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Monday :)

Hiya, hope you had a good weekend? Well done at least you haven't put any on! I had a sneaky peek yesterday morn and since Weds I've lost 3.25lbs, but we'll see what the scales say on Weds!:eek:
well you''re not on your own i've not stuck to it 100% either, but yesterday i actually ate yayy. well had cerel for breakfast, cerel for lunch, fish cod in butter sauce for tea, 3 potatos and peas, and cerel about 11'oclock lol.
hoping for a better week this week trying to stick to the plan,
i have though been exercising everyday for 11 days,
which i'm pretty proud of:p
& its been a week since my new doggy had her last in injection so i can finally start walking her, so that should help with the exercise.
good luck with today im sure you're gunna do fab!! xx
oh wooowww:eek: well done lighter, what a fabulous loss so far.
eeek excited to see what you've lost on wednesday,
ive not got high hope's for my weigh in on thursday, but i tell you what my tummy feels alot more shrinked!
and i put my shorts on yesterday & they were actually slightly lose!!:D
Hiya Reddish,
do you mean the writing or the thing ive got with the butterfly,
well the writing is basically when you go to control panel & click on edit signuture theres a colour part where you can just change the colours
if you mean the one with the butterfly, type in google
ticker factory fill in your details & when your done it'll give you a bbcode, copy & paste into your sig and it should show up in your next post, hope that helped
Sounds like you've still been eating really healthily 10st so I wouldn't worry! Hope you see the numbers you are hoping for on Thurs, but if not, don't worry, it will come off soon! :553: That's so good your clothes felt looser!!

Thanks, I was pleased but annoyed with myself for doing a sneaky weigh in, I promise I will not get on the scales again until Weds morning. I'm really hoping to see 11st 2, then I will have lost 3.5lbs in the first week :clap:

Reddish - I can't put much in my signature yet as I don't have enough posts, but the more you post, the more sig space you get :D
you shouldnt be annoyed with yourself lol.. i did exactly that last week, on the wednesday then on thursday i was even lighter:eek:
and omg 11 st 2lbs id die to be that weight lol,
well thats a slight over reaction lol.
my main worry is not losing, or heaven forbid gaining! its a bit of a motivation killer for me
and i think thats why i stopped last, all because i didnt lose anything 1 week.
so hopefully you guys will cheer me on if its a stay the same or gain xx
I think the support on here is great I mean when I joined last week there was no one here now look at our wee group!! I feel kinda let down myself as I never did it proper my first week but I was off on holiday etc, bit of silly time to start eh!! Never mind today I'm at work and raring to get stuck in this week and see a loss next week xx
We'll all do it girls!! Shaz I know what you mean, when I was lurking it seemed quite active so I joined, then everyone disappeared! :missing:
As you say, at least we have this little group, we can all support each other and have a rant if we aren't having a good day! :character00148:
10st I know what you mean, I'm scared of what the scales are going to say on Weds, after I cheated by looking yesterday :confused:

Looking forward to hearing about your WI, try not to worry!! Whatever happens the important thing is we will all hit our goal eventually ;)
i know lighter but it seems sooo far away lol,
i think even when i get to 13stone ill still be thinking ive got ages to go lol. in the words of my mum "your never bloody happy lol"
but i feel more motivated to stick to it since being on here than when ive dietied before,
even though i get support of other half, it nice knowing where all doing it together xx:hug99:

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