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mmmm help/motivation/wise words needed

day one of a restart...already the chatter has started...shall i have some vodka when i go out tonight...shall i eat the low carb food i have in the fridge then start on monday...i know then i will have a blow out weekend and i'll be 5 days further away from my goal....why won't it stop, what can i do to stop it....?

please help
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Dont do it or else tommorow will never come you will be forever saying ill start on monday. You dont need the vodka to have a good time have some sparkling water and having the low carb food this early on in the diet will only lead you to nibble on it throughout the diet and you will always think well its just a bit of this i got away with it before. Stick 100% it will be more than worth it on your first weigh in good luck with the diet im sure youll do fab.


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Have the vodka. Have the meal. Start Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or, never. . . .
(I'm in a tough love mood...apologies if it backfired;))
Seriously though, you know how much you want to do this, so why put it off? Get it done...be who you want to be xx
oooh those first few days i remember them well keep going you will get there and it will be sooo worth it when you do take a warm bath it worked well for me as well as biting the other halfs head off for 4days lol


Absolutely Determined!
Lol.. I think the kids are just going to steer clear of me. I'm DARING one of them to whinge about being hungry lol!!! I will definitely treat myself to a bubble bath later; probably when the kids are eating their tea. Roll on bedtime. I was in bed by 10pm last night and i usually stay up til around 1am! If nothing else i will have great skin...lots of water and sleep! ;)
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no food or drink its not worth it plenty of time for the odd tipple when u finish losing weight, u can do it xxx


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Hang in there!!! Dont do it!!!
If you want to be slim!!! Dont have the vodka and the food!!
Stay positive you can do it, if you really want to!
Like Paula said... wait a few days If YOU want!!
And then be fat, unhappy, unhealthy for a few more days, a few more weeks, a few more years....

And remember you KNOW that if you do waiti till whenever, whenever comes you will be thinking Oh I wish I had started on the 16th!!

Good luck with your restart... time flies and you will soon be feeling so positive....

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Yeah and then on Monday you will say "Its Monday, its a hard and stressful day and I need food to get through" then it will be your mates birthday and they are having dinner and drinks and you will say "I will start after that" and then you are in a never ending spiral of making excuses and delaying your diet. I was the same, but I got to the point where Id had enough of excuses I just wanted to lose weight! 4 days before valentines day for me wasnt great, but I was sick of using occasions and birthdays to stop myself from being healthy!


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Someone around here (can't remember who??) has got something like this in their signature...

A year from now, you'll wish you started today...

Only I think it's slightly better worded than that. :D But you get the idea, I'm sure.


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