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Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by Chelsea Lou, 8 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    OOoh, am very excited today. First WI since I got back to being 100%. Can't wait to see my CDC and will be posting tonight.

    Hope everyone has had a good week and will report wonderful losses today.

    Lorrayne xx
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  3. Lazyhound

    Lazyhound Full Member

    Good luck Lorrayne, hope you have a nice loss :)
    And good luck to everyone else on a monday WI.

    I'm hoping for a little better than my measly 1lb last week ;)

    Annie x
  4. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Thanks Annie, I am sure you will do brilliantly, let us know x
  5. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Good luck Lorrayne and Annie I am sure you will both have a good loss..
  6. chilleddarryl

    chilleddarryl Member

    over the moon!!!

    Well pleased to report another 7lbs off this week... 2 weeks in and 16lbs in total... feel great.. the best I have felt for years!!
  7. nattyclare78

    nattyclare78 Silver Member

    I had my first weigh in today and lost 7lbs

    Nat x
  8. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    Only 1 1/4lb off for me this week:sigh: Still it's totm, so I wasn't expecting anything spectacular. It's my 810 week this week, so I'm praying that I still have a good loss next week.
  9. Lazyhound

    Lazyhound Full Member

    Great loss nattyclare :)
    1 1/4 still heading in the right direction sparkles :)

    3lb for me tonight which I'm very pleased with :D

    Annie x
  10. Witchy

    Witchy ButtERfly

    Good luck guys and well done on your losses.
  11. soon2bslimmer

    soon2bslimmer Full Member

    STS for me this week :cry:, but not surprised really as its TOTM as well :cry::cry:. Keeping fingers crossed for a LOSS next week and sticking with 1000cals for now :).

    Good luck everyone, stick to CD and the weight WILL come off ;).

    Soon2bslimmer x :D
  12. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Whooo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've lost 6lbs and am thrilled to bits as I am now the same as I was a few weeks ago. If I lose next week then I will be the lightest I have been on this diet and also for a very very long time.

    Well done to everyone else. Fantastic!!!
  13. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Well done to you all great losses...

    Lorrayne thats fab hon so happy for you........ You must be feeling great xxx
  14. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Thanks Curly, I really do feel good. So pleased to get back to how I was. Hope you are feeling good too. You sure look it.
  15. alexmummy07

    alexmummy07 Silver Member

    Well done everyone - really good losses!
    I lost 3lbs this week, but financially sooo tight at the minute, so am now on 1000 - absolutely terrified of how this is going to affect W.I.'s - with 2 stone still to go, but I've got to get there eventually, finally dropped into the overweight and not obese category too so realllllly hoping that I don't gain next week with the added carbs this week, as don't want to go to that 'obese' category again :( and want to go down and down now...but will see I guess, I can't control the scales unfortunately.

    Lorrayne - I knew you'd have that 6lbs off - just a feeling about it - so that's absolutely fab! x
  16. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Aw thanks honey. I said to Jess on the way to WI that I would be happy with losing 3lbs so was really chuffed to double that.

    You have done so well considering all the cr*p you are going through at the moment and I am sure that moving up to the 1000 wont affect your losses. Jess lost really well moving up to 810 and 1000. Maybe for a week or so there might not be much movement on the scales but it will shift. Keep positive sweetie, you can do it!!!! xx
  17. alexmummy07

    alexmummy07 Silver Member

    Thank you, the encouragement is really appreciated :)
    I've been warned the first week on 1000 might not be good as its the re-introducement of carbs, and I could hold water. I'm just hoping that because I'm still that bit heavier (ok a lot heavier still lol) that I will still have losses, to be fair on 810 and even SS, and SS+ apart from the last 2 weeks a lot of my losses were 1 3/4lbs, so even if I can equal that it would be nice, or even 2lbs a week would be lovely!
    I've lowered my overall goal for the time being to just hit my healthy BMI of 10 stone 1 and then will re-assess if/when I get there, and then will re-aim to go for the 9 stone 10, but I think while the finances are all up in the air, I just need to prepare myself for the worst, so if I'm on 1000 and things go realllly bad (which they could easily with Chris's job on the line) then at least I know I could go to 1200 if I absolutely had to and then just try and maintain the weight I'm at or even lose 1/2lb a week or something like that for a while...just trying to think long term if that makes sense. We know his job should be safe 'til September, but that is coming round scarily quickly, and the way my weigh in's go I don't think I'll be at goal by then. x
  18. sandypops

    sandypops Loves life......

    2lbs off for me this week but was at a family wedding in Dublin on Saturday but the less said about that the better me
  19. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    What is good about this is you are planning ahead and that is the key here. When I started moving up the plans I didn't plan my meals like Jess did. She was so organised and she did very well doing that... up until she lost her job. Just keep posting on here for all the support you need. xx
  20. Jaycey

    Jaycey Post-Menopausal Maniac!

    Thanks for the PMs girls - I'm OK, honest, just been busy! :)

    Thankfully this week I lost the 1
    ½lbs I put on last week, so at least I'm back under 11 stone again. (I was so worried about this that I did an SS day last week, just to make sure!) I'm going to stay on 810 until we go on holiday (20th) and then I'm going to stop the diet while we're away and just eat sensibly, and no boozing! :rolleyes: I've only got a few pounds to go after all.

    The most worrying thing that happened this week was that my hairdresser said my hair was thinner - and I hadn't even noticed! I know it's a side effect on VLCDs, but you somehow think these things won't happen to you. I'm just glad I've started eating food now - hopefully my hair will thicken up again (hairdresser recommended Vitamin B). :sigh:

    (PS. The best thing this week was finding some amazing clothes in charity shops - I reckon they've all been watching Mary Queen of Charity Shops, lol!)
  21. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Hiya, well done on losing what you had gained!

    Jess has been saying over the last few days that her hair is falling out by the handful!! Her hair isn't incredibly thick either and she is worried about it. My hair is really quite thick so I'm not sure if I am losing mine or not. The hairbrush doesn't seem overly full!!!!!

    I'm sure it will be back to its lustrous self soon

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