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miserable and fed up

:cry:been a tough few weeks managing 2 shakes during the day but having a meal at night, I really want to get back on this properly and kicking myself i'm not doing it I really dont want to give in and give up but I think this is going to be a make it or break it week for me.

Going in the morning to get weighed and a week supply and my aim is that I AM going to do a week on this properly!! I am maintaining so not put on any of what's been lost so that a positive thing but I really need to lose more and want to do it now!

Fingers crossed to me everyone, I am still here keeping an eye on you all but not mailing cos i'm a failing myself, if you see me around more next week your'l know i'm doing it !
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maintaining since June'09
Do you think mailing more might help??

I find encouraging others rubs off on myself - just a thought.

If you want a txt buddy for this week - pm me your mobile number.

Best of luck - you CAN do it !!! xx
thanks Jan you are always there to support and help, bless you x
dont give up you have done amazing so far, just think summer will be here soon and all the lovely new smaller clothes you can buy, that helps me.
Good luck for WI tomorrow hun and hopefully you can get that motivation back. Its too easy to slip off the tracks, but you need to find the reasons again why you wanted to lose it initially.

Come on girl, shift your butt and get that brain into action. 3 shakes every day this week - or else!!
Mantra for this week.....

3 shakes and water, 3 shakes and water.......
Hi chick....dont give in what you are doing is so very tough and I admire you but you need to stick at it and it will get easier for you....I know I am not doing it but the forum speaks volumes of the ones that are....hang on in there and when you get weighed it will spur you on....as another poster said come on here more often it will encourage you....((((hugs)))...xx


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Hun you have lost 3 FABULOUS stone! That is amazing! You are doing so well. You have just hit a hump! Take it one week at a time. Promise yourself to do one week fully. Then see what the scales say and re-evaluate then. I think the loss will spur you on. Try on clothes from when you started. Reward yourself with something each week.....a massage, a t-shirt, a cd, whatever.

But hun you are doing great and you CAN get back to this. Think of how proud you will be when you are at target!

Keep posting here. There are plenty of us that want you to suceed and want to support you. HUGS!
Hang in there lady, you've done so well already and you know it's worth it. Good luck x


maintaining since June'09
Well weighed in this morning and actually put on just under a pound, not going to register it but just finishing day 1, 3 shakes, lots of black tea and coffee and water later....i'm still here nil by mouth and heading off to bed real soon. I am so glad got a feeling I might be able to do a while later.

Thanks for the support guys as always xx


maintaining since June'09
Well there you go - hardly any gain at all! And that probably fluid! Now with a 100% day under your belt you'll feel soooo much better!

Well done you!!! xx


Crawling to the finish!
Good luck, you have done so well already dont give in you cant do it! xx
Well done on only 1lb, just think, that could be off by tomorrow Lou after 1 day on the shakes, could be double that by the next day, and you know what could be lost after 1 week, good luck for this week hun and stick to those 3 shakes and water and if you feel down, just come on here, someone will be ready to give you a butt kick girl.
Good luck today !

I don't think people realise how hard this diet is. Just take one day at a time.


maintaining since June'09
Hope you're having a good day Lou! x

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