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mixed feelings

I have just come back from my weigh in and feeling rather down - and hungry. I have only been on LT for 5 1/2 days as I didnt start it until last Saturday. I am really pleased that I have had a loss and I can feel it and my husband says he can see it, BUT, how do scales vary so much. I weighed myself at home last week before I started and I was 13st. When I was weighed at the pharmacy she made me 12.8! This was great news,however, according to my scales I have lost 8lb, today when weighed,at the pharmacy, I had only lost 5 1/2 lb!! Now I know my scales are acurate as I have done w.w. and slimming world before and previous weight loss has tallied up with theirs. I am now despondent and thinking of having a meal tonight, if not sooner. These first couple of weeks are crucial to me as I am away after that and wont be able to continue till after the holidays. I dont think I can physically drink any more water to stave the hunger and where is ketosis. Do you still feel hungry at times?
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Hang in there, it is so worth it! It took me 6 days to go into ketosis. I hardly feel hungry now and when I do I just ignore it. You can do it mate, I know you can.
Thanks Sedlia :wavey: for your words of encouragement. I find 4 - 6pm the hardest time. My son has just devoured a garlic pizza and my husband is having a curry later! The smell of the pizza was wonderful and I am feeling extremely ratty. I managed to bin the leftovers, although I was VERY tempted. They've gone out now so it just me, Minimins and water!
Paula x


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Congrats. Try to think of the end goal of this. Yes it's hard, but then, nothing worthwhile is ever easy.


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Dont give up! Have a think about how you will feel if you do. How guilty you will feel, how bad you will feel about yourself and the fact that you didnt persevere. Do you really deserve to treat yourself that badly? No!

I would either stick with the weight yor own scales show or with your weigh-in, no point in looking at both! Remember that if you want an accurate weigh-in you need to weigh at the same time of day, preferably in the buff or in the exact same clothes. Remember also that if you havent been to the loo for a couple of days (which can happen on this) you will be carrying some extra weight with you.
Thanks girls for your support.

I am really struggling this afternoon/evening and wonder HOW does someone do this week in, week out? I am still hungry at times and its awful. I will probably go to bed early to take my mind off it at least then day 6 will have been completed.

:) hi LC i found it hard as you i started to project forward and was filled with doubt. Then i remembered what i had heard that helped its just for today and in real terms thats what it is. I also found the V.L.C thread of ice moose " 2 types of people who do v.l.c.d"
What an inspiration. Keep it simple look at your loses as gone now as they all say on here move on not backFear looks,faith in the program looks forward well done by the way.


Back on the wagon!
Keep posting and letting us know how you are doing...its makes such a differnece to know you have support...sending you good vibes...you can do it!!

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