Minimum calories for your body to function?

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  1. mrmagoo

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    I was wondering if anyone can answer my question:

    How many calories do you need to take in for your body to properly function? This means for your body to allow you to breath, sleep etc. Even if you were just sat in a chair all day.

    Reason i ask is that i thought it was 2500 for an average male, but i heard its as little as 1200?

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  3. KD

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    It really does depend on present weight, height, sex etc, but yes it can be as little as 1200.

    The other figures (2,000 for woman and 2500) for men are assuming a little more activity than sleeping and breathing. It's an average number for an average person, doing an average day.
  4. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    By the way. Anyone who is doing a traditional diet should not go under 1100 calories as they will not get all the vitamins, minerals, fat, protein etc to sustain them.

    VLCDs are different as their packs contain everything needed :)
  5. Mini

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    Basal Energy Expenditure...Harris-Benedict Equation

    Basal Energy Expenditure

    Further reading...

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