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Hello daily threaders

Being such a night-owl (I have a day off work for time oweing) I am sitting up to watch the repeat of X Factor - selection of the final contestants: unmissable drama unfolding in front of my very eyes, and thats just Cheryl and Danni's latest outfits ha ha!

Well its Monday in the wee hours and I think I'm over the little wave of CD despondency that I felt yesterday. Think it was the impending cold weather plus my ketosis chill that got me down - have taken Summayah's advice and ordered a slanket (from my beloved QVC - where else?!)

I will spend my day off in lieu indulging in some pampering treatments at home, and perhaps trying on some of my clothes to see if there's some stuff that I could downsize into. Plus the housework (burns off a few calories!)

Good Luck to everyone; I sincerely hope its not a Blue Monday at all but either a successful initial or onwards step on an exciting journey to being slim, healthy and body-confident x
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im going to be 100% today, just off night shift so thats half the day dealt with i cant cheat if im sleeping :D x


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Morning ladies!

I'm feeling fab this morning- its amazing how a 12lb loss can really boost your mood ;) Today is day 8- just sneakily weighed myself and there is another 2lbs off this morning bringing me to a grand total of 14lbs in 7 days :D :D :D

It's my day as volunteer helper at my daughters playschool, and they always have a selection of fruit, veg and some toast at snack time.... Lord help me- toast is my weakness. Also stuck without a car this morning as h2b has snaffled it to drive to a meeting in Preston so I'll be walking a fair few miles doing the school run twice.

Enjoy your pampering day Blingbabe, sounds like fun. Well done on getting the majority of your day done 100% Rainbow. Pebbles, if you're out there, let us know how your weigh in goes. Even if you're disappointed get back on track today hun and it'll show on the scales next week.

Big 100% hugs to everyone :D

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Oh my god Angela.....14 lbs!!!! you must be over the moon. Well done.

Def need to stay on track today after being at a wedding this weekend. Determined to remain focused.

Have a fab day everyone xxx


please try again
morning girlies
geez its cold out there, this morning the heating decided to be nice to me and switch on for 30 minutes, its getting cold in here again thou so i had better call the council and ask em to come and fix it yet again, usually takes em over a week to turn up as its not a priority despite the fact that i have a disabled child with lung and heart issues!

primark have something like a slanket theres is a blanket with arms so it should be fine for your dad sitting down as he will still be able to use his arms but dont think he could tackle walking in it, would probebly trip him up
im going to get one today as cardigan and blanket over legs just isnt cutting it today
Slankets?!! Just googled these blimey they look snug! Has anyone already got one? My pa could really do with one of these but how do you get in them? He's got limited range of movement. Would any current slanket owners talk me through it? Pop over the head job???
My sis got one from her 30th and loves it she said it was the best pressie she has ever had and yes just pop it over your head and your off
Slankets are AMAZAING!! i wish i could afford one! ;-)
Just back from my weigh in and i have lost the grand total of ...............6lbs !!!

chuffed to bits;-)

hope all is well with everyone will be back laters to catch up xx


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Well done pebble - ((HUGS)) Happy Monday everyone, hope you're all ready to start the countdown of another brilliant week :) I am on top form today - had a lovely weekend and feeling raring to go! Especially as this morning I am in the next stones down!!!!! Sooooo happy! My wi on friday was 8lb :) and was 3lb being off the next stones down, but this morning I'm in those next stones down, it's a fab feeling! I have started a new thread this morning, because I wanted to share my weekend story in the hope it will inspire all you lovely fellow cders to keep at it. CD can be very "trying" and difficult, but the efforts you make to keep at it are so worth it, or they were for me when wearing a top I bought 2 years ago with the hope i'd get in it, which is exactly what happened this weekend!!!! It's funny how such small, trivial things can get you really motivated to keep focused. :) Have a positive day everyone, Hugs x x x
Well the weight is just falling off pebble, lisalulu and emmapetty; good stuff!

Feeling a bit peckish but haven't yet had any packs, think a porridge would suit a rainy morning like this. I was "bad" on Saturday and eat 2 bars in one day - I just wanted to be a rebel (without a particularly valid cause!) - wondering if that affected ketosis although I should be back on track now.

Watching QVC christmas gifts show - they convince my feeble mind that I need most of their products, lol!

Will go for a wander in the West End stores later as I am going to a show tonight, Jan Ravens the impresionist from Dead Ringers - she was also in Strictly Come Dancing a while back. Its a fund raiser for a charity that helps people who have suffered facial disfigurement.

I am tending to do a few more things in the evenings to take my mind off food, luckily my best mate's hubby plays in a couple of bands so she's happy to come along if he's busy.

Will check into the daily thread when I get back.
Am off work today as youngest is off school..feels weird not working!!!

Having a good day ..so far lol

Heres to mucho droppage of pounds this week to all x
i am fighting the water battle today and i am winning at the mo
Hiya all!

Please to say I resisted the toast at playschool, very chuffed with myself cause it looked bloody lovely. Really behind on my water now though, so playing catch up with my litre bottle of Volvic. Got a tonne of housework, washing and ironing to do so I plonked a very tired Mollie in front of Cbeebies for 10 minutes while I have a little 'me time'

Well done on the 6lb loss Pebbles. That is brilliant. I bet you have a really good loss next week too. So pleased for you :D
Good for you on resisting toast. I used to pinch rusk biscuits when I was a student nurse rostered on a childrens ward ...yes, I stole from the mouths of babes!
rusks..eewww really?? i used to hate making them for the kiddies ewwwwww

im loosing the water battle today ggrrhhhhh will hopefully be better 2 moro ;-)
Me too I started so well with the water but now it just makes me feel sick and bloated but i shall try and get some more down me when i get in from work

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