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mini_mim's Diary


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S: 19st1lb C: 18st0.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.43%)
Well, it's Day 1 so I figure a good day to start the diary, which will hopefully help give me the necessary kick up the proverbial to keep me on course.

By way of introduction, I'm Mim, or as my online persona has been for the last 8 or 9 years, mini_mim (a throwback from the days when I was a very petite 15 year old). I feel joining this forum must be fated as the name is so similar to my online name! I'm 24 and a music student, although I'm currently having a year off for health reasons. I'm working an office-job this year as well as teaching singing part-time.

Weight-wise, I have yo-yoed immensely over the last 10 years, with weights ranging from 6st 12lbs to my current 14st 13lbs. I struggle with binge eating, and having tried everything what feels like everything under the sun to get it under control, I've decided to give SlimFast a go, and I will be having my meal at lunchtimes when I'm at work, so at home in the evenings (the time when I usually binge) I will not have any food, just the shakes.

I weighed in this morning at 14st 13lbs, my highest ever, and I refuse to get to 15st, so the only way from here is down! Sadly, my first day has been slightly hampered as I sprained my foot yesterday so can't get to the gym for a little while! Hopefully if I keep my foot rested for a few days I will be able to go and swim at least but might be a few weeks before I can start running.

Anyway, that's enough from me, I've had my first shake this morning (chocolate - seems very sweet but I'm a sweet tooth anyway so I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough!), and looking forward to the rest of the day (working from home today due to the aforementioned foot so at least I get to stay warm...).
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S: 19st1lb C: 18st0.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.43%)
Things I have learnt so far today...

Ready-made shakes = good
Powdered shakes = tastes like cardboard, even when thoroughly whisked
Meal Bars = vomit-inducing

Think I will stick to the ready-made shakes in future!


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S: 19st1lb C: 18st0.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.43%)
OK, well I'm not doing perfectly, I'm good during the day and I struggle to control my intake in the evening but that's always been my problem - the difference between then and now is that I'm not prepared to throw in the towel because I've had a bad evening or two, I'm determined to see this thing through. I've lost 2lb anyway, despite not sticking perfectly to plan so hopefully if I can keep going with it I'll be seeing some bigger losses soon.
S: 26st2.2lb C: 24st13lb G: 21st5lb BMI: 54.7 Loss: 1st3.2lb(4.7%)
Well done Minimim, it's nice to hear that even though you're struggling a little you're not quitting.

I've posted this in another diary but just in case you don't read I suggest getting a blender (something with blades) to make up your powdered milkshake and add ice so it's kinda like a slush puppie (I find 5 large chunks of ice is perfect for me) a whisk just doesn't cut it in my opinion, that's what I started out with.

I agree the meal bars are horrid, it's like chewing on cork, not even good enough as loft insulation I always say ;)
S: 19st1lb C: 18st0.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.43%)
Thanks - I'll try the blender idea :)

Well, I've decided to move my official weigh-in to Sundays as it's usually more practical as I don't have to be up and about so early (today's not so bad as I'm not going to the gym). So my weigh-in for this week sees me down to 14st 11lbs - 2lb in 6 days. I was hoping for a bit more from Week 1 but then I've not kept strictly to plan and I've done zero exercise due to my sprained foot so hopefully if I can be stricter this week I might see a slightly greater loss.

I won't be exercising again this week but hopefully next week I can at least start swimming and walking again - though probably no running for another couple of weeks after that. I'm supposed to be starting seeing a personal trainer once a month to get a strength/weight training programme but it's been delayed slightly by the foot injury - has anyone used a PT before? Is it worth the money?


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
hows it going??
ive not used a PT before.. (never been able to afford one... ) so cant help you on that one.
S: 19st1lb C: 18st0.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.43%)
Not been such a great week food-wise - been crazy busy and rather stressed and eating my feelings like no-one's business. I (semi- intentionally) missed my weigh in on Sunday and I hope I can make up for last week before this Sunday comes around.

So, today:

Breakfast - Chocolate shake
AM Snack - 1 apple
Lunch - Strawberry shake + Ryvita w/cream cheese
PM Snack - Slimfast Cheddar Bites + 2 Chomp bars (my moment of weakness - I needed change for the bus...)
Dinner - Quorn fillets, and salad with lettuce, tomato, 1/2 an avocado, and 40g of grilled halloumi

Total is under 1400 calories.

No exercise today - I'm so tired that I couldn't face the 5:45 start this morning - maybe tomorrow...


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
good luck for the exercise tomorrow... Maybe when the moment comes up agian and you need change for the bus, get a bottle of diet coke or water instead.. I know sounds boring.. But you will feel better for it.
S: 19st1lb C: 18st0.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.43%)
Made it to the gym - 40 minutes on the treadmill (just fast walking at the moment, haven't been brave enough to start running yet) and worked up a good sweat. Had a bit of a worry yesterday evening cos I decided to take my resting heartrate to get a better idea of what I should be aiming for in the gym, and it was 83 - not terrible but definitely poorer than it should be - was a bit of a kick up the bum that I need to do something about this weight now before I put my health any more at risk.

Yesterday's menu:

Breakfast - Strawberry shake (220)
AM Snack - 50g dried apricots (85) + SlimFast Snack Bar (99)
Lunch - Chocolate shake (210)
PM Snack - 1 1/2 carrots (38) + 1tbsp houmous (23)
PM Snack 2 - Dairy Milk Freddo (95) (yes, chocolate is my weakness, but I figured this was the lowest cal option I could find)
Dinner - Pizza and garlic bread @ a friends (not sure, estimate 600)

So roughly 1,370 less 170 exercise = 1,200 :)


Breakfast - Strawberry shake (220)
Lunch - Chocolate shake (210) + Ryvita with Marmite (64)
PM Snack - Slimfast Cheddar Bites (99) + 5 Cadbury's Heroes (235) (oh no, didn't realise they would be so much, they're so tiny!)
Dinner - Baked potato (161) + 100g Quorn mince with chopped tomatoes and herbs (138) + 30g Cheddar cheese (121)

Total - 1,248 (good, especially considering the chocolate...)


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
hows it going????
S: 19st1lb C: 18st0.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.7 Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.43%)
Hi all, sorry I've not been updating, have kind of wandered away from the diet for a while due to work stress and general lack of willpower! I've decided to leave slimfast for a while and stick to a low calorie diet with a lot of rice and vegetables, partly because of cost and partly because I never really felt satisfied on the slimfast so I'd tend to eat something as well which kind of defeats the point - I don't really feel like I've had a meal unless I've chewed on something lol! So a typical day now looks something like this:

2 Weetabix (125 calories)
14g raisins (40 calories)
200ml semi-skimmed milk (100 calories)

Egg fried rice (250 calories)
Maltesers (190 calories)
Diet Coke (5 calories)

Rice and mixed vegetables (160 calories)
Large cheese omelette (330 calories)

Total = 1200 calories

This seems to be working to keep me satisfied through the day, though I'm not weighing myself at the moment (I tend to obsess so I'm just having a bit of time off until I've got the eating sorted out) - I'm still struggling with binge eating but I've set myself a Lent challenge... For the next 6 and a half weeks, I have £200 cash to spend and no more - I've given my card to my housemate for safekeeping and I have no access to any other money - so a good side effect of this should be little to no binging as I just won't be able to afford it! Hopefully I can use the time to break the habit by force and will feel less inclined to binge when I do have the capability after Easter. We shall see...

I'm going to mainly shift over to the calorie counting forum, but I'll pop in and out over here and may switch back to slimfast in some form later on as I like the theory of it - just in practice it wasn't helping me keep from binging as I was never truly satisfied. Once I've broken the habit maybe I'll give it another go.


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
good luck, and make sure you do come and say hello!!

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