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Monday hour x hour


I'm going to be slim
Good Morning
Where is everyone?
Just lately it's been really quiet in here
Hope everyones keeping well
I have had a couple of weeks of lapses & I am dissapointed in myself but today is a new day & i am going to do this I am setting new goals with shorter distances & I hope this will give me the push I need we all know if we stick with it we will succeed
Good luck to all with wi's today
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Good Morning!!

I am still home with my ankle elevated, its really really painful still and I am alittle worried about it. Am going to try and get myself to the Dr this afternoon.

Sorry to hear about the lapses RC I unfortunately had to eat to take some painkillers by some miracle I have not put anything on but have not lost anything either. I did the same as you a few weeks ago and just set myself small goals and it worked really well. I was goal setting everyday three for everyday and it did work.

It has been rather quiet on here lately its no fun when you are stuck at home with nothing to do ;)


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Hey All, Tange, hope ur ankle gets better soon! Yes it has been very very quiet in here lately, don't know whats happened to the usual lot!

Good to to those who have their WI's today and well done to the losers over the weekend!

I am feeling rather bored at work and just want to go home now :(. I am sooo tired, did a lot of house chores over the weekend, that i have pulled a muscle on my left shoulder/arm and its painful. Plus my wisdom teeth are hurting again slightly (am on anitbiotics for them).

I am too tired today and since start RTM 8 weeks ago, my imsomnia has returned, whilst being abstinence, i used to sleep well, now i only manage to get a good 1-2 hours sleep without waking up all the time.


I'm going to be slim
Hope all went well at the doc Tange
Yep grey day here in Kent as well


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Slimssea - that's horrible. Hope you get some sleep soon.
Hello lads and ladies!!!

What's with this quiet business then, ay? Where has everyone gone? I know where I am, but where has everyone else gone?? Lady? Katie? Claire? Come on now - where are y'all??

My holiday is still going strong - I am on week 4 of it nearly and still 100% abstinant. I am amzing not only myself, but my friends too!! And will not be coming home with many of the clothes I left with as they are starting to fall off!! LOL Oh Darn. Gonna have to do more shopping!! :D

We are now up in the mountains of northern California - if yu do a Google image Search for "Mt. Shasta" you will see what we are looking at. :) When we move back to California and build on our land, that is what we will have a view of every morning. :) CAN'T WAIT!!!!

We spent the last three days with my old friend Katy, who some of you may remember my telling we had not seen each other for 28 years.....we were BEST of friends until we were 20 - then her lifestyle took her down a path I chose not to follow. She has had a horrendous life, but for turned it around and is now healthy and happy, and seeing her was so good for my soul - it was
A M A Z I N G!!!!! One of the happiest reunions of my life and I feel as if a peice of me that had been missing for 28 years has been found and put back in place......it was just wonderful.

So yeah - life is good!!!

Shout outs to all that are doing well, and positive thoguhts to those struggling.....and please come back you hiders out there!!!!

More later as and when I can!!

I miss you all!!



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Hi Guys

I'm on about week 7 or so of RtM - been weighted tonight and i have STS...again. Second week running. I am hoping to go back into abstinence in about 2 weeks for about 1 month.

But, a bit of LL gossip, apparently LL have brought out a new diet that allows you to lose just 2lbs a week. Don't know how it works but its a new option I suppose. I expect it works like CD's low calorie version as opposed to VLCD.

It has been very quiet on here this past few days. Felt a bit lonely at times:rolleyes:

Hope everyone is well.;)
Leema - sorry about the weigh in. You have still lost loads overall. it's great you're managing not to put on weight when you are injured, and I guess, movement is restricted.

A 2lb a week LighterLife would be great - do you know if it is available yet?


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It was our locum tonight who mentioned it but I gained the impression that it was available now. I did not ask though.


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Our LLC is one of a few that are trialling a new lighterlife plan for people with less than 3 stone to lose - perhaps this is the same one?

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