Missed Pack..


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I wouldn't Melz. That was yesterday. Make sure you have quota today though and do the water.


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our LLC always says that if we have 3 packs one day we must have 5 the next. I have done this a few times.


I wouldn't worry about it, missing 1 pack for 1 day isn't going to do you an harm really, but if you did it for consecutive days that wouldn't be very good for you; so just don't make a habit of it and you'll be a-ok :)


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Hi Mel,

I have missed a pack a couple of times and LLC has said don't have 5 the next day ~ however, I have done the same as gemma and have had an extra one very early the next day if I wasn't up to it the night before.
I don't make a habit of this, but I have always wanted to have the stated quota for the nutrients. :)


I will do this!
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Ah I just posted what my LLC said, I have had 3 packs probably 3 times and only once had 5 the next day hehe. But ye, it shouldn't matter which ever way you do it as long as you don't make a habit of it. My LLC said it was important to have the 5th the next day due to the deficiency in nutrients


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I have unintentially missed packs here and there, but never bothered to have an extra the next day - the weightloss hasn't been slowed and I didn't feel worse off nutritionally - I think others have said, so long as it isn't a really common occurence it shoudn't make too much difference - so far as the nutrition goes even on a missed pack once in a blue moon I can guarantee in my case that the nutrition going in that day would be far superior to that going in on a normal day prior to LL!


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Common sense approach applies

The occasional missed pack won't change much, but it is quite finely tuned to give us enough energy to function properly.
It often surprises me when people return to LL that they say they've got a few weeks supply to start them off............?
If you stick to the plan - it works.


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I have to say that I have a few packs left over from days where I just didn't feel well enough to have all 4 packs. It does worry me but I went through a stage of throwing up after the soups and just couldn't face doing that too often.

Things seem to have settled down now though and I am off the soups for a while lol.