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Monday restarters thread..day two..hows it going?

well after loosing 2 stone since january for the wedding at the end of march, i have had 4 weeks off and gained about 10 ish pound!!! Havent even been away!!!:confused:

Anyway, we had the wedding and ate out everyday for almost a week:rolleyes: then the kids have been off school, been to MIL's in wales and have generally eaten anything and everything!!! BUT have always known that tomorrow, kids are back to school and I am back on the wagon!:eek:

I have not been good and havent cut down on my carbs at al!! but have tried to drink the water for the last few days, but up till now I have always been one of the lucky ones and have not had any side effects from ketosis, so fingers crossed this time is the same!

I need to get back on track and get my bmi down not only for me, but also cos my cdc is going to sponser me to become a cdc!! its very exciting and something to really aim for, I know I am not perfect, and have had serious weight gains and hiccups along the way, but hopefully it will become a learning experience for me as well as any future clients.

I am excited about starting again tomorrow as it will be a yr to the day that I first started CD. Like I said above I have had ups and downs but it really has given me the belief in myself that I can get to goal and loose the rest of my weight, I would never have believed that I could have gone 50+ days with out eating conventional food...and the experince is very empowering....I just need to tackle the issues of not regaining weight and being able to maintian!
Although its a good feeling to be hovering around 12st in contrast to the 14 1/2 that I was this time last yr( i know this is not a huge amount to weigh/loose as I know there are phenominal weight losses on here, but they are all relevant to us as individuals,)having been 14st for the past few yrs...12 st deffo looks better on the scales!

Anyway I will prob be here alot.... I know the support is invaluable and such a huge help on the CD/VLCD journey!!

thanks for reading

hugs to all LouXX
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Good luck on the re-start Lou :D

10lbs on in 4 weeks - well done...I put on 3lbs over the Easter break alone (4 days):eek:

I'm sure you will be fine and will lose those pesky lbs in no time.

Also, good luck with the CDC thing. You will make a fab CDC - you always have encouraging words and know how to help, you have motivated me to keep going lots of times.
Heres to all of us!!!

well there seems to be a few of us back on the wagon today, lets introduce ourselves properly.....

my name is louise i am 36 and I have now been doing cd on and off for the past yr, i initially lost 3st 3 but regained some of it...well 2st of it.:mad: .......but have lost it again since january. I got married at the end of march and have had a few weeks off and have now regained about a stone:sigh: and have started again today to loose the weight for good and to start and train to become a cdc...which will be fab!

We have 2 boys aged 6 and 8 and have been with vic for 13yrs...so no one can ever say we rushed into marriage!!lol
I am currently a childminder, but would really like a change of career...so the cdc thing would be a fantastic, to help people, stay on track myself and earn a bit of money at the same time.

anyway enough about me........tell me about yourselves??

lou xx


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Hi all,

Well here goes im tracie age 38 i lost 2 stones on CD a couple of months ago but i was a slow loser and eventually gave up and have gained around 10lbs so today im restarting and sooo looking forward to SSing.

Good luck to everyone else starting today!


One Last Time.......
I'm Rachel aged 32 married and a mum of 2.....

Today is day 1...... for the fnal time ! Originally lost 5.5 stone on LL/CD back in 2004/05 (went from size 24 - 14 :))

Wanting to get into my 14's again currently in 18's


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Ooooh count me in, I'm just off to bingo, ( seeing as kiddies all back at school, and to keep me away from the kitchen!!)

will pop back later!

All for one and one for all ! :p


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Hi Clucks,

Pants being a slow loser eh but better to lose slow than not at all! mabye we can keep each other on the straight & narrow when the tough gets going and the scales don't show what we want!
1/2 a day gone already!

yeah good luck to all of us and well done already......we have done half a day!!!!whooppee!!!!:p

I have had 2litres of water and a banana tetra.....and feeling good!!!

how you all doing??

roll on wed/thurs when good old ketosis comes a knocking!!!
enjoy the sunshine
Lou X
whooppee well here we are 3/4's of the way through day one!!
I have had a good day had a bit of a tummy rumble this aternoon but just downed more water...and got on with it.

Going to have a soup for dinner and more waterr and an early night!

off to do boys dinner
well done everybody!
Hugs Lou X:p


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Well done for getting 3/4's of the way through day one!! :p

I'm still with ya, not long made my big biscuit out of the bar, waiting for it to cool and go crispy to have with a coffee...

Hope you managed the boy's dinners ok NooNoo
How's everyone doing??


One Last Time.......
still here!!!!!!!!!!!

hubby just eaten crusty toast with butter smells yum........me i had a coffee!

2 packs and 2 litres down 2 of each to go!
Hello Lou, loved the wedding piccies, you looked stunning. Glad you are back on cd, here's to your success.

A little about me.

My name is Lindy and I am 43. I live in the Cotswolds. Am married (24 years in June:eek: ), have three daughters, 18, 14 and 10 on Friday. The 10yr old is special needs (autistic spectrum disorder) and has no speech. I currently weigh 13st 10lbs and have been trying to get to grips with a vlcd for AGES!!! Always some reason why I should start tomorrow. I try to enjoy life and have a good sense of humour. I am an animal lover, currently have 1 labrador, 1 cat and 1 hamster. Also, as a cancerian, I am a home lover and like it when we all get together and laugh our heads off at a Lee Evans dvd! If we can have pizza and wine then that tops it off. See what I mean - is there any hope for me?!?!:giggle:

I don't work due to my daughter, but manage to find time to have my nails done, pedicures and visits to the hairdresser. I love to get together with friends, oh, and am a dreadful sun worshiper.

Sorry to waffle on, that's a draw back of mine, I like to share information!

Hi Lindy, no probs...you just waffle on as much as you like...if its keeping you out of the kitchen then its a good thing!!lol

Thanks for the coments about the wedding pics, weird how we struggle to get the weight off...but its such a simple thing to regain it!!:sigh:

But we are all doing fab, I did have a wobble this afternoon when Chatter box thought about making an appearence when I was making Vics lunch..but I soon put her back in her box!

We can and will do this!!

Rudi........well done on resisting the bread...that really is a tough one to let pass you by...but you did it!! you go girl!!!

Geri I managed to steer clear of the boys tea, they had pasta, Ham and sweetcorn(their fav!!) but I went and cleared the garden up whilst they were eating!
Your biscuit from a bar sounds good...I have made the little bics from a bar....but never a big one...is it the same principles??

Well, off to tidy up living room and kitchen and then make my soup.......after I have my pjs on that is!!!

Stay strong.....we can do this........
as some one said earlier.......ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!!

Lou X


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Hi everyone,

well first day over with thank goodness the quicker im the big K the better as i hate the feeling of hunger arrgghhh i just want the cheese&onion crisps that's in the kitchen! Chocolate i can come and go with but crispsssss well that's a different matter! but not going to touch or even go near them so here's to day 2!!!

How has everyone else been today?
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Still Climbing That Hill!

the quicker im the big K the better been today?

Ohhh that was a bit selfish of me i should have said the quicker we are all in the big K the better ;)


Still Climbing That Hill!

the quicker im the big K the better

Ohhh that was a bit selfish of me i should have said the quicker we are all in the big K the better ;)

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