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Miss Sarah's before and during... (2st 5lbs off so far)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Inspirational Photos' started by Miss_Corset, 2 July 2012 Social URL.

  1. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    So, it's only been 8 weeks of SW, and I honestly didn't think I'd really be seeing a difference yet. I'm now 18lbs down (which I'm absolutely delighted about) and honestly think SW is the best thing ever!

    We went strawberry picking on Saturday morning (love my OH for thinking up nice things to do which don't involve going off-plan!) and he took a photo of me with our punnets of yumminess. Looking at it yesterday, I can see a huge difference already, compared to a photo taken at a friend's birthday during my first week or so of SW. I'm starting to look like I see myself in my head (does that make sense?), rather than the jiggly mass I've been looking at in the mirror.

    Weeks 1-8.jpg

    My skinny jeans are now falling down (can't wait to buy size 12s in a couple of weeks time!!) and I'm wearing lots of stuff in my wardrobe which I've brought and never worn because it's been too tight. It's really liberating and I'm finding it so easy to stick to and stay motivated because the scales, tape measure and my clothes just keep the results coming. That's 18lbs and 34.5cm gone forever - there is no way I'm ever going back!

    It's only 18lbs, and not a full dress size yet, so it's only step 1 of my journey, but I'm The Girl With No Willpower, so if I can do it, anyone can! So I just felt the need to post this photo in here to give myself a bit of a boost (I'm going away with work this week and it's going to be tricky to stay on plan because of airport lounge food/airline food and amazing South African wine!) as well as hopefully to inspire other people to trust the plan. Because it really works! This is going to keep reminding me how far I've come, and how far I can go by holiday in 11 weeks time.

    Bring on those 10s next week then, 9s - I'm coming to get you!!
    Last edited: 2 July 2012
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  3. GlamUp

    GlamUp Full Member

    You look fantastic Miss_Corset, well done x
  4. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    Aww thanks lovely! :) x
  5. xMandyDx

    xMandyDx Determination is Key

    You really can see a huge difference, especially in your shoulders and arms. Well done and keep it up!
  6. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    Thanks Mandy - much appreciated :) x
  7. Lehairycrab

    Lehairycrab getting back to target!

    Absolutely fabulous pics you look great!
  8. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    Thank you, lovely!
  9. Malc-D

    Malc-D One day at a time

    amazing, keep it up :)
  10. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    So I went to a work awards do last week and managed to zip myself into a dress is brought ages ago for the first time. I felt a million dollars in it! Feels like another little step on my journey. Next target - a set of size 12 Next black trousers which I brought to slim into...2 years ago! They're about an inch off doing up so not long to go I hope!

  11. Charlee1990

    Charlee1990 Member

    You look gorgeous in that dress, well done :) I can't wait to get back into some of my old clothes!
  12. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    Aww thank you lovely :) Yeah rediscovering stuff in the wardrobe is immense!

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  13. i can really see the loss you look fab well done!
  14. oh and cuba is lovely we went there on our honeymoon 3 years ago i only wish id of joined sw beforehand looking back at my pics!
  15. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    Aww thanks lovely! Much appreciated :) Cuba is amazing, isn't it! The OH and I went last year and totally fell in love with the place - can't wait to go back! xx
  16. rachaeld82

    rachaeld82 Full Member

    You look absolutely amazing in that black and white dress! I agree with the person who said you can really see the loss in your arms and shoulders too.
  17. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    Thank you, Rachael, that's so sweet of you. Tough day today so that comment really means a lot :) x

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  18. mrsdennis2010

    mrsdennis2010 Member

    My goodness 18lbs already? Amazing! I've lost 12lb and feel so much better already too!

    You look great!! xxx
  19. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    Aww thanks lovely! The first 18lbs dropped off in 8 weeks but I've been STS quite a lot since then so have moved from EE to green/red days to get the losses going again! Want to get 9lbs off in the next 6 weeks to get my 2stone award before my holiday!

    Sounds like you're doing great too! xx
  20. mrsdennis2010

    mrsdennis2010 Member

    Good luck with the green/red days and I'm sure you'll get it off - I am still in awe of SW lol, i packed my lunch and breakfast today and it just looks like a mountain of food, but the difference is that it's all good for you I guess lol.

    I'm really loving it, but i can't see a difference on myself yet but i feel so much healthier, perhaps i should get some photos out and take one of me now lol, I think given a bit of time and weight off it'll be more noticeable.

    I've found my confidence has rocketed though - how about you?? I've actually asked a colleague if she wants to start jogging/walking at lunch time as long as she doesn't mind a slow coach lol - she's like 8 stone something and really fit, so we're going to go tomorrow - eeeek!! I would never has asked before so I guess i must be feeling more confident lol xxx
  21. Miss_Corset

    Miss_Corset Target? Bring it on!

    You're right, I'm definitely feeling more confident too. It's fab going into shops and being able to try on size 12s, and fitting back into clothes which I haven't worn for ages. Love it!

    Good luck for your jog tomorrow - I'm sure you'll have a fab time! :)


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