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Mix-a-Mousse Heaven!

Mix-a-mousse is fab but can be tricky to get right. I think I finally have the answer. So follow these steps to mix-a-mousse heaven!
  1. Use just less the 8fl oz of refridgerated water.
  2. In a bowl evenly mix together your sachet and 1 level scoop of mix-a-mousse.
  3. Add a little water and mix to an even paste, then add a little more.
  4. Now use your whisk for no less than one minute, slowly adding the rest of the water.
  5. Refridgerate for 10 minutes.
I hope this helps! :)

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I got my mix-a-mousse last night and i though it was devine, it was pure heaven to eat and i cannot wait to have a strawberry one for my dinner. I made sure i whizzed mine in my blender for at least 3 minutes to get loads of air into it, then put in the fridge for 10-15 minutes.
Just got mine from fridge.....hmmmm.....obviously didn't mix it properly <barfs> xx


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suzie you really do seem to have a problem with your mousses, I find as stated above use 150ml if cold water i even put some ice into it but not to much, and I use a blender and give it a really good whizz before putting it into the fridge


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Just got mine from fridge.....hmmmm.....obviously didn't mix it properly <barfs> xx
Are you still trying to use powdered gelatine instead of Mix-a-mousse?? If so, there must be someone out there who knows how to make that stuff work...

I'll go on a gelatine post hunt...


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I tried my mix a mousse 3 times before I actually got it right and it is amazing.. I love them so much.. its just getting the right consistency.. But when you do your right its heaven..
There's nothing worse than a mix-a-mousee gone wrong. Especially when you've waited 10mins with bated breathe! I found to begin with it would go all lumpy but now I've got it right, it's like having something substantial to eat, well almost! I think I would really struggle without it. Well, I'm off to get weighed now, wish me luck! X
Lily you're a treasure. Thankyou. As hugy says, I don't have much luck with my mousses lol and no, I've actually bought some mix-a-mousse now. I think it was just me being impatient and not mixing it enough. i woke my kids up (it was half ten I went to eat it) by having a paddy and getting my blender out to whizz it up.Must admit it tastes lovely but had the look of curdled milk, with rectangular looking lumps (weird I know lol). I will have another go with a forest fruits one tonight. xx
Emilykate good luck hun, let us know xx
Glad to hear someone else also having trouble with mix a Lump! At least I 'm not the only one, I have not been brave enough to make another at the worry of losing a shake and having nothing to eat.

Maybe I will try again tonight as my last shake then if it goes wrong I can just go to bed and read, at least should be in ketosis so shouldn't be too hungary.

Good luck with your weigh in emily kate, Mine is today too!
Looking at the links lily gave us, there is an example there of using the water flavouring and mix a mousse with food colouring to make jellies. What a fab idea! I will definately try those as well as my ice lollies. xx
Thanks guys, great week 5 weigh in for me - 5lbs! How did you get on Andie? Quick question - do you have to cut and past your ticker everytime you leave a message? I find it confusing! Also, I don't seem to be abke to access my own page...


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