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mmmm getting bored now


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hi all hope your all well? ive stuck to atkins now for nearly two months and was really pleased but im struggling because the last month ive not lost a pound at all, nor have i lost inches, i dont have time to keep posting my daily food intake but ive not come out of ketosis, im way under 15-20g of carbs a day! only thing im not religious on is the water and greens, but surely being in ketosis is enough? i didnt eat any greens doing cambridge yet lost every single week. no chance of me doing cd again but this diet is costing me a fortune and if im not losing i might have to try something else - just wondering if anyone has experienced this before, thanks! ps how much water a day do u drink? thanks x
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Hi Bubbles,

I'm kind of the same as you. I stuck to a fairly rigorous low carb/induction lifestyle for about 5 months. I've no regrets, its really worked for both weight loss and for improving my diet generally! However, I've found my dedication waning over the last couple of weeks - I'd also stopped losing.

Consequently, I've decided to take a couple of weeks off from induction-level low carbing and see how I feel after that. I'm not giving up, just moving to high OWL/pre-maintenance kind of level.

Maybe you could try moving up the OWL ladder as well? I agree, food prices have really gone up alot lately. For me, its opened up a lot of other less expensive veggies/food generally.

Also your body can get used to dieting. It's clever, it can hold on to fat/water if it thinks that there's not much about. Perhaps a higher OWL level would help with this too?

Oh also, I'd like to add that I haven't gained much over in the couple of weeks since moving away from induction. I'm maybe +1lb up, but I think this can be explained by daily/weekly fluctuation. Don't be frightened to move away from induction (I was at first) for a while.

Good luck :)


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thanks for the reply, maybe your right its just sooo frustrating!! you think your doing everything right but nothing is so upsetting. I will give anything a go! im wondering if i should cut down the fat slightly, im sorry i know people say you should eat high fat/not worry about calories but i dont believe u have to eat high fat to loose in ketosis only because of doing vlcd's and losing fine without eating fat?! wont cut it out altogether but maybe stop the cheese/cream etc!


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You may have a problem with cheese love, many do including myself, too much cheese stalls me every time


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Are you eating or drinking anything with aspartame? That can cause stalls as well.

Also if youre not eating enough greens but still having 15-20g carbs you might actually be eating too many carbs. Regardless of how little veg I eat I still only leave myself 8 for other things.

And I cannot emphasise just how important water is. You really have to keep your intake up or youre not going to flush the fat out.


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I also didn't lose anything for a whole month (feb) but stuck with it and moved to OWL and the losses have been excellent, considering i'm very close to goal.


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Yes move to OWL it helped me :D


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C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3
ongoing weight loss. you up your carbs by 5 g per week (or longer if you feel you need to) and start adding nuts/berries etc.
have you got the book?

Im upped by 5 g carbs and found i lost best when i was on around 35-40g carbs

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