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Mini cheesecake


1 digestive biscuit
frylite better than butter
½ leaf unflavoured gelatine
2 tsp sweetener
4 tbsp Quark
1 tsp vanilla essence
Frozen (defrosted) fruit.

3½ syns

crush the digestive biscuit and place in a ramekin dish, add 1tbsp warm water and a few sprays of frylite better than butter. Mix and press firmly for base.

Cut up the gelatine and add to 4tsp cold water to a small bowl, leave for 10 minutes. Place small bowl into a larger bowl with boiling water in it, and stir gelatine until dissolved. Allow to cool slightly.

In a bowl, put 4tbsp quark, 2 tsp sweetener and 1 tsp vanilla extract and mix. Add gelatine and mix well. Spoon on top of the digestive base and level off.

Add fruit to top layer (I used cherries, but you can use whatever you have).
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This looks amazing!!

I have loads of those glass bowls from when I used to buy the naughty chocolate deserts that came in them, now I have a use for them, thanks!
Wow! This looks really yummy!

I am definitely going to try it this weekend!

wow that looks really yummy !!

if you want to add an extra bit of flavour to the cheesecake mix you could use a herbal tea bag (free) and add it to the gelatine / water while its dissolving ;)

i made my mum a syn free cheesecake mix before using quark, fromage frais, natural yoghurt and sweetner then set with gelatine that i had infused with herbal tea and she loved it ! ... i made it in a triffle bowl and then when she wanted it she just crumbled a low fat digestive biscuit over the top of her portion to syn count ! :)

Mmmmm, this looks devine, how did you post your pic? When I go to do mine, I right click on the pic, copy and paste on the thread.. I'm gonna give these a go myself :) x
I upload my pictures to photobucket and then copy the IMG code.

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