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**Mindset Monday - How Are you Today**

Morning All, I can't see a daily thread (forgive me if I have missed it) but thought I would start one !

Hello :) I am Charley and I am a restarter ! (yes yet again) !!!!

I lost 54lbs in 13 weeks with Cambridge in 2009 and I am back again after putting back on every single pound !

Day 2 for me and I am off sick at the moment (shoulder injury after a fall) I am back to work on 21st.

So this morning I got up, got kids to school, housework etc, just having my first shake (vanilla) and then I am off out for a 2 mile walk - to Morrison's and back along the sea front. I need to get a few things so thought I would try every day I am off to have a walk - just gentle of course as I am just restarting !

How's everyone's day ??? Everyone in the zone !!!
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Hi Charley, I'm on day 6 and feeling great :D The first 4 days were hideous, but thanks to everyone on this great site I struggled through and now really feel like I'm in the zone!!!
I cant believe you lost all that weight so quickly!! Thats inspiring as I have 47 pounds to lose.
Anyways, Welcome Back :) You did it before, you can do it again!
Hi Charley, i'm new to the forum and on day 3, feeling ok at the moment am off out later so that will help, you had a fantastic loss before am sure you can do it again :)
Hi Yummy, well done on day 6 !!!! Hehe it's a battle but hand on heart it is amazing and hey 47lbs will be off in no time !!!!!!!

Hi Chelly ! Gosh well done on day 3 (I find day 3 the hardest) !!!!
In some ways being a restarter is bad (I know the hell in the beginning) But it's good because I know it works for me and I know that I can get this weight off again !

However this time maintenance and exersize will be incorporated !

Just off for my walk and it's started the rain - pah ! Not going to let it stop me tho !!!!

Have a great day x


skinny jeans-im on my way
i did cd for about 6 weeks last year,went on holiday and have faffed about since!i tried weightwatchers for a while,but i just cant seem to control myself around food. im currently using up some exente shakes with a low carb dinner,im meeting my counsellor next monday ,so will start ss then,really need to get my head in the game!


skinny jeans-im on my way
i feel quite embarrassed about how long ive been messing about for,but hey-ho,what can ya do!
just looking forward to getting into the swing of things now.x


Silver Member
Hi - I am on my first day high! Glugging the water so I might stay home today lol.

It's my 3rd restart after losing 3 1/2 stone in 2008 (which I have put all back on again)

I need to lose 6 stone and hoping to lose 5 of it before 24th May as we are having a family holiday to Florida and I know I won't be able to keep up with everyone if I don't get slimmer and fitter.
Hi Charley, great to see you back and good on you for staring a daily thread, I remember them well from my 1st cd trip.
Am feeling great after a wobble free weekend, also done 1 full week and lost 11lb,just like I did on my 1st week back in 2009.

How lucky you are to live by the sea, I would love to live by the sea, Tynemouth near Newcastle would be a dream for me.

Have a great week! x
Hello All :)

Hi Only Me ! Of course I remember you! It's nice to see some familiar faces !

Hi Determinator (loving the name) !!!! Well done on getting back on track :)

Hi Ruby, nice to meet you !!!! Sounds like your in the zone !

Well I went for my walk and went to Morrisons......and spent £85! all of which fitted in my backpack and 1 bag....I bought lots of makeup and beauty products as well as a tracksuit ! Sheesh.....

Anyways I bought BLUE mascara by accident, hope they will let me swap for black as it was £7, I will walk back tomorrow morning and find out !

Just having my lunchtime shak - banana - love it ! Loads of crushed ice and blended :)

Might tackle my ironin pile this afternoon followed by a bath and then maybe a little nap hahaha !

Hi Wilma, nothing like a holiday to motivate ! I have 265 days til mine, (Florida too) 1st time and I can't wait (hence why know how many days) !!!!! Oh we will be looking good I hope for Mickey !

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