Montannas LL Journey :)


Taking the Scenic Route..
Hello everybody!

Not sure if you all know who i am i have posted on here a few times but maninly been browsing really.

Well i finally started LL on Saturday. Cant say im not finding it difficult to be honest, but im so determined to do this, just hoping the hunger will dissapear ASAP! lol :eek:

Im hoping to lose about 4st7lbs or maybe 5stone, i will see what i look like as i go. Im doing this because weight has been a huge problem for me pretty much all my life. Although i have always hated being fat, it is much worse for me now as it is affecting my marriage. My personal relationship with my husband is boring. Mainly because he hates the way i look just as much as i do :(
BUT.....enough of the negitive talk, i will be feeling sexy and confident in no time eh?!

Oh just wanted to ask anybody, when are you allowed to have the LL bars? I know there is mixed opinion on this. Any advice much aprreciated! x

DAY 2 :

Well today has been pretty much the same as yesterday really, still feeling very hungry and really want to eat! But havent! Failing this plan is not an option for me, i have a lovely holiday in the Bahamas to look forward in August and i'll be damned if im wearing shorts and t-shirts on the beach LOL

Ive decided i LOVE the chcolate packs! Had one yesterday for brekfast, then made one in 2 a choccy bar for supper. It was delicious!
So much so that ive got one freezing as i write this. heehee.
I have a pop in tomorrow, so im going to swap some packs for more chocolate, i have a feeling they will be my saviour on this plan.
Not too keen on the thai chilli, the vanilla is lovely! As with the chicken and mushroom. Im not too keen on the raspberry though.

Im really looking forward to the pop in 2moro and to see if ive lost anything. I'll let you all know!

Montanna xxxxxxxxx

good start looking out for you xxx
Hiya Montanna,
Good Luck with LL ! I am just coming up to a 5 stone loss in about 17 weeks with LL and feel totally different as a result. It goes so quickly ! It is hard sometimes but stick with it, it is SO worth it !
Thank you girls! I am feeling very positive as everyone says it gets easier :)

Magickmel - Well done you!!! :D Thats a fantastic loss, you must be over the moon :rolleyes: Cant wait till i get there now.

Montanna xxxxxx
Hey Montanna

I'm going to pop in tomorrow too and see how I'm going and swap some packs too so might see you there. I've had vanilla with coffee in the morning to make an iced frappe for breakfast which is pretty nice. I thought I'd like raspberry but not so keen either - don't hate it but not loving it - will swap some packs tomorrow for vanilla. Also caramel is not all that, but didn't mind the chicken soup I had today. Tonight I had 1/2 hot chocolate and 1/2 toffee bar cut into pieces which was really nice! I'd like to lose about 5 - 6 stone so a bit more than you but am feeling enthusiastic and positive at the moment - and mostly relieved that I'm doing something about my weight at last. Haven't felt too hungry yet BUT I did spend most of yesterday touring the toilets of Harvey Nichols & Harrods (went with a friend to find her a wedding dress) but that wasn't too much of a hardship - and seems to have got better even today. Good luck with tomorrow's pop-in,

Hiya Greavsie!

Glad to know you are getting on ok. Sound like your doing better than me! lol :D

Im going to the pop-in at around 14.30, so hopefully see you there.
Im still not sure if you are allowed the bars in the first week? Im sure they say your not supposed to? Im dying to try them though ;)

Good luck to you for 2mo, and hope 2 see you there hun!

Montanna xxxxxx
Hi - you sound like me - my marriage is awful at the moment - I am so glad I am not the only one whose husband hates my weight. I am doing this for my self but I am also doing it for "us". I just want to enjoy getting fressed in the morning. Am on day 4 today only 96 to go !
Hi Montanna,

When you can introduce the bars is confusing. Some people have been allowed them on week one after the first pop in. Our group were not allowed them until week 2. However, I have a feeling it is individual and may be dependant on how well you get into ketosis (as in what level) and when.

As for the different flavours, my advice would be not to write any of them off. What you don't like know, you may find you like later.

Good luck with your LL journey, it does get easier!

Hiya ladies,

Supermum - Im glad there is somebody else in position too :D Alot of people i talk to get quite upset and annoyed when i say the main reason i am doing this is for my husband, but it will be benefiting us both and making me happy so i dont see it as a problem. The way i look at it is he is my main motivation. As well as my baby boy. :)

W - Thank you for the advice, i went for my pop-in today and was told i can have the bars now, so i did have the lemon one and loved it! yummy! But i wont be having anymore bars now until next week.

DAY 3:

Today hasnt been bad atall so far. Im feeling much better than the last 2 days, as far as hunger goes i have thought about food but not as much. I had my pop-in this afternoon and got weighed. I have lost 4.4lbs in 2days!! :D Im am soo pleased with that its a huge motivation to keep me going! I cant wait for the main weigh in on Friday now. Think i'll be having a chicken soup with pepper for dinner and a chocolate bar for supper. Tried the caramel for brekfast and liked it. (Ohh im so glad i actually like these foodpacks! lol). I also bought both water flavourings today, tried the fruit forests one with sparkling water - nearly gagged! lol It tastes like the dissolving medicine. YUK! So...ill try it with still water later.
Anyway, on a whole im feeling very positive and looking forward to my new life without the 'excess baggage'.

Montanna xxxxxxx
Yay! Well done! I popped in today too and swapped some of mine for enough vanilla to get me through breakfast until Friday - had to have my photo taken and measurements done too (my friend took some photos of me on Saturday - eugh - cannot currently bear to download them onto the pc - it was horrific enough seeing them on the small screen of the camera but am sure they will be motivating once I do) - plus discovered I'm 5.5lb down so that's pretty motivating too.

And everyone has their own reasons for losing weight but it's surely most important to be honest to yourself about your reasons so who cares who disapproves? My friend who lost a lot of weight didn't get a great deal of support from her husband because he was afraid she'd leave him so it's good your OH is on your side - got to be easier than living with someone constantly trying to tempt you off course, and like you say, you wouldn't be doing this unless you wanted to do it for here's to a new slimmer future (it's the new wardrobe I'm looking forward to most!)

Hi hunnies,

DAY 4 :

Well today was another good day. I can safely say i must be in full ketosis now lol. Not really felt hungry atall.
Just finished cooking a birthday family meal for my dad's 63rd and woah! i wasn't even tempted to eat any!.......well ok...that was a little white lie i suppose. But im almost there! :D It smelt divine, i did homemade spicy meatballs and pasta. mmmmmmm. Sorry for those of you reading this, how unthoughtful of me. :eek:
Anyway....Ive been busy with housewrok most of the day so i didnt have my second pack until just half hour ago, which suits me fine because now i can look forward to my usual chocolate bar, with the extra bonus of a Caroffee shake :) Oh, still not tried the water flavourings with still water yet, but might do later.
The thing i am really enjoying at the moment is peppermint tea. (along with the 8 tabket sweetners) heehee :p but it makes me feel like im having extra treats and filling me up more.

Greavsie - Well done on your weight loss! Thats fantastic! Cant wait to see what we have all lost on Friday :D How are you finding it now hun?

Looking forward to day 5!!

Montanna xxxxxxxx
Well done on cooking! That is some willpower - kudos. Does your dad know about LL so he understood why you weren't eating or did you gloss over that? I'm telling people on a strictly need to know basis apart from two close friends. The stuff you said in class last week really hit a chord with me and it's not that particular friends wouldn't want me to be happy (at least I hope so!), but there's a couple that would definitely prefer me to stay as I am for all the reasons you gave - plus if people notice I've lost weight then it won't be because I've been banging on about dieting so will feel more real. Day 4 has actually been my hardest day so far but glad I've made it. Am definitely in ketosis too and had a few aches and pains last night (flu-like growing pains in my legs) but might not have been due to this - in any event, went pretty quickly (didn't affect my sleep) and woke up feeling fine this morning. This was my first day at work on LL though and had to navigate a working lunch - managed to sip sparkling water throughout and because everyone was mingling no one noticed or tried to press me to eat (or at least when they did I could just say oh yes I'll get a plate in a sec and then go and talk to someone else until they said the same thing so actually forced me to speak to practically everyone in the room!). My clothes already feel better (not hard considering post-christmas bloat but still - I will cling to any encouragement at the moment!).

Am going to have to get some peppermint tea - sounds like a good idea (and the sweeteners!) and also because the other thing I'm worried about is the whole bad breath thing because I spend a lot of time talking to people at work so I'm conscious I'm standing a bit further back (and had that Retardex spray in my pocket the whole day and was having a sneaky spray in the bathrooms every so often) but people still move closer so I'm hoping that's a good sign.

Made a chicken muffin tonight (sounds about as appetising as a hot fish milkshake) with half a pack but it was surprisingly okay - I just needed to eat something as opposed to more liquid. How are you finding the 4 litres a day? What's your routine? We'll have to get the rest of class on here - this site is so great - I'll email them the link. I so love reading everyone's stories and their successes.

Yay! 2 1/2 days left to class - that's keeping me focused at the moment - can't wait to get to the end of the first week.

Good luck for day 5....your house must be sparkling by now! I've painted my nails twice in as many days - they've never had this much attention - not thinking about food all the time or eating certainly frees up some time - it's quite liberating in that respect,

Have a good day tomorrow,

Hi hunnies,

DAY 5:

Well today was an ok day. I went shopping with my sister today and all was going well until she popped into Greggs for a sarny and a cake! I was sooo tempted to have something, but i knew that was the worst thing i could do because id only feel much worse than i am craving the food. Besides i wasnt feeling physically hungry....just mentally starving! :D lol
Ive been feeling quite down today as we just found out my husband needs to go abroad with work for 2months. He leaves in 2weeks. :( Im dreading it! Ive never been apart from him for more than a week in the 5years we have been together, and its gonna be especially hard now with our 6week old baby son. Im sure i'll be ok, it'l just be hard at first. On the plus hubby being my main source of motivation, i want to do this more than ever so that when he returns he will be stunned! :D I want to make he's jaw drop to he's feet when i collect him from the airport heehee.
Im only just starting my 3rd litre of water as i type, really slow today! Still have one more pack left and i think i will have a chocolate shake. Also today i bought a 'womens weekly low-fat meals in minutes' book and 'low-calorie cooking' book. I want to start learning how to cook helathy meals now, so that once i do reintroduce food into my life it will be the right choices. Not juts takeouts every night! :eek: Well i have my son to think of now too and the last thing i want is him being 'fat'. Id hate him to have to go through the s**t i went through in school...and i wont let it happen! I was introduced to all the wrong foods from the beggining, and thats where the trouble started (and continued) lol. So...... Cook books will be my main purchase from now on. Looking forward to my class on Friday! Infact, cant wait. Really excited about seeing all my group and my counsellor too.

Greavsie - Well done you for getting through that day at work! Must be especially hard, but you did it so if you can do it once you can do it again...and again...and again! As for the breath thing....well lets just say im in ketosis! :eek: I dont really have a routine tbh. Just when i feel like it. lol. My water has been fine, no problems really, but quite slow today. xx

Fuzzys Angel - Thank you hunnie, i should be here for a good while yet! :) xx

Montanna xxxxxxx

Well done for resisting the pastry baked allure that is Gregg's - and that is so wierd because there's one on my way home from the tube and it was open late tonight (never usually is) and I had to cross the street in case I smelt a sausage roll! Day 5 has been okay...tried to make porridge this morning with some psyllium husks and 1/2 a vanilla pack but don't think I got it right so am glad I kept the other half to drink for breakfast....and this weekend I am planning a wardrobe sort-out to sort my clothes into different sizes and remind me of all the nice stuff I can no longer fit into and make sure they're all clean and ready to wear (so basically a day of laundry and ironing - joy of joys!)

Not great that your OH is going away Montanna but imagine the surprise he's going to have when he gets back! I saw quite a few people in the week before I started LL with a view to not seeing them for a few weeks/month or so (because I knew I would have to work back into socialising while on LL) and not that I don't want to see them, but I'm trying to delay as long as I can because I want the chance to make a difference in that time....less than 48 hours to class...! I'm actually quite excited...note to self: must get out more

And wow to Fuzzy's Angel - fab weight loss and thanks for the encouragement,

Here's to a good day 6,
Thanx montanna & G, Well done M not falling at Greggs thats a hard one!....... Sorry to hear hubby is going away it must be hard for you especcially with babe, i have been with my husband almost 6 years and never been apart (i'd hate it)...
But what a wonderfu surprise he'll have on his return....

G.. Great idea sorting out your clothes, i've given loads away to mum And charity shops. I also got rid of anything that had an elastic waist, not gonna let myself go back to my old self. When i'm back to food if i do put anything on i'll know straight away coz it'll feel abit tight.

what great starts you're both having keep it up, these boards help so much!

Hi hunnies,

DAY 6:

:( That kind of sums up how im feeling today!
This may have been the hardest day so far. Ive been 'mentally starving' again, and its starting to make me feel ratty and down.:(
I think the thought of hubby going is playing a big part of it too. Im so upset to be thinking like this, but i keep thinking i cant do this! Im not sure how long i will be able to do this....can i really last the 3-4months? I keep telling myself i can. Last night i woke up with the most severe muscle cramp in my left calf...Omg it felt like my muscle was being ripped out! :mad:
Tried the nutcrunch bar for the first time today, and YUK! I can honestly say that is the most horrible thing ive ever tasted! One bite...and BIN!
On the plus side (yes there is one) lol My son makes me happy more than ever, and when im feeling really bad he puts that smile back on my face. Aww i love him! :rolleyes:
Looking forward to class tomorrow and keen to see my weeks weight loss. Still have one more pack to have before bed, think it'l be choccy shake.

Greavsie - Glad to hear you are doing ok hunnie. Atleast one of us is! lol. The wardrobe idea is excellent! Maybe i'll do the same. I have tonnes of clothes that need a good sort through, plus its something to take my mind of eating. Only 20hrs 30mins till class! Now who needs to make note to get a life? heehee:D xx

Fuzzys Angel - Thank you for the sympathy regarding hubby..but you are right, it will be a very nice suprise! :) Hope things are going well for you and keep up the good work babes. xx

Montanna xxxxxxxx
Hiya hunnies,

Day 7:

Well today was a much better day! :) I feel more happy and much more positive about things. Not sure why, i think i was just on a downer yesterday really.
Havent been feeling hungry atall today! Not even 'mentally' lol.
I went to my class tonight, and ive lost 6.6lbs this week :D Not huge, but i am more than happy with that! Im very very happy actually. It was really good tonight, and everyone had a good loss so the whole group was on a high. Im realy looking forward to week two. Im thinking about booking a weeks holiday for me and my son, but not too sure yet? Just something to take my mind off my husband going away i suppose. Anyway, glad im feeling much better today! Roll on tomorrow :p .

Montanna xxxxx
Hope its going well Montanna!
Keep up the good work!
I too had to cook chilli chicken burgers and homemade chips last night god I was dying to eat them!
I didnt tho....
Hey Frumpy and Greavsie,

well done on your first weeks achievements!

Things only get better now!

I have three kids and i cook everyday it has never bothered me!! they had take out pizza tonight and left overs were on the table for 1 hour after they'd finished eatin..i've been in a lazy mood all day! but it didnt bother me once ...i was like sat next to it!!

It's great to have support from da OH...Imagine his face frumpy at the airport...he wont b able to get u home quik enough!! HE HE Gosh that would be so wicked!!