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Miss_Williams New Start

Week 1 Day 1 EE

B) 28g Porridge (HEB), 250mls ss milk (HEA), 1tbsp jam (1syn)

L) Salmon, Rice, Red & Green Pepper, Sweetcorn 4 tbsps Extra Light Mayonnaise (2syns)

D) Steak, Jacket Potato, Tomato, Cucumber, Celery, Spring Onions, Lettuce, 2 tbsps ELM (1syn), 2 tbsps Horseradish (2syns)

Snacks Cherries, Strawberries, Sugar Free Jelly (1.5syns), 1 Hot Chocolate (2syns)

Total Syns 9.5
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Week 1 Day 2 EE

B) 28g Porridge (HEB), 250mls ss milk (HEA), 1 tbsp Jam (1syn)

L)Tuna, Pasta, Sweetcorn, 4tbsps ELM (2syns)

D) Chicken, Pasta, Passata, Mushrooms

Snacks - Chicken Pieces, Strawberries, Banana, Fudge (5syns), SF Jelly (1.5syns), Babybel Light (2syns)

Syn Total - 11.5syns
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Week 1 Day 3 EE

B) 2 Light Cereal Bars (HEB)

L) Pasta 'n' Sauce Quiche

D) Lamb Chops, Cous Cous, Roasted Red & Yellow Pepper, Courgette, Red Onion

Snacks - 3 Milkado's (1.5syns), 2 Underlay Mullerlight (3syns), Strawberries, 2 Hot Chocolates (4syns) 250ml ss milk (HEA)

Syns Total - 8.5syns
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Week 1 Day 4 EE - Race for Life & Fathers Day

B) 2 Cereal Bars

L) SW Chicken Tikka Masala (2syns), Chicken Korma (3syns), Bombay Potatoes, Rice, 1 Naan Bread (5syns), SW Banoffe Pie (18syns)

Snacks - Granola Bar (10syns), 2 Cereal Bars (9syns), Strawberries, Banana

Syn Total - 47syns

Exercise - 3.1 miles
Week 1 Day 5 EE

B) 2 Slices Wholemeal (HEB), Bacon, Egg, 1/2 tbsp Ketchup (0.5syns)

L) Pasta 'n' Sauce (1syn)

D) Jacket Potato, Salmon, Prawns, Cod, Haddock, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cheese Sauce (2syns)

Snacks - Sugar Free Jelly (1.5syns), 2 Bananas, Strawberries

Syn Total - 5syns
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Week 1 Day 6 EE

B) 2 Slice Wholemeal 400g (HEB), Bacon, Egg, 1/2 tbsp Ketchup (0.5syns)

L) Pasta Quiche

D)Chunky Veg Tomato Sauce, Meatballs & Pasta, 42g Low Low Cheese (HEA)

Snacks - Banana, Fudge (5syns)

Syn Total - 5.5syns
Week 1 Day 7 EE - Weigh In

B) Banana

L) Pasta 'n' Sauce

D) Steak & Jacket Potato = Food Poisoning

Treats - Haagen Daz (52syns)
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To maximise your weight loss I think you need to focus on adding more fruits and veg in (especially for your lunch menus). Remember the 1/3 rule for EE :)
Week 2 Day 1 EE - Unwell

B) 2 Alpen Lights

L) -

D) Jacket Potato, Chicken, 42g Low Low Cheese (HEA), Bacon, Lettuce, Red Onion, Cucumber, 3 tbsps ELM (1.5syns)

Snacks - Strawberries, Cherries, Slice of Cake (10syns), Seafood Sticks, 4 squares Chocolate (8syns)

Syns Total - 19.5syns
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Week 2 Day 2 EE

B) -

L) - Bacon Carbonara (13syns), Garlic Bread Slice (4syns), Chocolate Fudge Cake (41syns)

D) 2 sausages (10syns), SW Chips, 2 Eggs, Spaghetti Hoops

Snacks - Strawberries, Cherries, 2 Cereal Bars (HEB), 2 Cereal Bars (8syns)

Syns Total - 76syns
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Week 2 Day 3 EE

B) Banana, 2 Light Cereal Bars (HEB)

L) Egg Mayonnaise (ELM) (0.5syns), 2 Slices Whole Meal (5syns)

D) Speedy Prawn Curry & Rice

Snacks - Fab (4syns), Sausage (5syns), Strawberries, Onken FF Yoghurt.

Syn Total - 14.5syns
Week 2 Day4 EE

B) 2 Light Cereal Bars

L) Prawns, Pasta, Lettuce, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, 2tbsps Seafood Sauce (3syns)

D) Cod, Haddock, Salmon, Seafood Sticks, Jacket Potato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Red Onion, Cheese Sauce (2syns)

Snacks - Fab (4syns), Strawberries (lot's)

Syn Total
Had a 2lb loss this week but it was more fluke, went partying and drank loads Tuesday but all that exercise must have paid off. Haven't been online and updating diary laptop is going to heaven.


Excited about the new me!
Hi MissW :)

Are you on the EE plan? Well done on the 2lb loss, it must have been the change of eating that got you there, lower fat and more fruit and veg.. Anyway, line drawn.. to get good losses on EE, you really need to eat lots of SF fruit and Veggies in the same sitting. Most of your days look really good, but you are going over your 10 syns a day.. unless you are on 15 syns?

If you struggle, like me to get that 1/3 plate full of them, then bul up on fruit straight after, even if you are full. As the aim is that will all digest at the same time, as its the fibre that you need to break down the carbs and protein.

You can do it on EE, just need to plan more ahead of time with your meals and a slice of cake, lol.. prob not a good idea hun xx
Week 4 Day 1 EE

B) -

L) Pasta, Prawns, Cherry Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cucumber, 2 tbsps Seafood Sauce (2syns)

D) Potato Wedges, Chicken, Green Pepper, Red Onion & Courgette Kebabs, 2tbsps ELM (1syn)

Snacks - 2 pieces of Beuno (3syns), Strawberries, Grapes, Cherries, WW Yoghurt

Exercise - 3miles on bike.
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