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mix a mouse


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I din't think Mice are very nice, I don't think they are allowed on CD ;)


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The mousse on the other hand, are actually quite nice, makes a lovely change!


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Make sure you mix the mousse powder into the sachet powder, then add water and blend blend blend!


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Hope I haven't offended you x
Tee Hee

LOL Ruth - knew it was spellt wrong but couldn't think - do you mix the powder in and shove in the fridge? I would make in the morning and eat at tea time, would that be ok?



MUST get a grip
Totally lush - everybody does there's differently so I guess it depends how intense you like your flavours....

I place 250ml (cold water from fridge) into blender (you must use blender as nothing else is powerful enough). Put heaped scoop mix-a-mousse into the satchet of your choice and shake the pack well until the mix and pack are mixed up.

Place in the blender and whizz - tip straight into a bowl and pop in fridge or freezer for 10 mins - ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa big bowl mousse.

Some others only use 150ml water but I use 250ml as it makes more xxxx
sorry just seen your reply, thanks, def gonna try next time. I will have been on SS 2 weeks when I go to CDC next so gonna pick up a pot (less the mice).

Lol. You need to eat the sachets within 15 minutes of making them as some of the nutrients begin to deteriorate. It does go quite thick quite quickly though. Enjoy!
thanks y'all gonna give it a try
Yeah you're right, it's got gelatine in it:mad:

I was gutted when my consultant gave me some last year and I was all excited but when I got home and read the ingredients I nearly cried..!!!:tear_drop:

Boo, not fair to us Veggies!!!

Mares x xx

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