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Mollys WW Diary


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Ok, here i go into Day 1 feeling positive.
Ironic thing is i've got CD packs left and could easily go with that.
However, its makes much more sense to stay positive and get on track with WW. I really liked the WW recipe I made last night which was the Chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pie. Tonight i'm going to try the gnocchi bolognese bake. These feel like real comfort food, that fills you up on a wintery day and with the amount of rain that fell yesterday it certainly doesnt feel like summer up here in Fife.
This morning i have used up 117 calories exercising on the Wii so all in all a good start.
Actually, how much do you all expect to lose in an average week on WW? I only want to lose 12lbs and would like to do that by the time the schools go back.
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WW aims to lose between 1 & 2lbs per week

that chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pie sounds delish:p

look forward to reading your diary

spk soon



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Pie was from the 'irresistable' cook book i got when i very briefly joined in Feb. Had the gnocchi bolognese bake tonight which was good too and with salad it was really filling.


Lovin it !!! :)
Morning :D

Good Luck - 12lb - off in no time :D - your cooking sounds good - room for another .........

Bev x


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Day one was not too bad although i did eat a buttered roll with crisps squashed in about midnight. Really silly thing to do as i would normally be long since in bed but hey ho. I suppose thats the good thing about WW, i just deduct it from my points.
Day two. The CD forum is a hard one to stop visiting and i'm torn between finishing the packs i have left (a weeks supply) and getting properly into this. My head says healthy eating is the way to go but i also know that 12lbs would be done in about 3 weeks. However, at a steady pace of 2lbs per week i should still be at goal by the time the schools go back (i'm pupil support so plenty time to exercise, housework, garden etc to burn up the calories).
Having done CD (halfheartedly) for so long i am quite used to not eating til my first pack at lunchtime so i'm getting to use my points later in the day. My OH works nights, leaving house at 6.30 so even though i have my girls on food police duties, it still takes a fair bit of will power to beat the munchy demons.
I made a dozen sugar free jellies yesterday, they are a good stand by and zero points.
I'm off to the dentist now, so wish everyone a good dieting day.


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Day 3. The sun is shining again thank goodness, we've had some pretty bad weather this week. When its sunny its always much easier to diet.
Got to go to town today and get 3 birthday presents. Think i might head to debenhams for my nephew and new look for girls pals as they are all at the age they want clothes.
Last night i kept eating. Usually i dont drink very much coffee, maybe a cup a week but this week i've been having about 4 or 5 a day (I take it very weak so its just like warm milk!) but i've been having a hob nob with each cup. Not sure of the points as i dont have the wrapper anymore. I had a load of homemade soup as well but i think it will be okay as it only has free veg in it and the stock was made from pheasant. Tasted yummy and i'll have more at lunch time.
Haven't weighed myself yet but i dont feel as though i will have lost anything. Did some exercise on Tuesday on the wii sport active but worked my lunges a bit too hard and couldnt do it yesterday! Still aching a bit this morning so i will do it again today and hopefully loosen up a bit.
Right onward and upward i've a ton of stuff to do today.
Hope you all have a good dieting day.


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Day 4. Weighed myself this morning and i've lost 2lbs - woo hoo!
I ran out of moisturiser a couple of days ago and bought a well known brand i hadnt used before to fill in til i got to the shop for my usual one. OMG did my face react! Blotchy, tight, red skin and it really nipped my eyes. I've got a cold and hayfever so yesterday i felt rubbish. Face is looking much better this morning.
Last night i had a couple of glasses of wine but along with the piriton i forgot i had been taking i went to bed feeling a bit gaga! The reason i dont drink is because i eat to much when i do so last night i had some cheese and grapes plus crisps. Feeling really quite annoyed with myself today for drinking and eating so going to be good today.
Its very warm and sunny so i should really be out in the garden but i've ignored daughters room for a fortnight and i've got to do it as my neices are coming to stay for the weekend. They are same ages as my daughters so they all share in the one room on camp beds etc so i have to get in there.
Didnt get on the wii active last night so on top of the calories burned in tidying, i must make an effort to do that later.


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Thanks lucysmommy.
I shouldn't really change my ticker every few days but making it move downwards does give me a bit of a kick up the backside.
Its almost lunchtime and i've still avoided that dreaded room, so i'm away to do an hour before i make food for the kids.
I'm liking this diet it as it does allow me to nibble on the things i like. I've got pen and paper in the kitchen to right down everything i eat.


Up for the challenge
Hey and Welcome!! (sorry about the delay)

Congrats on your 2lbs loss so far. I think you are making the right choice going for WW as it'll make it much easier to maintain when you get to your goal weight which is very close :)

Congratulations on your excellent weight loss so far and good luck for those final 10lbs. xxx

P.S Sugar free jellys are a must :)
Well correct me if i'm wrong but is the point of a diet to control what we eat in an orderly fashion.
Last night OH was starting work at 6 so we had tea about half 4. No problem with that. Then my dad phoned to say my brother and family were arriving, they are going to italian for tea and do we want to come. No No we've had our tea. But my two daughters wanted to see their cousins, well i thought that ok they can go along. Then i felt it was really rude to stay at home whilst they all went out as i only see my brother a couple of times a year. I'll just sit at the table and have a wee salad.
You know where this is going, yes i had a wee salad with chips and a panini on the side!! Having lost 2lbs when i weighed yesterday i have put on 5 since yesterday morning. OMG how dumb do i feel now.
I'll have to glug buckets of water to shift it, it was tasty and on the plus side it was great to see my wee bruv, his wife and kids. My mum and dad dont have us all together except at Christmas. OH will be a bit disappointed he missed out on a free meal as he was working til back of midnight.
Hey ho, i'm away to work up a storm with the housework.
Have had my 3 nieces staying over for two nights and all i have done is eat. My meals have been healthy but as there are 5 kids in the house i feel i have never left the kitchen and i've been nibbling non stop - biscuits, cheese, ham, crisps. :cry:My mum and dad have been here visiting too so we've had wine and nibbles with them as well.
Anyway my brother is coming to pick kids up shortly so its back to diet city for me. Lost 2 and put on 5 - what a bummer.:sigh:

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