mix a mousse scoops


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Does anyone know how many scoops you usually get out of a tub of mix a mousse?

I'm trying to decide whether to buy some more tomorrow or whether I'll have enough to last another week since I've got my new found love of mousses.
I think I could become addicted to the mousses lol. they're something I think I wont be giving up once I've lost all the weight I want to lol they're just as nice as any chocolate mousse you can buy in the shops and so much less calories.

I can't believe I didn't come to this conclusion weeks ago it would have made the diet so much easier
I make mine with 400ml of water (still just the one scoop of MaM) ... you get a lovely big bowlful for fewer cals than in one of those tiny supermarket ones. I love em!
I tried using that much water the first time but it didn't set at all. It was just like a frothy milkshake and made me feel sick to eat it. Do you manage to get it to set using that much water?