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minstrels points?

ok my favourite sweet is minstrels can anyone help me work out the points i am stuck as it says 503kcal but there is no mention off sat fats... it has fat/grasas (not sure what this is) then 22.3g do i add that with the 503 or does it mean there is none in it! in which case it being 0 this amounts are per 100g and it would be a 42g bag thanks in advance

i am working it with 0 but want to check i am right in making it 3points??? i bet i am way off or 5.5 points with the fat of 22.3g ek and am soo cunfussled xx
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According to this:

Calories per 100g: 497 Saturated Fat per 100g: 11.0g (which is got by googling)

It works out at 10 points per 100g, so 1 pt per 10g, so 4pts for a 40g bag.

Hope this helps, I love Minstrels too!
ScottishJewel as a rule of thumb if there is no sat fat listed then just halve the amount of fat and use that figure x
Hope you enjoyed them I love minstrels ;)
excellent ladies thanks i figured 4 as i did the points but the pack and the fat on the pack and got 5 and then did it without and got 3 so i guess 4 lol thanks though i will remember how to do it now and yes they were great my treat for the week! x
normal 42g bag hun is 4.5 :)

Mars Nutrition

here you go, click on galaxy and minstrels are listed there :) useful site xx

btw ww do say halve the fat to get sat fat if not listed but 9 times out of 10 the sat fat is actually more than half the fat value so it's best to go with 3/4 sat fat so if something is 10 go more towards 6/7 for sat fat etc to be on safe side xx
oh i am soooo sorry (red face hiding in shame) that use a baby site i used to use and it was just ladies i will not to do it again so sorry and thanks for ur advice x

Smirky thanks hun i will do that still getting use to all this points thing thanks again x

thanks everyone x
no problem hun, and i'm still getting use to certain things a year on so dont worry :) hehe xx
lol oh dear it takes that long i suppose we will for ever be needing to find out new things eh xxx

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