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Ok just had to moan to someone - I am doing a VLCD- only on day 3 and OH is just cooking himself toad in the hole and the smell is driving me mad!!! It's bad enough that he sits there eating chocolate and crisps etc in front of me lol!!!

Sorry just needed to rant!:wave_cry:
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Natalie, haven't done VLCD so can't help on that front as I'm doing Go Lower...but you seem to be doing really well, loosing 7lbs in your first week - that really is good. When you smell and see your OH's food, just think about all the junk he is putting into his body and all the hard work you are doing to loose it. Keep positive and go for a walk or something when he is eating - at least that way your exercising as well!!

BTW - my dinner tonight, grilled chicken and salad - OH's dinner, grilled chicken, salad and of course the dreaded chips - which I can't have any of!!!

Good luck and keep me posted.
Thanks, I just wish he would put weight on but he never does.....how evil is that lol.

Nevermind, onwards and upwards eh!

It will all be worth it in the end!

I know what you mean. My younger sister eats like a horse and never puts as much an ounce on...she's just had her first baby 6months ago, and within 2 weeks was back into her size 12 jeans and me 2 kids later am lucky if I can get my big toe into size 12 jeans!!!

Oh well. As you say, onwards and upwards.

hi, &lbs in a wk is fab!! You will be at your goal in no time.
It also drives me mad when my oh comes home from work with a take-away in his hands, just for himself i never really used to eat them anyway!! And he has never put weight on!

Im doing Go Lower too. The whole family had chicken and salad today too and i enjoyed. It felt as if summer is really on its way! lovely
The kids had a nice pud while i washed up, but im not really missing them at all anymore and now im getting the energy to go to the gym in a while.

X Isabel
nice to know I am not the only one lol, have just got to focus on the end results!! x
The end result is the only one that matters. I know it's hard, but that is one of the reasons I'm on this forum...finished dinner was delicious really enjoyed it, but now OH is having pringles.....after what he's just eaten...so thought I would log back on and keep occupied for a bit - sad I know but at least it stops me eating!!!

I know exactly what you mean! my oh has just eaten a cornetto! I too come on here because people understand how we feel and that makes it all worth while



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Have any of you told you OH that it would be nice if they could be more considerate and eat certain foods when you are not around.

Maybe they can check their emails etc whilst having a snack so we aren't the ones that feel we need to take our minds of things.

I am lucky that my OH does NOT have a sweet tooth and he would prefer to eat a plate of veg before he sat down to a plate of chips. That is why I have a weight problem and he doesn't!

He is really supportive of me and he knows that on the Go Lower diet that I am losing the weight and because he does teh cooking he is always offering me low carbs extras..... like he will ask me "do you want a boiled egg tomorrow to have with your lunch?"

I know if he did want to eat banned foods in front of me I could ask him to go elsewhere and to support me he would as I am sure your OH would if you asked.
My OH would and does eat the junk food away from me, but it's footie time (uurrrghhhh) and whilst he watches he munches! I see it, I hear it and I smell it! Like I said this forum is great as a get away!

As I'm also doing Go Lower like Suzy, I do feel that I'm not hungry thanks to ketosis, but even before Go Lower, I would snack in the evenings out of boredom, not hunger. So it's the same here - I'm not hungry, but want something to do - again, that's why I like this forum so much - takes away the cravings!

I know what you mean, it isn't particularly the seeing it, its the hearing it and the smell!!!!

my oh has a very sweet tooth lol, he would eat snacks and sweets all day if he could!!!

To be honest, without sounding horrible, he isn't that supportive about this....he isn't against the idea I just think he thinks "oh another diet, it won't last " whatever I say lol, I think it will be better in time when he sees its permanent!

do you both enjoy 'go lower'?

Natalie, I love Go Lower. It's really easy to do and the food is really tasty. They supply you with everything, breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks for in between! All you have to do is top up with fruit and veg. And if you have any problems, queries or questions, you just phone them and speak to a consultant who you get to know and discuss any issues you may have. They are really friendly and helpful. I was a bit sceptical about them at first, in the blurb it says you loose a stone a month, well so far I have been...What more can I say? The best thing is that you go in to something called ketosis, where you actually don't feel hungry! You don't want to eat! One of my problems has always been snacking in the evenings. Well I save my Go Lower snack and have that now and like I say all is good. All the food is prepared and you don't have to think about it...Heat up and eat..it's that easy. Loving it. Can't rave about it enough. I've just got one of my close friends to start Go Lower as they have seen what I'm loosing and how quickly and how easy..

How do you find the CD? I've not done that before..
I should have changed my info...I started cd last year when I joined last year but had to give up due to the cost, I am now doing a vlcd but off my own back! I am good with it, it too puts you into ketosis which is what I personally need....I have tried everything and tbh carbs are a killer for me! atkins was the only thing that worked for me before cd! I have never felt so positive about doing a diet and love coming on here as it is so inspirational....especially when its getting you down a bit! I think I will look up go lower, I must admit although I have tried ww etc (which was just depressing because it never worked!) I like losing it quickly, it keeps me motivated!!!



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Hi Natalie

Do I enjoy Go Lower?????

Well you have two of us that think Go Lower is fantastic.

I see like me your goal date is a.s.a.p. well it is because I am seeing such quick results that I have found the diet so easy it stick to.

My loss has been fantastic and I was shocked that the Go Lower claims are true, you really do lose around one stone each month!

If you go to their website, golower.co.uk or give them a call you will find them really helpful. If you decide to give it a go mention this site and my name, Suzy and you get a discount and so do I of my next order.

The meals are proper food and all prepared so you don't have to worry about weighing and measuring it all.

I am sorry to hear your OH is not very supportive. Mine can see I am happy with the results and is behind me all the way. As I said though he does not have a sweet tooth so I guess that helps.
Natalie, so is vlcd is easy to follow like Go Lower. I just love being in ketosis, it does make life so much easier and having all the food prepared is great. You just go to the cupboard take out a sachet, heat up and eat...I do love cooking and still do for the rest of the family, but knowing I don't have to think about my food, makes Go Lower simple to follow...no weighing everything out and no thinking - what could be better..

Suzy, it is great that the weight loss is so rapid, it really does keep you motivated and you are living proof that even when you stop (like when you were on yours hols) it is easy to maintain and not put any weight back on.

Good luck
It is easy in the sense that you have a shake, bar or soup 3 times a day but not so easy in the sense that you aren't putting any food in! Not so bad now I am in ketosis but I miss 'eating'! Not any old rubbish but just the natural 'oh I'm hungry, time to eat'!!!

Quite like the sound of go lower, something I will look in to!



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Hi Natalie

It is definitely worth a look at as both Happy and I get to eat proper food.

Breakfast is a kind of nut crunch that you can add low carb yogurt to.

Most days for lunch I have salami or chicken with an egg and maybe some celery and also a bit of cheese.

Evening meals are very varied as they are all supplied and I just pop it in the microwave.

Also I have my raspberries nut bars to snack on and my chocolate rasberries, brazil nuts or choc bars..... for me the best diet ever.

I can also snack on a some berries.

As you can see I have alot to eat and most days I struggle to eat it all.

Let us know how you get on.
Natalie, I couldn't cope with not eating...Like you say its not just the rubbish its must be the actual physical thing of eating -sitting down at the table with the family and eating! Look on the bright side though, no washing up!! That's one of the things I like about Go Lower...no washing up.

I really love the nutty cereal thing for breakfast. I have mine with natural yoghurt and a banana - it really keeps me going till lunch and as I'm in ketosis I don't even feel like lunch, but force some thing like chicken/fish/egg and a salad down and then dinner as Suzy said really is open the cupboard and see what I fancy - heat up and eat! Couldn't be easier! So not to repeat Suzy (but sure I am!), the snacks are delicious and keep you going and make you forget you are actually on a diet!! Wish I had known about Go Lower years ago!

Let us know what you decide and don't forget mention me or Suzy when speaking to them and you get a 10% (I think) discount! It's worth a try - nothing to loose except lbs!!

Good luck


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Hi Natalie

I agree with Happy that I wish I had discovered Go Lower years ago. It really is the easiest diet I have ever done and it works!!!!!!

Any questions just ask and I am sure one of us can help.

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