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Hi all,

Just found this site via facebook, and am starting on my weightloss journey (once again.....but I really mean it this time)

I don't know how much I weigh, (because quite frankly I'm terrified of getting on the scales but I think I have around 15 stone to lose)

I wanted to ask your advice, as at the moment I am not on a diet. I have tried everything from lighterlife to weightwatchers to slimfast to slimming world, but nothing has worked for me so far.....

What's worked for you apart from sheer determination and hard work?

any ideas gratefully recived.

keep smiling all

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Hi there and welcome to minimins.

You know, you are asking quite a difficult question. I am on CD and it works for me. I'm not what you would call a yo-yo dieter because allthough I've tried a few things over the years, my head was never with it.

This time, it was my brain that decided enough is enough and that's when I knew the time was right to try once more (before I turn 40..well, am 38 now..).

I don't actually like eating as such and where the weight has come from is a bit of a mystery to me (well, sweet tooth, too big portions when I did eat and a general lack of activity over the last 15 years or so).

Now, because CD takes food out of the equation, this was the perfect plan for me. But I am a firm believer that unsless your head is in the right place, yes, that famous "click", you will possibly struggle with any plan.

I did by the way start at 19.5 stone, down to just under 15stone now so about half way.

I hope you will find something that suits you. Minimins is always here to help. PM me if you want a chat...

Please take care and keep us posted

loads of luck



Gone fishing
What's worked for you apart from sheer determination and hard work?
Oh gosh. Apart from sheer determination and hard work? Ummm ;)

I guess that all the diets work, but the one you succeed in is the one you can really get your head around.

Cambridge was the answer for me, after trying all the others, because the results were so quick. It sort of suited my impatient personality.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you think you should do, or what others say you should do, you'll only manage it when you are really ready.
Thank you for this, I am so ready to make a start, in fact I can't wait to start to notice the difference. I haven't tried the CD but I was on LL about a year ago (but got to the stage I was struggling to afford it).

I know that it's going to take me a significant amount of time to lose weight, as after all I didn't put it on overnight! But I guess like everyone, I wish I had a crystal ball to jump forward a year or two!

Am going to face up to how much I weigh, going to go to boots and get weighed, and going to start a blog.

If I don't you have my permission to email me and tell me off!!

Will do...

we're good with tough love on minimins....you will get kicks up your butt should you need them...(allthough you'd possibly have to ask cause we're generally not a violent bunch...)

Can't wait to hear how you get on..

thanks skyemagic.....will definitely keep you posted...

Kept my promises - went to Boots, and have blogged (twice as it happens)

right....off to much on a carrot stick and think about writing up my research project

Hey just wanted to say welcome. To be honest by coming on here you have taken another step towards weight loss (this website has helped me greatly) In answer to your initial question -
What's worked for you apart from sheer determination and hard work? I would have to say that its the results Ive seen already, the fact that I can see a difference after only ten weeks makes me so excited and determines to see what I'll look like in another ten weeks, or in six months etc!

You said that you found this website through facebook - some of us have our facebook link in the signature at the bottom of our posts, feel free to add me if you want. I personally have found it nice to know I can speak to minimins people on facebook too - theres no avoiding some of them - he he!!



French Honey
Hi Rach

I just wanted to say Well Done for even being here because that means that you have faced up to the weight. I hope that you can find the right diet for you and that you get lots of support with it, because in my opinion any diet is tough but without tonnes of support the chances of giving up are greater.

I think that CD is the best diet because if you stick to it and really follow it the weight loss can be amazing, and much quicker than most other diets too which helps with motivation. But a VLCD is not for everyone and you certainly have to have your head in gear to do it, there's no point being half hearted about it because it's too tempting to stray then. It's an all or nothing diet I think. It is also significantly cheaper than LL and if you don't 'cheat' then it is affordable; it isn't if you carry on buying all manner of foods to eat alongside it.

Good luck, I look forward to hearing about your losses.
well.....i tried adding rainbow and went to the ticker factory page too!:confused:

try searching for me - Rachael Love, West Midlands network. that should work!
:rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

Oh I wish....nope am definitely there....what's your profile under and I'll try adding you



You don't look miserable at all!

hmmm - yer it does take you to the ticker page doesnt it?! It used to work, try searching for me -its Vic Franklin (dont think Im in a network) my piccy is of me looking very small standing near a bridge. If that doesnt work I'll pm you my e-mail address xxx
Ah - just tried copying mine and pasting it in the address bar and it works like that (but not if you click on it - how odd) xxx
Well, girls, I have never used any of the social network sites but you have inspired me now. I will go and see how I get on with putting up profiles and such like..

!974rach- I hope you're doing well. ..I hope everybody is doing well...

if all goes to plan I might see you soon on my face...lol


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