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Month on my own starts today.

Well, hubby is in flight as we speak, and off to the sunny slopes of California, for a month, without me. :(

It feels really odd. I know he has been there on his owne before, but I have always been part of the trip, and then him staying behind to work on our land.

But this time, its only him going, and for a whole month. I like my independance, but a month is a long time. I feel oddly isolated, even though I know I am only a phone call away from friends...it just feels wierd.

I have kept busy - tidied up after the hurrican he left behind. And did my "squirrel shopping" - stocking up on dried fruits, nuts, beans and rice, etc., for the pantry. Sorry for mentioning food, but dried stuff is never all that exciting, really, is it? lol But it made me very happy!! I also bought some DVDs, despite hubby buying me several to keep me entertained.

And to treat myself, I bought myself an over the knee, dark purple suede, pair of boots. Had my name written all over them. lol

Tonight, a simple dinner, DVD, and x-factor.

Weeeeee....livin large. LOL

Hey ho. ANyway. Thats all, really. Just feeling a bit homesick.

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Happily pro pointing!

Sorry you are feeling a bit down, I know how you feel, I live 500 miles away from my family and I often feel a bit isolated. I am counting down to when we move back, hopefully next summer, I just can't wait! You always have us to talk to LOL!

Think of all the positives about it, TV to yourself, no dirty undercrackers to pick up off the floor, no wet towels left in the bathroom, etc, etc.

Oh, and the boots, they sound perfect, they would make me feel a whole lot better, almost worth sending DH off so I can console myself, he-he.
Hugs BL

Hi hun,
Hugs to you, this week-end I know you'll keep busy.
The boots sound fabulous. Are you coming to LL on Monday?
I'm at home 2morrow if you want to give the MG a spin xxx
I hope it passes quickly and happily for you BL. xx :)
Thanks everyone. I know I am just feeling sorry for myself. I admit it. lol. :D But it just feels really unfair....I am certain if I had the manager THEN that I have NOW, my leave would have been approved. But someone let their power and politics get in the way, with little regard of how much my time with mum means. LEts face it, at 92, its not like we have dozens of years left....so it just stinks.

Plus - I miss my hubby. He was so sweet last ngiht when he left - he really was upset to be going alone. It was clear. Bless him. :)

But. THe weeks will go fast. And I have a few great things lined up - and want to get stuck in doing some art work - so I bet the time will actually fly past.

Then I will be wanting to kick him out from under my feet again! LOL

ANyways, thanks ladies. :)

Oh BL - I would LOVE to have a month at home alone. The first week would be indulging in the peace and chilling, knowing that when I got back from work things would be in the same place I left them, I could make a coffee and put my feet up without being sat on or constantly pestered, eat at my leisure without interruption, watch my choice of telly, read a book in silence, etc etc.

Then I would feel relaxed enough to start the clearing out knowing I could leave stuff out without it being mucked up midsort by the whirlwinds in my home.

After the clearing I would settle down to finishing the watercolour I started a year ago and had to put away and have never gotton back to.

And I might get around to those photo albums - even the wedding one from 11 years ago :eek:.

Have fun BL. :D I'm mad jealous.

Of course, I would miss the kids - their smiles and hugs and charm, their endearing personalities..., their demands, tantrums and untidiness... OK maybe not too much :p. OH would have to go away with the kids too of course.... Total freedom and self indulgence.
Yeah, that side of it is very nice TI. I have enjoyed a tidy house all day. Usually, that only lasts until hubby walks into a room. lol Its just, while I love England and my friends here - like Dorothy once said, "Theres no place like home". Its hard not being able to see my closes dearest gal pals, and mom, my bros, etc., knowing my husband will. He will see them for dinners, and BBQs, games, etc., laughs, etc. And a very selfish streak in me keeps sayind "MY friends. MY family. MY home. " LOL Chatter boxes talk about more then food you see. :D

But yeah, there are the advantages which I do intent to take full advantage of. In fact, got my studio cleaned out last week, fresh canvasses at the ready, so I will be doing some of that painting. :)

It will pass. :)



Playing the Angel
BL Darling

Big hugs to ya hun :) Take this as really positive "YOU" time. Sounds like you have a good evening planned. We are all around to keep you company, so keep your chin up chicken.

We will all be here to support you for the next month BL :)

Kat xx
Thin Inside ~ my home is the opposite to yours! I am alone when I close the door with OH mainly away all week (and even more at weekends now his dad is ill) ~ of course, I have my cat and dog, but I love to see my brother and his family on the webcam, with my neice getting up to mischief and lots of noise! :p

We all want a bit of what we don't have I guess. Saying that, my home is showered in OCD! :D Everything is perfectly in place and I know where to find anything....drives people mad when they visit and I adjust things they have touched! :p

Love the fact that that I can watch what I like, but often, a cuddle or a conversation would be preferred to TV alone.

Anyway BL ~ one month from now, your hubby will be home, and I should be another stone lighter! xx :p:p:p


Happy in my own skin
I saw Atonement in the cinema, brilliant film.

BL hope you had an ok first day, I'm sure that will be the worst and it gets easier from now on. Before you know it he will be back...:)


Silver Member
You got through your first weekend - the working weeks will fly by. You got paint on that canvas yet? well what are you waiting for lol!

Atonement had me hurling abuse at the screen. Bad nasty film. lol!
Good though. :)

Enjoy the peace hun and he'll be back before you know it.


P.S I love your signature pic.
hi BL
hope you have had a good day
you will have to post some pics of your creations
daisy x


Happy in my own skin
lol - thanks girls. It is not so much missing hubby - though I do - its more that I am not THERE and he is. If that makes sense. :D
Yes that makes total sense. It must be hard, but at some point you will both return there together no doubt. And you will be a step closer to that after his trip there this time...:)

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