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minirog's daily musings.... life on 810!


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Well, I'm not sure anyone will want to read this, but I need to do something to distract me!

I've decided to keep track of my ups, downs and 'middlings' for the next few weeks, but I'm not the next JK Rowling so I think this may be pretty dull.

So, 82lbs lost last year and then 7lbs back on over Christmas. Hmmm.... why is it that everything with carbs and fat in tastes so good?! Christmas was a very very bingey time for me - I literally ate anything and everything - and I am now kicking myself. I feel like I am as fat as I was to start with. Now, I know this is daft as I am still 75lbs down, but it's the psychological thing of not being 'in control' that worries me. So, my solution? Good old sole source to break those habits!

Day 1 and 2 were crap. I stuck 100% to it, but felt bloody awful. I mean, 'lying in bed doing nothing and moaning' awful - my poor family! I did manage to do some exercise (2 hour walk on Monday and an hour in the gym on Tuesday) but I was so lame in terms of intensity. Didn't help that I was on the middle treadmill with a greek god of a man on one side (he was very very fit in both senses of the word!) and a super toned, tanned and beautiful gym bunny on the other side. They were making eyes at each other in the mirror, with me puffing away like an asthmatic hippo in the middle. Poor them - I bet it was a bit of a mood killer for them! Ah well, at least I went.

Day 3 today and I guess I feel slightly better, but still starving. I swear I could eat cardboard at this stage and it would feel like a Heston Blumenthal banquet (actually Heston probably has cooked a carboard soufle or something at some point!). I've just done my legs, bums n tums class and I am knackered. I was mortified in the class as the room was cold and with my body heat being that of a towering inferno, I was smoking! Literally (well, I guess steaming is more scientifically accurate, but..) you could see it all around me! Mortified! But I made it through and I've come home and treated myself to.... a hot water with CD flavouring! Woo Hoo!

So, now I am cruising the internet for before and after photos for inspiration (anything to distract me from the rumbling tummy). There are some corkers out there. Like this one:

Weightplanners Forum - 9 Stone gone - Page 1

How amazing is that?! Bloody hell.

Well, that's all from me. I'll probably be back later to whinge some more, but for now stay strong and remember we put this weight on and we can get it off.

Love from me xx
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I'm back... I'm bloody starving!!! This is SO much harder than I remember it. I'm not in Ketosis yet, but tomorrow fingers crossed.

Was just thinking about all the reasons I want to lose weight and thought I'd add them here.

1. To be fitter and healthier. I want to be able to actually DO stuff rather than be a lardy lump with no energy.
2. To look better. I hate the way I look. REALLY hate it. I am so ugly, but I hope that having a nicer figure will draw attention away from my face!
3. To be able to buy clothes without the traditional dressing room tantrum. You know the one: "I look awful in everything. Everyone is staring at me and I am the fattest person here"
4. To celebrate my achievement. I want to be able to look back on what I have done and say "I did it!".

Hmmm... I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones which stand out. I may have to print this list out and stick it on all the morrors in the house and the fridge.

Right, I'll be off now. I suspect I am just jibbering to myself anyway :)

Love from me xx


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I lost 5lb in 3 days. That is all :D


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Right, so, today has been okay. I go a bit out with my timings so left it too long between meals. Not a great idea.

So, yes, I am hungry that's true, but I definitely feel I am on the right plan. After much talk with my slightly giddy, but wonderful new CDC, we decided that the 810 plan was best for me as I exercise.

This meant I could enjoy a lovely meal of 175g grilled chicked and 3 stems of thin posh brocolli ( I have no idea of it's actual name. It's just Asda Extra Special to me!!!). It was nice to eat something after thinking I was going to SS. The plan also means I can have some milk in my tea and coffee - woo hoo!!!

Another plus of 810 is that I can now use unlimited rations of water flavouring so I have strong cups of hot berries water a few times a dy which is yum and also can add it to all my other water. It really makes it easier to get through the water allowance and I seem to splash when I walk so I think I'm drinking more!!!

Downside is - no ketosis, so this hunger will abate a bit as my body comes to terms with what I am doing, but I won't get the blessed relief that comes with wonderful ketosis. On the plus side, hopefully my breath won't honk!
What else did I want to say? Hmmmm.....

Oh yes, as posted above, I weighed mid-week this time (as Wednesday will be my new regular weigh day) and I had lost 5lbs. I checked it twice on my scales as I didn't believe my CDC as first, but mine said the same. So it's real, I have lost 5lbs and really think I can do this!

Though it has to be said I'm still sat herre trying to avoid the human sized chocolate chip biscuit, which is dancing around me begging me to take a nibble.... although there a chance he may be a figment of my imagination :D

Night all (whoever is reading this!!!) and have good days tomorrow

Love from me x

Please post and say hi if you read any of my inane waffle! I feel all lonely in here. Try it, you might like it and if you like it you reccomend me to a friend :D
I am on the 810 plan too and have had some good losses to date and am in ketosis (all the usual evidence is there as well as the dark ketostix).
I think the milk and just having a few bits of chicken etc really makes a difference to me mentally which should help me get through more than a few weeks. I tried LL and CD a few years ago and didn't get past weeks 6 on both.
Some days, especially when I stay late at work I end up doing a SS+ day - 4 packs and milk as I cannot be bothered to cook anything...I like the ability to mix and match!
I will hopefully keep up to date with your journey (memory permitting).
Love Cx


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Thanks Claire. I feel less like a norman no mates now!

It's always good to find people who are doing 810, especially with losses like yours! Keeps me inspired to continue.

Still struggling tonight though - feel hungry! Ah, still it will soon be breakfast shake time :D

Good Luck with your journey x


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It's official: I hate Jillian Michaels!!!

Not really, I do love her and her bloody workouts, but I am so achey and tired after day 3 of the dredded 'Shred'. Feels good to be doing it though, I just hope that I see some success on the scales on Wednesday!!!

So, what else did I want to say? Hmmm...

I'm on Day 6 of 810 and I've finally got into the swing of it. I am slightly hungry sometimes, but as long as I spread out my 'meals' I can get by. I have also finally got to grips with the water drinking and reckon I am averaging about 3 litres a day. I am lucky though, because my CDC says I can use a few more teaspoons of water falvouring as I am on 810 and it really makes all the difference.

I have also started back to my jogging and was surprised that I managed week 4 of C25k (relatively) comfortably today. I have signed up for a 5k race in February and a half marathon (eek!) in May, so I really need to get 'match fit'.

This is a very boring diary entry (I think all that exercise has addled my brain!), but I just wanted to keep track of my progress.

I'll post again tomorrow when I can think of something more exciting to post.

Stay strong - we can ALL do this!

Love from me x
HIya :) Just had a read and thought I would say hello .. I will be joining you on 810 soon, I was on it then gained 18 lb over christmas so back on SS till I get back to my pre christmas weight of 11 stone 4 ! I also have the 30 day shred but havent started it yet as i am going to wait till I am back on 810 :)

Keep up the good work :)


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Aw, thanks for reading. I know it's a bit dull!

I was really worried about going on 810, but am pleasantly surprised. Good luck with getting the Christmas pounds off - I'm sure you'll do it no probs and then you can join me in a lovely piece of grilled chicken (seriously this has become the highlight of my day! How sad am I?!)
Okay, so here is a question:

Why do I tell myself "I can't" before I even start? By doing this I am programming my brain to tell me to stop. It's all Neuro-linguistic programming (ask Derren brown, he'll tell you!) and it's bad bad form. It's almost like I am so scared to fail that if I set the bar low enough, or even don't start in the first place, then I can never fail. The problem with that is I never succeed either. I'm stuck in some flabby ass middle ground of keeping my life on hold.

So what to do?

If I had an answer I would write an awesome self-help book and make milions! However, I have spent some time today pondering this one and here is the best answer I found:

Tell yourself you can!

yep, it's a simple as that. I need to tell myself that I am capable of acheiving my goals and all the better if I break those goals down into manageable chunks.

I know it's easier said than done, but I think I have to try or I'll end up treading water forever. And that sucks.

Good days everyone. Stay Strong.

Love from me x

p.s I was 100% 810 today, I ran 3k and did the 30 day Shred workout. That has to be proof that I can, right?

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