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monthly weigh ins


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Does anyone prefer to weigh in monthly or does everyone do weekly.

im doing monthly as i couldnt cope with weekly id get to obsessed then depressed if i lost 3lb one week then put on 2lb the following week if you get my drift.
Thats not to say i wont put on after each month but i think i can cope with the longer time:wave_cry:
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I like to weigh weekly as I haven't got the patience to wait for monthly. I need to know that what i'm doing is working to keep me motivated x
OMG monthly! I can't stand the wait for a weekly weigh in to come round, i definately don't have the patience to wait a whole month lol

I try to keep it to Friday mornings, but quite often jump on the scales mid week if i need reassurance that i am loosing something
i could never do monthly! i weigh myself twice a day. once in the morning and once at night. but i use a weekly weigh to log the weight that i have lost/gained! i need to see results. :D
I'm a fan of weekly weigh ins as like Flowerfairy i don't have the patience to wait a month! However i am weighed at the doctors on a monthly basis so i do weekly and monthly!
I weigh myself pretty much every day, but that's only because I go on Wii Fit every day and it makes you do it! :D Otherwise I stick to weekly, I like to see that what i'm doing is having an effect (or not...) but I can see why monthly would be good, if you've stuck to the diet and are able to see big results!


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i need to use the wii fit more but i was never a fan of the weigh in bit and shut my eyes lol, i noticed the first difference with my jacket yesterday first time id wore it since winter and only coz it was pouring down yesterday morning and it felt looser round my stomach and i was like yessssssssssssssss a difference lol
i have a wii fit but dont go by the weighing side as i have it on carpet and it can give a differnce of up to a whole stone depending where i place it!
it is a great feeling when your clothes feel looser. soon be time for a shopping spree for you :D


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I definitely prefer weekly weigh ins. I like to see what progress (or not ;) ) I am making. I don't think I would be able to wait a month!

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