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    Hello, well after worrying myself that the diet was not working on me, I tried the scales this morning and found that overnight, I had lost 5lbs! :eek::eek::eek::eek: This has now given me renewed energy and focus to get to where I want to be in the next 5 weeks.

    On the other hand, my wife is doing this with me and she is in a similar situation. She only wants to get 2 and a half stone off (in 7 weeks from the start). We are now nearly 2 weeks in and after seeing my dramatic overnight loss, I pushed her in to seeing if her weight had moved. She lost 8lbs in the first week, and has seen no movement since either. So she jumped on, and no change again. Needless to say, she is very disappointed. So much so that she has decided that if there is no movement between now and THursday (CDC weigh in), she is going to pack it in. I understand why, but have tried my best to encourage her, but for £35 per week, she also wants to see some kind of result!

    Now I know you women are weird creatures (TOTM etc etc), but can anyone relate to this strange pattern. She has 100% SS'd and drunk 3-4 litres of water a day, but she is slowly losing patience. I soooo much want to fix the scales to show a loss to keep her going!!! (obviously I wont :rolleyes:)

    Why has nothing happened since last week. I need her to keep doing it for me too, as it makes it easier with a buddy, but she doesnt want to waste £35 a week and put herself through this for no end result. I expect you are going to say stick with it, stone a month etc, but this is not going to cut the bread with her! Come on, someone please help me help her.....

    Thanks - Neco
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    Hey NEco - well done to you both on fab losses !! there were some weeks when I only lost 1lb....:( despite being 100% on SS - no cheating at all....probably water retention or constipation...:confused: just a thought - you cannot fail to lose weight if you are following 100%...try to get her to stick with it....obviously water or summat !


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    hi neco

    i was in same position, hubby wanted to lose 4 stone, me 2 1/2 and he kept losing loads while i wasnt really losing, nearly gave up but didnt, i was very disheartened but i stuck to it and im almost there, a lot of it was constipation and TOTM so if your wife doesnt have a good loss this week tell her to stick with it as the week after she will see a better loss, trust me i was exactly the same but as i didnt have as much to lose i didnt worry too much.

    It IS well worth it and i know £35 seems a lot per week but i was paying more than that as im 5'10 and had to have 4 shakes a day, but think of what u would spend on shopping. :D
  5. Kate

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    She might feel pressured, to be honest! You say you 'need' her to be doing the diet, and that you pushed her into getting on the scales. If that were me, to be honest, I'd feel pressured (even if that wasn't your intention, and I'm sure it isn't). I would quite honestly stop weighing at home (this goes for both of you) and focus on the fact that if you are both sticking to the diet 100%, neither of you can fail to lose weight, and at the quickest rate that it's possible to do so healthily. Only weigh at your CDC meetings, and perhaps start taking measurements from different areas (biceps, calves, thighs, hips etc.) which can often be a much better and more rewarding method than the scales!
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