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Who ever invented mixamousse should have some sort of award. I bought some over the weekend and had some with a banana shake last night and it tasted exactly like banana's and custard (one of my favourite!) It makes such a big difference being able to eat something rather than drink all of the time (beit water,shakes,tea etc) bloomin fantastic!! May treat myself tonight and have a chocolate mint - woohoOo!!!:D:D:D
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Ginstar, I so agree with you, I absolutely love the mousses, if it were possible, I'd have 3 a day!!!! what I'm doing at the moment is mixing the flavours... the best is 1/2 layer vanilla, let it set, then add 1/2 layer chocolate... yummy... I make it for 2 days... and it's great!!!!!!!
Thats sounds fantastic - one for me to try!! Are we only allowed one a day on SS?? I have not had the mousse so far so if we are at least I can save it until later!
Yes the shakes are made into a mousse using a powdered gelatin called mixamousse from your cDC...
They are yummy...
Unless you make it like I did last night with way too much water!! I ended up part freezing it and eating a sort of mint choc sorbet :D

I might try the double layered ones... sounds lush....

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The mousse is definitely the best thing about CD.
Toffee and walnut is scrummy, so is choc mint!
I'm up for trying the layer thing!!
Mich x
unfortunately it isn't, just read on the pack


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I have never had mix a mousse before either. I am only on day 7 - would I be allowed it on week 2, and like has been asked before, are you only allowed one per day?
I was told only once a day, otherwise I'd definitely have 3!!!! whatever shakes you like, try them with the mousse, the flavours are the same, just better!!!!


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I make up a choc tetra with mam make it so its just set not too thick and then make the banana tetra using mam but quite thick,pour it on top of the set chocolate let that set it tastes like profiteroles,you can only make these ones up using a blender though,mine is a hand blender and i whisk it for quite a while.
You can only have 1 mam a day though so 1/2 choc tetra and 1/2 banana =1 scoop mam!!although it is my choice to use 1 tetra and 1 scoop mam for each


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how much water does everyone use? when I tried making my mousse, it kind of set soild and wasn't very nice, yet everyone seems to rave about it!


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suki maybe you could try vegegel, I know other people use it sometimes

Plus it comes in handy packs, do a search as I am not sure if the process might be slightly different

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