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MM's Exante journey

Hello All!

I dont really have too much to say in this post but i just wanted to start a diary where i can track my progress and hopefully get support from people who understand!

I tried to mention my decision to start exante to a few people and was shut down rather quickly. Im pretty sure none of my friends will be supportive... a mixture of jealousy and conern i think. :sigh: But im doing this for myself and not too concerned with what other people think so hopefully you lovely lot can be my support group :)

ANYWAY! Im on day four, I have found it quite easy so far but im quite certain I am not in ketosis yet due to massive carb binge on my last night of food. (naughty!)
Only thing has been a bit of a stuggle is the water.. i HATE water but im getting there!! i fnd the shakes really tasty tho! :D

But all in all im loving it so far, and keep dreaming of the slim me at all the christmas partys! I cant wait untill my first weigh in!!

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Welcome aboard. Ive just completed my first week and so far so good. Hang in there, it does get easier.

Like you I havent told many people, just a few close friends and my family and already got the 'I havent heard of that one, are you sure its safe'

I hate water too, thats the thing Im stuggling a bit with too but its worth it

Look forward to hearing how you get on x
Hey Starlight
thanks for your reply! :)

I read your post and the story of your 1st q week was very inspiring!! hope i have done half as well come weigh in day!

Yeh its strange isnt it! I havent told my family as I think they would worry too much, i live at the other end of the country from them and when i originally went from 16stone to 11 they were convinced something was wrong with me, when really was just being healthy & keeping active!
I've got one close friend who i live with who knows and shes been great so i guess thats all i need! Just hard when you have to not eat out or explain why you're drinking water at the pub!!

I look forward to following your progress! :)
Week two - when does this get easier!?

Hello everyone!
hope you are all doing well :)

So its now day one of week 2 i had a very succesful first weigh in losing 8lbs! :D

I have to admit I am really struggling now. I found the first week a breeze (well fairly easy) but now I am just so tired all the time.
Is that normal? I also still get quite hungry so Im not sure if im in ketosis.. i do have metal mouth and lovely breath though :jelous:

Over the weekend I would get up to go to my horse in the morning muck out and ride, be back home by 1pm and go back to bed untill about 6pm when I had to get up to go to my part time job. I just felt so light headed and weak.

Please someone tell me it will get easier!!! (well i know it will never be EASY or the whole world would be skinny haha but you know what I mean) I find physically not eating part quite easy as I just reason with myself "why have you gone through this for the last week to just throw it away now?" But i just feel rubbbbish! and nearly had a nap at my desk today!

One other small dilema! I have been invited to a massive music festival at the weekend by one of the bands i work with. I have to go and feel like its a bit of a once in a lifetime opportunity but i would really want to drink. In order to drink i would have to start preparing by beginning to eat again now and i'm scared to let myself eat again incase i cant stop!? And im still so close to the beginning of my journey.
Also the person im taking with me doesnt know about exante and think she would think im being stupid.

Advice greatly appreciated! xxx
Hiya and well done :) I love reading other people's experiences.
I haven't told anyone I am doing this and I understand why you haven't told your friend. If you want to stay on the plan while you go to the festival you could tell your mate you are on a 10 day detox and do not WANT to drink, you will have a great time anyway once the music starts :D
I tell folk I am detoxing as it sounds a bit trendy :cool: and somehow doesn't phase them.......I know it's nobody's business but I find it kind of exciting that I am the only one who knows what I am attempting :eek: also the expectation isn't there.....and there are always the saboteurs waiting to see you fail as soon as they know you are on a weight loss plan :mad:
Best of luck, you have come so far ..... enjoy the tunes:p
I'm Baaaaaack!

I am BACK!!!!

last posted on here over a year ago... oh dear :(

Last august I did 4 weeks on exante and lost an amazing 22lbs but then I fell well and truly off the wagon :(

In the time between now and then i was always supposed to be starting again which I think actually made my diet worse. As i was supposed to be doing exante I never went food shopping which then resulted in me eating three meals a day from the garage!! Not good for the waistline or the bank balance!!!!

Anyway two weeks ago something clicked in my head and i was suddenly 100% in the zone! Have been on total solution since the 18th and lost 11lbs!

I think I am around about 178lbs now and my first goal is 154lbs. hoping to get there and maybe a bit below for christmas.

I have also tried a new approach in making a vlog on youtube. Not sure you can understand what im saying in bits but if you use youtube please suscribe and if you have your own channel let me know and I will suscribe back! My link is


Hope everyone is doing well!! xxx

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