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Mixing Red & Green Days

I've done Slimming world in the past and found that I have always stuck to a particular day for the whole week (for instance red for whole week), thing is it can be hard to do this and I'm afraid that if I mix the days throughout the week it might affect the weigh loss? Am I being silly? Help please! Thank you.
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You can chose each day as you go. Personally I alternate red and green days throughout the week (except I always have both Sunday and Monday as red). It means if I fancy something but can't have it on a particular plan I always know that i can have it tomorrow. It's working for me :)
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Thanks Sparkles, thats really great help and I can see that you have lost plenty of weight from your slimmer stickers. I have just come back to doing Slimming World from doing CD and just want to get my head round from having no food to loads of it!! Dont want to mess up this time, got a wedding to go to in August and really need to lose weight fast!
Oooh, August is my focus as well as I am off on holiday on the 21st - I need to shed 9.5 lbs to get to my mini target for that.

Do you have the books and are you going to a class? The plan works and so if you read up and keep right on it you'll do fab by August!
I usually stick to Green days in the week and Red at the weekend when my OH is home - works ok for me cos even if I feel like I "need" some meat, I can have it as a HXB usually.
Thats so good to hear as I have just been to the supermarket on my lunch break to stock up on this weeks food and half of its green day and the rest red day!
I did Slimming world end of last year so have the books from them, I'm hoping they are the same or similar, I'd love to go to class but by the time I finish work there is no classes available for me to go to! Hopefully it will still work the same doing it on my own? Do you think its possible to lose a stone in 6 weeks? I know its very adventurous but hey who knows!
I mix red & green all the time.

I have never done EE as I like my 2 Hea & b choices to much & if i'm honest, don't fully get the whole EE thing. Maybe if I read up on it I would but as red & green have worked so well for me I am happy sticking with them :)

I just decide each day really or the night before if i'm lifting some meat from the freezer.


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I usually have 4 or 5 Green Days, and 2 or 3 Red Days, just because I find that it's easier to plan Green Day meals than Red. But it's nice to mix it up. And if I wake up and fancy a Red Day but have a Green Day planned, I just literally switch the Food Plans!
I do a lot of Mix 2 Max where you can have both red and green meals in a day - 3 meals a day and use any of your 4 HEs throughout the day. Only snack on superfree food in between. I don't do EE generally as I find the weight loss is slow on that for me but the others are fine. I'll often have a red day, green day, M2M, M2M, green, red etc... and although you can't see my weight loss at the minute as I have just rejoined, i did lose over three the first time round then 1 stone 8 the second.
Wow! That is really good. I feel better now and wont be scared to mix my week up with both days rather than sticking to one choice per week as I think when I do that I get bored and fall off the wagon (that being the main excuse I fall off most diets!)
By the way how does Mix2Max work? This is new to me!

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