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Monthlies (sorry gents!)



Proud to be a Loser!
SNAP! I've had all the symptoms of time of the month but haven't actually had a bleed since I've bee on SS (3 months). It must play around with the hormones!
Have any other ladies notices their 'monthlies' being affected since being on SS? I'm having all the symptoms but nothing's happened yet, was just wondering if the VLCD is having an effect? xx
Oh mine have been really painful since starting CD SS - but the pain is worth it. now I am loosing weight.
They have been a tad lighter though as well
I haven't really been on it long enough to notice-but it was my TOTM in my first week of the diet and it started, then stopped, started again the next day and only lasted 3 days. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if it's affected me any more.


can see the end in sight!
mine haven't changed yet, always been like clockwork. Does anyone know why it affects cycles so much?? Curious.
cheers girls for your replies. I've had a reply to my mail I sent my CDC and she says it's the body's way of adapting to drastic weight loss. I've got a bit 'furry' round the face too. Weird. Mind you, if you think about stories you've possibly read about women with anorexia and suchlike, their monthlies stop and they get furry too. xx
That was a comparison to food deprivation, not meant to be patronising or upsetting to anyone xx
eyeontheprize.....I like the way you've got your stone countdown....may I copy that idea please? xx


can see the end in sight!
hey of course! Although I did blatantly steal it off one of the ladies here though, can't take credit.
Thanks luffly xx
I am finding that I am having TOTM every other week or so, which is a real pain! I always get really spotty around TOTM too so not very happy about that. Getting a bit worried about hair loss too, haven't had any yet but have read other posts about it. My CDC said the irregularity will settle down after a while.
Noooooooooooo not the BIC!!!!! lolol I'll be doing some waxing this weekend lol xx
I know how you feel ladies- I'm stating to get a bit of a 'Magnum PI too!
My periods have gone really irregular, i had one last week, but was 2 weeks early? It's all very confusing! I don't know where i am with it at the mo. I'm hoping that the hairy face and periods get back to normal once we get into maintenance. I really wanna be skinny, but i don't want to look like a gorilla!! lol! xx
The embarrassing thing was, it was the OH who pointed it out. I think it was only cos the laptop was on with the main room light off tho, sort of made it look worse than it is (ha ha). Maybe our bodies are feeling chilly, so making extra fluff to warm up??? Loving mother nature.....MOST of the time lolol xx

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