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Miss Gay UK ~ and musings on sterotypes!


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I'm in the running for the People's Choice in Miss Gay UK, there are only 14 of us and it is all down to the text vote now.

I'd love to win, just to shake up the system and have a different shape win! I'd also like to wear a nice frock and have a fun night out and wear the little sash thing, not to mention be a happy role model for a year.

My fate is in your hands - Only votes that count now! Have a look and if you think I would be a good Miss Gay UK please vote.

Peoples Choice 2008

I'm picture no. 9

If you don't think I would be a good Miss Gay UK then please vote for someone else, there are lots of great girls to choose from.

[/Shameless self promotion]

But doesn't this make you think... I'm the only fat girl left in the running, which is why I want to win more, to prove that I can - however if that is the case then why am I so desperate to loose the flab?

Am I being reallly hypocritical?
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No of course you arent being hypocritical....

I am big and while i really want to lose weight and feel desirable i want the public to stop being so damn shallow and making me feel this way. I should want to do this for myself and to feel better and healthier...but my main motivation is other people....perhaps why i have failed so many times.....



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That's exactly how I feel. I want to prove to the world that skinny girls with spikey hair are lovely, but then so am I!
Nah - we'll get you in a pair of dungarees!

They will never know. I have a sneaky feeling that the girl just above me is voting for herself - it is too much of a coincidence, I get a vote, she gets a vote - etc etc...

I must win! Muhahahahhahaaaaaa ~ however it is all for charity, so the more votes the more money we make, I can't complain really.


is Special :P
S: 228kg C: 78kg G: 65kg BMI: 29.5 Loss: 150kg(65.78%)
Lol yeah i bet she is voting for herself.......Grrrrrr

Whoop dungarees....i used to wear (Im from oz so they were called overalls) dungarees to school. I had a short pair and a long pair lol......

I could probably pass for a lesbian ;) My mum is convinced i am because i have never had a boyfriend. She got really drunk and started crying and telling me that i could come out if i was and that it would be such a relief to know and all that sh*t. Did i mention my mother is crazy???

Taz x


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ha. i LOVE dungarees. one of my best mates is gay and she says i have the gayest ankles she's ever seen on a straight person. just because i like turnups on my jeans and wear army boots!! stereotyper!! ha. i can't wait to be thin so i can wear dungas without people thinking i'm pregnant!!

abz xx


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yay. high school the musical 3 is out. soooo going to see that tonight :D :D sorry. ahem. back on topic. love DMs. just shows the stereotyping doesn't really stick. either that or we are incredibly far back in the closet :) mothball anyone?

abz xx
Lol - you two are hilarious!

As long as we keep the post near the top and people KEEP ON VOTING!

You can hijack away!

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