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missing shakes

This has happened to me too, but I really try and have all the shakes. This is a balanced diet and very very important to follow it to the letter. I am only on Day 6 this time and hit ketosis y/day I think. I know that last time I did this diet, someone posted that they had collapsed and had to have an o/n stay in hosp. because of phosporous levels (I think). Scared me to death and so I try to squeeze in each shake, even if I have one late at night. The other thing is I think it makes you more hungry and thus more likely to break it altogether. I did Lipotrim for 3 months last time and I felt wonderful by just following it to the letter and losing at a huge pace.

Good luck

I cant imagine missing a shake! I always look forward to them!


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i think its important to have all 3 shakes as they contain everything your body need to be healthy and function

but i know what you mean i could probably have just 1 or 2 a day x


on the up lol
the morning shake is the worse ,
i for get all time ..... sit here for bout 3 hours and think s**t i for got to have one * runs in to kitchen * :p


Says it as it is!!!
You need to have all your shakes otherwise you arent getting enough vits and minerals! Your body will actually store fat if you dont have enough food...this is a very carefully controlled doet where you have as little cals a day as your body can stand without going into complete starvation mode...MISSING SHAKES WILL MAKE YOU ILL!!!!

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