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MinkyDinkys SW Success Diary!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by MinkyDinky, 16 September 2011 Social URL.

  1. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    After much dilly dallying and poking my nose around everyone elses diaries, it was about time for me to start mine.

    I have recently had to move house and the stress of not having much notice (thank you ex landlord!) and having to pull everything together meant my new SW eating habits went out the window - boo! Needless to say, I felt rubbish in myself when I ate rubbish food and now that I am settled, I am back on this BIG time :D

    With the fact its blooming expensive down here in Sunny Crawley, money is a little tight so having to go on with out the joys of going to my evening class. I did love going to weigh in and my group were so lovely, but now I am the other side of town and I wouldnt feel comfortable walking into another class - was hard enough the first time! This is going to be my therapy - getting it all out as I dont have class to attend to any more. I need to get it down somewhere so what better place to put it than here :)

    If you have taken time to read this - thank you and hello :p Bit of a waffle but I knew the first post was going to be a bit of a random one (who is ever good at introductions? :D)

    Have a good Friday afternoon xxx
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  3. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    Over the weekend I have been looking over the forums and re reading all my SW “gumph” to get myself re-educated and informed. After the little months break my head is back in the game and I am ready to get back down to business. Sometimes I think that it is too easy to just think one piece of cake won’t hurt, I won’t check the syns because I am pretty sure that I havent gone over this week, if no one sees me it didn’t happen (tell me you aren’t guilty of at least one of these?!) and then all that hard work –undone! And for what? The taste? The convenience? The craving satisfaction?! I can hand on heart say that I don’t think it is worth it.

    Since a child, I have loved food, everything about it. I used to grow vegetables in my granddads allotment and watch how they would grow and be so excited that I had made these and I could be the one to harvest and cook them. As a family we used to visit my Uncles farm to see the cows milked and get laid to pasture before they would get sold at the market to the butchers – this was amazing to watch! And at the grand old age of 13, it was down to me to be the family cook. My parents were both full time workers not returning home until at least 6pm which was too late to start cooking from scratch for a family of 5. So I kind of stepped up and said “ I can do it!” From then on it was down to me to cook family meals from Monday to Friday and the dishes ranged from Roast Chicken dinners, to Chilli con carne, chicken curries and the odd pie, mash and beans (gotta love it!).

    In my late teens I became a bit of a party girl and this really was the start of my weight gain (that’s a whole other story :p) with the drinking, came the kebab and chips and tonne of sauce or the greasy fry up and burgers the following day. I became reliant on stodgy take aways and it took a long time for me to take my head outta my butt and realise that I was doing myself and bank balance no favours. But alas, it wasn’t until March of this year that I woke up to it all and realised how bad I was feeling from eating this so called “delicious” food. Not just bad because I was eating calorie riddled food, but physically I was a mess. I was getting sick all the time, always getting tired and feeling just generally crap in all honesty.

    With SW, I feel that a new lease of life has been given to me and I am back to cooking meals from scratch like I did all those years ago. I love trying lots of different recipes and experimenting with flavours that I wouldn’t normally combine/attempt to cook and that is the beauty of this healthy eating plan. The food tastes so good and scrummy that a lot of the time I have to remind myself that it is healthy food! I love the fact that I can make home made spicy burger and chips and not have a guilty bone in my body about eating it. I have never been amazed at how easy and simple it would be to lose the weight but when you look at the plan – it really is just about going back to basics and eating sensibly. I still eat amazing food and 99% of the time it is cooked, from scratch, by me.

    Don’t get me wrong, this does make me sound like I am all saintly – I am not! Occasionally I do still treat myself to a small portion of doner meat and chips with burger sauce after a night out or the odd chicken vindaloo (although most of the time I do tend to keep these “blow outs” for when I have saved my syns in the week!:eek:)
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  4. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    I have a new challenge, woot! Myself and a few others have grouped up and as of Saturday have set the challenge to lose x lbs by Christmas.
    My personal goal is to lose 30lbs which I believe averages out at 2lb a week. I took part in the summer challenge that Coljack set up (thank you!) and hit my target. Now Jayde has set this one up and I am hoping to smash this out of the park. Fingers crossed! The challenge really helps me to focus and to me are my mini targets until I hit my main target - not yet set but I will one day :)
    So to wrap this up, wishing my self luck and going to be 100%
  5. ilovecabbage

    ilovecabbage Active Member

    brilliant go for it! I'm hoping to lose something similar, boom let's do it! xx
  6. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    Glad to see some enthusiasm :)
    Just takes some getting used to and perseverance and slimsville here we come!
    Quick question for you - how much do you love cabbage? :D x x
  7. ilovecabbage

    ilovecabbage Active Member

    I love it loads!
  8. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    What a horrible day yesterday was :( Started with my rent not transferring to my landlords account although it had left/cleared my account - stress!! After panicking and ringing my bank they ensure me "this is normal for first payments, all others are instant" Well where was the warning when I set it up?! Luckily my landlord was understanding and fine that it wouldnt clear until Monday (long enough ay? The money is probably just sat in some bank limbo earning interest for them and not us, boo!)

    At lunch I nipped out to bank which is directly under my office and as I went to put my phone in my pocket..... it missed. It hit the floor. It smashed. I could have cried!:cry: After fretting with what to do for about, ooooh, 5 minutes I rang Orange. They so lovingly informed me that "oh, you dont have Orange Care insurance. And we dont do repairs, just replacements for your handset. The cost is £173.62. If you had taken insurance you would have only had to pay £15. What would you like to do?" hmmm, right now? probably stab you in the eye with a pencil for being so smug but "I will see if I can claim on my partners insurance and come back to you."

    :flamingmad:Raaaah! Why is it when you have a teeny tiny budget and no spare cash that the problems arise? *sob*

    Instead of going on a mass killing spree, I decided to go home and cook. Chucked on the radio, sung to my hearts content (and probably the neighbours dismay) and cooked up junk food the SW way! Chilli cheese burgers, spicy cajun wedges and homemade coleslaw. First attempt at the coleslaw but damn it was good! In fact just had the last of it for lunch and was even better after being left over night. I was just glad that despite having a bit of a crappy day, I didnt just reach for the hi cal snacks or order in a takeaway. Its kind of like my brain is trained now to make that right decision, and I think that cooking actually helps to calm me down. Thankfully :8855:
  9. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    Hmmm, what to cook for dinner?? Stupid OH offered to cook dinner for when I got in from work as he finished at 2 and I finish at half 5. Got in at 6 after walking my 2.2 miles home to find him on the computer, playing away merrily and no dinner cooking. Something wrong with thus picture don't ya think? Has the audacity to ask "what's wrong?". Told him and after 5 minutes of silence from him returns to playing on the computer and chatting over skype. Knobbus.

    So now in the predicament, do I just cook for us and be done (I hate to fall out with people, especially him), do I cook just for myself, or do I just shower and go snuggle up in bed with a movie and have a big breakfast to make up for no dinner?

    Decisions, decisions.....
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  10. patches1

    patches1 Well-Known Member

    Hi there loving the diary can empathise with the limited budget but when you're in the SW frame of mind am finding it going really well at the mo xx
  11. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    Hey there Patches :) ,
    Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my nonsense he he! Just had a nose at yours and must say I love the sound of the recipe at the beginning, with the left over chicken. I am so going to try that out this weekend. What wii dance games do you have? Want to up my exercise and with a birthday looming I could sneak the idea into everyone's head to get me it :D
    Hope your day is going well and on plan! Xx
  12. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    Weigh in day....
    Yippee! 3lbs off this week, means that I have now lost 3st 2lb! So chuffed to have achieved this. When I started back in March at 20 and half stone (jeez!) losing even a stone seemed like a distant target never to be achieved. But now, 3 stone down and I KNOW that it is possible to do this and get to my target.

    This morning made me so excited to image that in a few months I will be able to go into any shop and buy super nice clothes instead of doing the 'shop scan' for the larger section. Or just completely avoiding shopping with friends because what's the point when you are only ever going to go to the shops that sell size 6-14 and then have them moan that there is nothing for them to pick from. Shut up! You have every store in town and then some! I have new look, Evans and occasionally DP's if I'm lucky, and even then the choices aren't great!

    *breath* :) but this won't be the case for too much longer. Next summer I will be in dresses all the way through, rather than the trademark jeans and 'pretty tops'.
    Sexy here I come!
    Last edited: 24 September 2011
  13. patches1

    patches1 Well-Known Member

    Wow well done on your losses- it's so much more fun thinking about what you'd like to wear rather than what will cover/ look ok in that size!
  14. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    Awww thanks Angelicafuzz! I am kind of keeping this diary to inspire myself in the future if I feel deflated because of slow loss or a gain. It kinda happens to everyone but hoping my mind set stays the same :) good luck and happy slimming x x
  15. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    I cannot wait for all the clothes that await when I am a slim Jim! I want to be able to walk in to any shop and be able to have the choice of all clothes! Something that hasn't happened in a hell of a long time, but on the road to success! Woo! X x
  16. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    Yesterday I had my 3 stone treat and had my hair chopped, coloured and beautified and I love it! Nothing quite like walking out the hairdressers and swishing your shiny locks about :) obviously I am easily pleased!

    Decided to up my body magic for the week and walked the 4 miles home yesterday from salon and today going to visit a friend which is a 3 mile walk. That's a total of 29 miles this week! Not including all the walling around at work but just going and coming from places makes 29 frigging miles! I should have just walked to Brighton :D

    After my girly catch up, I will be coming home and cooking a lush roast chicken dinner with roast potatoes, swede and carrot, cabbage, roast parsnips and a cheeky little yorkshire pudding. I love a Sunday roast! Left over chicken will be used to make a chicken and veg pie with swede carrot and mash topping. Carcus boiled up to make stock and will produce a soup out of that with A tonne of veg in. Dont you just love how a chicken is so cost effective and can make so many different things?!

    Hungry right now so off to raid the fruit bowl :) happy Sunday all xx
  17. Emmey1

    Emmey1 Well-Known Member

    Loving this diary and your attitude, will be popping back to keep up to date on your progress :)
  18. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my warblings :) for me it's the best therapy!
    Good luck on your journey and feel free to stop by anytime x x
  19. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    Hungry, hungry hungry!

    Damn I could eat a horse! Just dont know how many syns that is ;)

    Seriously though, work must be really boring me today because all I can think of is food and all I can hear is my tummy rumbling! Banana, apple and pear are about to be annihilated!

    Oooh, also any suggestions for quick easy food to serve lads would be appreciated! X
  20. Emmey1

    Emmey1 Well-Known Member

    Less if you cook it in fri-light! :)
  21. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    So the horse is safe - for now :)

    I now have 10 days annual leave and have friends over from Sweden and Wales but wondering how I am going to survive it! I will be with 3 grown men who eat junk and drink lots of beer and I don't want to jeopardise the diet :S

    So in the morning, butternut squash is being roasted and soup and stuff will be made. Vodka and diet coke will be drunk to lessen syns but have a feeling a couple of flexi days might be coming my way!

    Wish me luck and let's get flexi slimming :) xx

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