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mirena coil / zoladex injections


going to do it!!!!
Hi ,

i have the mirena coil for horrendous periods as gp said they would get back to normal with this type of coil, however they havnt at all and still suffer with up to 20 days of bleeding a month , sorry if tmi, was referred to consultant who point blank refused to do hysterectomy, even though i have 4 children, the youngest being 3yr old twins, and have had tubal tie, saying im too young!!! Im 42yrs old!!

Anyway he has offered me a hydro thermal womb ablation and he said that i have a 90% chance of having 'normal' periods after this op. I have to have zoladex injections(a progesterone hormone which induces menopause symptoms) prior to op which is 4th may, i have had one last month and feel awful , constant headaches, night sweats, moody, and feeling bloated, gp said it would stop periods which it hasnt :(:(:(

I dont know if its the coil that is making me put weight on as i havnt been able to get my weight below 13 stone since col was put in in august 09.

Has anyone had weight gain or been unable to lose weight with the mirena coil?? And does anyone have any experience of the zoladex hormone injections, like will the side effects stay until after the course is over, due next one on tuesday and feel ill at the thought of having these awful hormones put back into my body:cry:

Sorry for all the questions but last one, has anyone had an ablation that has worked and given them back a normal quality of life?
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Hi ya

I used to have the Mirena coil and suffered problems with weight gain and never ending periods. 3 out of 4 weeks I was either bleeding or spotting, this went on for 18 months. Horrendous. Doc took it out then and put me on Noriday, same story.
I now have a "normal" coil, my peroids are heavy, but very regular.
Regarding an ablation, I had one in my early twenties and it did sort my period problems out, but only temporarily.
I am surprised that they offer you it, unless a Gyno has diagnosed endometriosis or something along those lines.
Jill x
I've had Mirena in place throughout the time I have been engaged in weightloss. I also have a diagnosis of PCOS. I had no problems with weight loss, although I do find it very easy to gain and have to be careful with what I eat. HTH.

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