mmmmm Butternut Squash Chips - 0 points!!


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I just made some butternut squash chips - they were absolutely DELICIOUS (and believe me, this is SO not my "thing"!!).. better than the real thing in my opinion - AND 0 POINTS wooohooooo!!

Ive never tried BNS but after the rave reviews here I MUST get some. Im interested in hearing what you do with it
Is BNS 0 points ??? I assumed it would have points, a bit like spuds!! :)

If you have never tried it, I can really recommed it, mashed, boiled, its so yummy! ((makes mental note to get some)). ;)
easy to peel - just stand the bns on it's end and use a sharp knife all the way down (be careful!!) all the way round.. cut into chip shapes or wedges, shove in a baking tray dish, squirt with that better than butter spray stuff and bake for.. not sure - ages! you feel like you're getting a real treat, they're absolutely delicious and yet they are 0 POINTS!! :D
not the first time, but last night they went really crispy :p , you have to cook them for quite a while, i think mine were in for abour an hour almost!!
NO syns because its WW :p
No points either. I had these tonight, sooo yummy but hoenstly the smelly side effects are not worth it for me! shame as they are a great 0 point food. lol
well im gonna get some BNS tom to try em out
ok im stupid today and having a bad day lol, (not food wise i have teething twins) whats bns? LOL
i cant cut butternut squash i make a right mess lol
Hey if you bake it in the oven whole for half an hour, the skin just falls off ands its so easy to cut. Then you can cut it, spray with oil and bake to make wedges. Or add to stock for soup, or whatever you fancy!!
I've tried BNS before as mash ! In M&S they do packets of the stuff diced up already peeled and in Tesco you can buy them as wedges for £1 in a packet :) Really nice!!! will have to try doing own chips though, thanks!
I heart BNS and have it probably far too often. I think it's alright with the skin on but my flatmate prefers it peeled so I do both. It's lovely with other roasted veg as well e.g. peppers, red onions, tomatoes. Yumscious.

I think it's fine if you're open minded about trying new things but I would think if you're expecting real 'chips' you might be disappointed.