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Monthly Pass (signing up online) is it worth it?

I was wondering if anyone here goes to meetings and has signed up for monthly pass online. (assuming yes)

I'm in two minds whether to do it at the moment, especially with the changes that may be coming soon (can always quit online if not happy I suppose)

But at the moment (not sure how long its been running for) they are doing £12.95 still for the first month, so would save my hubby and me £22.02 for the first month taking into account we pay the standard £5.99 a week each at the meetings..

Is it a no brainer or is there anything else I have not taken into account.

Also what would happen if I go on holiday, cause at the moment I can go and not worry about it as it means I've not spent £5.99 on myself that week, where as if I sign up for monthly pass, don't you get charged even if you don't turn up?

Plus how usfull has the WW website been for people on monthly pass, do you actually use it all the time?

Sorry for the long winded rushed post, just want to check some things out before my hubby comes home tonight, cause, he wants to know the answers to these things as well, before he is happy for us to commit to monthly pass...
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The only thing I can see is, if I'm going to meetings as well then it is cheaper to pay for a monthly pass but was just wondering if everything else made it worth it as well.

Really worried about going away but cause I signed up for monthly pass then I am still paying them even when away.

I will most likely go for it due to the money saving aspect, but well thanks for the reply, was hoping for a few more, probably wrong time of day to post?

Or I did not word my first post correctly (sorry my fault)


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If you are planning on going to a weekly group and making use of the online tools then this is the best way to go. Yes you pay the same amount each month even if you miss a week at group, so it gives you the incentive to make sure you go to group. With monthly pass you can attend any class during the week so ideal if you work different shift patterns.

I like going to group to keep me motivated but also like using the online tracker so for me this is the best option. I have tried going it alone and simply can't so will be rejoining with the £12.95 monthly pass offer this week.

Hope that helps.

Oooh also if you just want the online tool bits you may as well join online or just esource - can't help you much with what you get on these as I have never opted for them.


I can't really go it alone either, that's why we started WW again, but have got better this time round...

Was just thinking about holidays time when Im not near a meeting, but most the time that won't be a problem due to normally only going away for long weekend and our meetings being on a Wednesday..

Think while its such a good offer I would be mad to pass it up, so gona take the plunge tonight.

One day I hope to be a gold member then meetings will be free to attend. One day hey...
I am a Monthly Pass member and I use the online tools daily. I find the online tracker to be absolutely brilliant and since I'm lucky enough to have an iPhone, I track through the day using that (and the old plan manager.)

I also use the Recipe Builder tool to point up non-WW recipes and then tweak them to reach a points value that I'm happy with. I don't get on well with their forums, but I really wouldn't be without the online tools.

I initially tried doing just WW online but struggled; becoming a monthly pass member and doing meetings as well as using the online tools has been brilliant for me (11.5lbs in three weeks). I think the online tools will be particularly valuable when the system changes in November...


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If you know when your going on holiday can you not just cancel your subscription the month in advance and start it up again when you go back?
I have the monthly pass, I go to meetings every wednesday and the online tools are good. There is loads of recipes and the recipe builder is good to work out when your using your own recipes. Also the weight tracker is good to see how well your doing. I wouldnt change from the monthly pass cos the combination of meeting and online help is best. x
Look at it in terms of what you are saving over a year....Yes you still get charged every week whether you are there or not (holidays are built into the price) but even taking that into consideration.......

Currently £5.99 per week. 48 weeks (ie allowing for 4 weeks holiday) is £287.52

If you pay for monthly pass for a full year:

first month £12.95
eleven months at £17.95 £197.45
total £210.40

So you've saved £77.12 by using monthly pass for a year.

Added to that you get esource which is only available to online and monthly pass members. This includes a full points database, loads of recipes, online tracker and the recipe builder so you can work out the points of your own recipes.

So even if you don't use the online tools you've saved.

Give it a go, you can always cancel if you don't think it's for you.
if you use this promotional code 4-16-615-27745 you get 3 month plan for £29.85. It's advertised on ww website as £38.80!!! I've joined and find it fantastic. It's then £10.95 a month.

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