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  1. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    So here I am. 33 year old and never been in good shape in my all life.
    And believe me - I have done everything. I start good and then after 18 - 20 kg weight loss I give up and gain twice as much as I have lost. :(
    Story of my life.

    This year will be different. I have done big changes this year and get myself into shape will be one of the biggest changes in my life.

    So, lets start.
    In my heaviest I was 160 kg - 25,3 st.
    Started to work out and lost 1,1 st before I joined SW.
    Start weight in SW was 24,2 st. And lol, at my very first week I manage to gain even 200 g on top :p

    After 8 weeks of SW I have lost 1st 10 and i hope to get 2 st off this saturday. :)
    I dont find SW hard but I'm a chef and it is hard for me to control my eating at job. So far I have manage to keep my fingers off the food. Not sure for how long. I hope this diary will help me to be strong and not to give up. I mustn't give up this time.
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  3. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Done for today and I must say I didnt manage to keep my fingers away from pizza :(
    For so long now I have wanted an nice crispy slice of pizza. To be honest I got two …

    I had nice start for a day. Got my chicken and buckwheat for breakfast and nice tomatoes with bfree tortilla and smiling cow light cheese. And then i got to work.…
    Did I already told you I work in kitchen ?

    So today I did new menu and ofc had to taste it aswell - pork, lots of oil and butter, 2 cream, dish, chicken,pizza, little taste of different cakes. Hmm - do you think its too much? Oh lol, only things that keeps me calm is that i did only tasted, so maybe its not so bad.

    Tomorrow I'm working again. And better try to control myself better. Will see :)
  4. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Yeeeyeeeyee, what a morning =)
    I got my 2 stone award and was slimmer of the week again. :) Its my 4th slimmer of the week in 9 weeks , could not be happier. I lost 5 and 1/2 lb this week. Total loss 2 st 3 lb in 9 weeks :D
    I did work hard to be on plan as much as possible as of my job, its little hard. I manage to be on plan most of days and didnt go gym as much as I would wanted to , but this week I will try more and find time for gym too.

    Today i had buckwheat and chicken with fresh salad and Bfree wrap with 3 smiling cows cheese and Müller light yogurt for lunch. Had banana and mandarin for breakfast. Now need to think what will have for dinner. Maybe ill make potato pie ;) will see 059.jpg
  5. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    For a week now I havent done any body magic. For first five days it was cuz I started working again and just did not have the time. With all the paper works and long hours I just didnt find strength in me to do some body magic. Which is shame as it was my first week forward my gold award. Well whats done is done. But now the sad part - I manage to hurt my knees :S I should have class yesterday and personal training this morning but pain in knees wont let me go :(
    I know I should not rush into workouts with bad knees but I'm scared that if I stay away for too long I wont go back :(
    I started so nicely and I really dont want to ruin it, but will I have the willpower ..
  6. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Have been away for few days and there is a "good" reason. Havent been on plan as I should. If Im totally honest then working in kitchen gets on my way of losing weight :(
    Right now Im new and I need to learn so many things. There is so many things I must taste and believe me, its taste and I dont have the strength to keep my fingers away from good food and take this one bite for taste only.
    I used pepsi max, it helps me to stay away from all the cookies and pies. Im not over plan much but Im sure are over.

    Do I keep my food diary ? No, I find it impossible right now. I have no idea how much one or other things gives syns but I dont have the time at work to start count every calorie. Plus not sure my boss would like it. So far, until Im still learning I must be strong and see where Im going and why.

    What is the reason Im here ? And where do you Moo go from here? Just remember

    Ok, for everyone else, keep up the good work and have a nice day

    Oh, yes I lost 2 pounds this week :)
  7. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Hi again. Im upset with myself. Havent been on plan :(
    Will try to get back there today. It has to work. I must resists all the fries and chips at work. I know already that it will be very busy week and i prob wont have time to find something good for me to eat. Therefor I'll try to not eat something bad for me.
    Had an breakfast and lunch already, hopefully i manage my diner.
    For breakfast I had eggs and beans and syn free yogurt and coffe (1,5 syns)
    For lunch bfree tortilla heb with softcheese hea with cucumber and chicken and mug shot.
    So far so good.
  8. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Oh long time I havent looked in here :) glad to let you know, I have done great :))
    Yes yes, i have been good girl. Even when Im not on plan every day, i try to do my best. I look what i eat, have soup in fridge every day and i had overnight cerial with yogurt. Yummy - and so filling.

    So what i have manage to do so far ?
    Slimmer of the month ( april , 20 lbs)
    Last week slimmer of the week
    Last week club 10%
    Last week 2,5 stones award

    Could not be happier.

    So i was thinking but then I saw a pic of myself, taken same day I started sw and then the one i made this week. And wow - lol, so much fun :)

    Will see what tomorrow will bring :)
  9. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Ah, what an morning. Lost another 3 pounds this week. So clad.
    As usualy I have my fitnessclass in saturday and sunday morning. So did today. Usualy I have funkalates in saturday and personal training sunday. But as Leroy, my fab trainer, is away sunday- we had personal training today. Just me, trainer and one more lovely lady with us. We worked realy hard today and i use polar heartmonitor watch to see how much i have been working. And you know what - today for the firts time I noticed my lost caloris went close to 300. :D yeyy at last it started to move. For last month it wouldnt matter what class i take , caloris lost were always 200-240 and get near 300 today was wow. :)
    Im getting stroner
  10. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    And most important thing is that i lost another 3 pounds this week. My goal for next week is to get 3 stones award.
    2 st 12 1/2 so far.

    Have a great weekend everyone. I know i will enjoy mine :)
  11. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    Well done Destamia you're doing great! You can really see a difference in your pics. Good luck on your weight loss journey.
  12. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Thank you very much =)
  13. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Another good " lucky" week behind me. I had 2,5 pound weight lost with total 3 st 1pound. Yeyy - happy cat is in the house :)

    But tbh i was little naughty last week. I didnt do as much work out as i planed to. Busy at work. I hope to change this and be more active week ahead.

    Now. As i did so good i wanted an icecream. Hard one. Went to iceland to get WW ones but there were none of ww icecreams on sale. So i spent 30 min with my app trying to find lowest icecream and ended up buying iceland nut and choco cones -6 cones for 1 pound. 8,5 syns for ice cream but so worth it. And. Now im going outside to walk away my syns :)
    Weather is so beautiful today and you all - find 15 min to go and enjoy the sun. If you are at work, like i will be tomorrow- have a nice day at work and smile to yourself. Summer is here , let the sun shine
  14. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    My target is 20 st mark atm. 13 pounds to go. By the end of june I want to be there. Let see if I manage to keep myself on track :)
  15. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Summer is here and BBQ season is open =) How to survive this massive good food and drinks full of summer?
    I had my first "day out in park with friends and everyone takes something to eat with them " few weeks ago and I did survive it doing those things .

    1) I knew event was coming so I kept my syns low this week and eat more free and super free foods.
    2) I eat before I went out. Only free and super free foods that day- and I not just eat, I was so full that it was hard to get out of house, lol - but all for good cause. Did't use my hea and heb either. saved for later =))
    3) I did my shopping after I had eaten - I find it helps. When Im hungry I buy more wrong stuff then when Im full.
    4) I promise myself I will have guilt free day out and I can eat and drink what I want. :)

    So , from shop I got - cottage cheese, laughing cow extra light cheese, celery, carrots sticks, cherry tomatoes, greps, ryvita minis and asda red thai curry paste. About that paste - have you tried it with cottage cheese and celery ? no , you should try - its so good. 1 tble paste gives 1 syn. I mix together cottage cheese and paste and use it as an tip. I must say - it was first tip that was gone on our party. So good :)

    So I had ryvita minis and laughing cow cheese as hea and heb =) had lots of veggies and cottage cheese tip , fruits and even had 2 digestive cookies. Oh I love those , could not stay away and ofc I had my wine. :p All together 30 syns, so worth it. I had nice day , had lots of eat and drink and I lost weight that week . Come summer , come- Im ready for you =)

    About this thai curry paste little more. I love it and I did use it for my salad seasoning 2 days ago.

    Pasta salad with thai red curry paste and cottage cheese

    250 g dry pasta - boil it
    300 g cottage cheese
    1 tble asda red thai curry paste
    6 cherry tomatoes
    0,5 cucumber
    3 celery sticks
    1 apples
    1 sweet pepper
    6-7 radish
    salt and pepper

    mix all together- you get enough salad for 4 adults and its all for 1 syn only. Salad stays fresh in fridge 2-3 days . Enjoy
  16. tangerine12

    tangerine12 Full Member

    Hey, you are doing fantastically well. There is such a huge change in your pictures. Losing weight is a struggle but you are going in the right direction. Keep up the good work...I'll be reading with interest x
  17. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Thank you very much =)
  18. Slimseaa

    Slimseaa Silver Member

    Your doing sooo well. Well done xx
  19. shrinkingalice

    shrinkingalice Silver Member

    the difference in ur pics is amazing :) well done x
  20. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Thank you ;)
  21. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Thank you ;)

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