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Missed shakes

Just wanted to ask...

By no means has this been intentional - and to be honest, I didn't think there'd ever be a time I'd 'forget' to have a shake - but twice in the past couple of days I've just simply not 'eaten'.

I do so much more on LT and had been wallpapering on Friday and realised I'd been drinking water all day but not had 1 shake?! I normally have breakfast whilst my baby naps but had got a shower instead and then, cos I was doing jobs, it slipped my mind.

I know we MUST have all 3 shakes or else we risk 'starvation mode' but will it be very detrimental to have had 2 shakes on a couple of days?

Like I said - not intentional and I do not intend to do it again - just wondered. x
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Gosh, I don't know how anyone can forget to have their shake!! lol
I have mine and am already planning what time to have the next!!
Seriously though, they are all worked out nutritionally and it really isn't a good idea to miss out of your days intake. Its already very low calorie and to have less than advised would be detrimental to your weight loss, not to mention your health.

Come on, drink up! ;)
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it's not gonna hurt you to miss one once in a blue moon but dont be making a habit of it!! you need the nutrients as you know so i shan't lecture! lol! but it wont hurt your weight loss and shouldnt do your body any harm. it may make you feel dizzy/tired but dont worry - but DONT DO IT AGAIN!! lol :) xxx


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Yup missing one isnt going to hurt but like SL said dont make a habit of it :) x
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I know how easy it is to forget them. I have two small children and when i plan on having one, something comes up and before i know it, it's already time for the next one. I've missed a few already but just like you its definitely NOT intentional. Managed all 3 yesterday. Putting reminders on my phone has helped.

irish molly

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Yep, this has happened me occasionally. As everyone says, it is not a good idea as you are then missing some nutrition for that day. I now use the bars for days when I know I will be too busy for mixing shakes etc. They are not great but you do get used to the taste.
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I don't think you're going to get yourself into trouble doing it once in a while. When I started I missed a few, as I simply couldn't stomach all three/ran out of time at the end of the day & while I'd advise having all three, it didn't seem to do me any harm.



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I agree, like you I frequently forget so take some of my shakes, I just have zero appetite and obviously don't do it intentionally and am happy to report it has no effect on my loss although obviously from a nutritional and healthy point of view it's not ideal.
Thanks all!

Can't believe I'd ever be that 'occupied' that I forget to eat...bet that doesn't carry on when I start eating - lol!!

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