having a big blow out for one reason or another and ended up failing.

I think you're taking a very sensible approach. Good luck hun and hope you get lots of smileys on your calender. xx
SharonJayne I am there with you on this one. I lost 4 stone with LL and didnt take the time out to re-educate my eating habits, my comfort eating, my social eating or the need for burning the calories that I used on a daily basis. Since then the 4 stone loss turned into a 6 stone gain and my health is suffering as a result. I came to CD at the start of this year with a different approach in my head. Difficult as it is I have much better control and I am learning to use different tools for the highs and lows of daily living. I am slowly building a little self esteem, I give myself "self talk" by posting often on this forum, and likewise keep myself "occupied" on here when the going is tough/the need to share with others on the same path - it all helps towards the same goal.
I am losing weight slowly at the moment because although I am using 4 packs a day, my physical movements are not even burning those calories..... but I do continue to lose and shortly when the physio has got my joints more able I shall add to the exercise. SS gives me the time to re-think some of the life strategies that are essential to gaining weight control. It is not a state of purgatory but a release from the strains of making improper choices for ourselves. It is a time for reflection and planning, of learning new ways to deal with old problems.
When you put your smilies on your calendar, can you put up a strategy that helped you through the day too. ie the distraction that kept you from running to your "old comfort zone" I haven't yet done this but I am reflecting on the idea since reading your post. Great stuff by the way.
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Hi Sharon

You are absolutely right, success on SS is so much today with your head. Physically we are getting all the nutrients we need and do not feel hungry but it is the demons in our minds that can make it tough. Believing you can succeed and focusing on the end goal will make it much easier.

Great post!



Striving to be good.....
Like you, I have struggled with my weight lost a bit put a bit on, lost a lot and then put on a lot more.
One of my former WW leaders used to have a saying
"if you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got"

When I feel tempted to stray, I try to remind myself of this like a mantra. I know that once I have lost my weight I need to totally relearn this eating thing. Eating to live, not living to eat!
Wishing you every success with your journey

Michelle x

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