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mixing HEb's allowed?


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Hiya hun I think that is totally ok. I checked with my SWC about the very same thing a few weeks back. I regularly have 21g (that 1g is very important!) of reduced cheese and 2 Laughing Cow Lights as my HE a choice and sometimes I have 1 small loaf slice of wholemeal and Ryvita for my b choice.

Most of the HE a and b choices total 6 syns so as long as the combination you choose has the same syn value you'll be ok. You may have to look up the value of some foods to be sure.

If your still a bit unsure maybe you can check with your SWC at your next WI

Hope I was able to help and good luck with it :) xx


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Some people frown upon the mixing of HEXs, but I must admit I've always done it and it hasn't done me much harm, besides I feel that it adds variety and practicality which I think is more likely to make me successful in getting to target!X
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I usually mix A's (mainly 1/2 allowance of milk and 1/2 laughing cow extra lights) as I struggle to have the full amount of each and was told by my consultant that this was fine but not to mix B's...not entirely sure why it is ok for one and not the other!
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My consultant says it's not a problem with mixing HEXA's.

When I first started I explained to her that I don't like milk (although I do have it in drinks) and she said that I could mix them to ensure that I got the calcium benefits.

Not sure about mixing HEXB's though....


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It says on the SW website that it's perfectly okay to split your HEs just as long as there is only one food item eg you can split 42g cheese but not 28g porridge as the HE is supposed to be that plus one scan bran


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I've always split my HE's and as Circes sais, the SW website says this is allowed.
I think a few Consultants think people will get confused, that's why they sometimes advise against doing it.
Thank you all you are wonderful and so helpful, I appreciate all comments and think I will continue mixing them. After all variety of food groups is meant to be good for you?



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its all to do with the correct amount of calcium/fibre. If you split them then you may not be getting the correct amounts. I always say if your losing weight then its fine but as soon as you stop losing then stop doing it

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