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mix 2 match


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C: 15st2lb G: 11st4lb
Is pasta a:wave_cry:nd sauce free on mix a match?
hey sorry im new ish! whats mix 2 match? x


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C: 15st2lb G: 11st4lb
Hi Rachael.
mix 2 match is where you can mix your days i.e red and green and have healthy extras.

Im still learning myself and i m not sure how it works but i thought id try it. Perhaps someone could explain it to us? x
lol yeh sumone will im sure there all brill on here! :)


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Have up to three meals a day.

1, Choose a Green or Original Meal and stick to your choice while enjoying that meal.
2, Free Food Rules.
Enjoy as much as you like, either Green or Original, from the choice you have made for that meal.
3, Have three or four Healthy Extras each day, from either the Green or Original choice, to have with meals or as snacks.
4, For other snacks throughout the day, or for starters, desserts etc, choose Superfree Foods, or count them as syns.
5, Have Five to 15 Syns per day.
If your main course contains any syns, then count the syn values appropriate to the Green or Original meal choice you made.

On a Mix2Max Day everything you eat apart from your main course that is'nt a Superfree Food, or a Healthy Extra, has Syns and you must take the highest syn value if there is a difference.

this is it basically, but always check your book
thanks : )


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Hi all,

Im gunna try mix to match please tell me if im going wrong.

breakfast blueberriies and muller
lunch pasta and sauce ham
dinner chicken mushrooms peppers

snacks more chicken, 2 he alpen bars, milk ,more fruit, bowl readybreak
Looks good apart from that your snack of chicken would have to be counted as syns (the Green day equivalent of syns) as it's not part of your red meal. Hope that makes sense!

Oh, and is the pasta & sauce a ham flavoured one or are you adding ham to it? If so, you have to count the ham as syns (the green day equivalent).


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awwww thanks xx


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was 13 st 4, now 13st2 grrrrr.

was of diet but trying s/w again, i need to get to a group on monday.ill look them up.


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food today

egg toms onion cheese syn free sausage bacon

mug shot

rasberries and muller

grapes, nectarines

crisps 5 syns

wine 25 syns

am i doing it right for mix match? :confused:


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i know im synning but is the rest ok?


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thanks hun xx


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Yea, your meals are ok. Just remember that any snacks have to be superfree foods (foods that are free on both days). You are only allowed between 10 and 15 syns a day, so your day will technically be a flexi syns day.

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