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Monday WI

Good luck for next week Harrie, you'll lose that no probs.

WI for me tonight and I'm a bit nervous....am hoping for my next sticker - 1 1/2 stone award.


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Good luck for tonight Fallen Angel.

Harrie - At leat it is only a pound, you will easily shift that for next week.

My WI is at 5pm

I put 2 pounds on...oh well I knew it was going to happen so here's to a new week.
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Good Luck all Monday Weighers...

Harrie - Never mind the 1lb loss chick. Hope you feel better soon xx


Trying again!!!
Well, 4lbs on for me ~ I've just had a good cry and in one way I feel like giving up and in another way I want to say right get back on track and give it 100%. Am so cross with myself, the other thing is my AF is over a week late so am hoping some of this might be water retention but I have had a few bad days last week and was at a wedding on Saturday. No-one to blame but myself. Sorry for rambling on ~ good luck to everyone else who is weighing in to-day, xx
Try not to stress Harrie & Weemo - we've all had gains/ bad weeks but try not to let it affect your aims. This is a new week so put last week behind you and start afresh.

I've had 6 weeks of not doing very well and finally gave myself a good talking to and this week I lost 3.5lbs and got Slimmer of the Week - I'm so chuffed. Honestly - if I can do it anyone can!

Fresh start guys - go for it!!

Christine xx
Had a bad week but not too nervous about my WI - if i've gained, then i've gained and i'll just have to stick to the plan better this week!


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I weigh in at 5:30, and according to my scales i've lost 7lbs!!!!
Will see what the sw scales say and report back later!
Well done to those who lost, and those who've gained or sts, it's one week out of the rest of your lives, so don't be blue!


Well have just had my wi and have made my 1/2 stone award YAY well happy as now i only have 2lb left to get my first stone award :D
Well after gaining 3 lbs last week, I have lost them this week! Am very pleased. So, would like to lose 2 lbs this week then I'm back in the 10 stones bracket which would be an amazing feeling!

Well done everyone with their results, even those who have gained, it can be lost, so just hang on in there and really go for it this week.
Lost 4lb this week and got my two and a half stone award! :D:D

Well done all, and to all those who gained, don't worry just look at the bigger picture....overall you have lost! :D


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Lost 5.5lb, and got slimmer of the week! Thats now 3st 4lb in 15 weeks!
Am off now to update all my thingy's!


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Oh yes forgot to say i'm now out of the 300'lbs and in the 200's! (by one!)
Thanks, Judimac!
It's nice to come on here and post results as I know you have all been here! (but not as big as me, most of you!!)
Well done everyone and congrats to all those with awards! :clap:

I got 2 awards tonight - my Club 10 and my 1.5 stone awards!!! :D
am I right in thinking you lost that weight since feb???? If so then OH MY GOD tell us what your doing that I'm not!! x:wow::wow::wow:
Yeah, I started SW in mid Feb. I'm doing EE, which I am finding suits me well. I've tried loads of diets in the past and failed with all of them, mostly because my willpower was non-existant after about a week! :giveup:

This time I feel it's the right time for ME. I was sick of feeling the way I did and my 30th Birthday is coming up so I promised myself I was going to do something about my weight by then. So it's my birthday present to me!! :bday:

Good luck with yours!!

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